Facebook …………….. JAILED ME AGAIN!

So last week I was …I would call it debating but with no facts or any other talking points the other side just defaults to,  You are a Racist or a Nazi, they have little to tout other than that.

The lefts witch hunt is falling apart no matter how much they try to breathe life back into it…with Mueller poor showing and no new facts …hell even the old facts weren’t founded in truth. they are desperate and leave ti to the mainstream media and the platforms like Google and Facebook taking sides, nothing is going to change unless we go on the offensive…enough of this Defense and denial crap…

Time to lobby your congressman and senator to classify Google and FB as publishers or anything but this “can’t sue them because they claim to be some platform that has legal protections from lawsuits…”

When a poster can call right-wingers the same names right-winger call liberals and stay posting where the conservative gets jailed or account frozen.

And some like FB think it funny when you don’t agree and they let you write all your complaints down if you don’t agree and when you hit send…it says “We could not process your request. Please try again later.”  they think they are cute…actually smart asses…!

This needs to stop….Someone needs to get funded and go after these people and level the playing field…

SO, anyone know some rich Right Winger willing to back an idiot like me….? Send him my way and let’s get a few lawsuits going see how they like litigation…


Some times we give attention to way too many people that shouldn’t have it… The”SQUAD” is one perfect example…..
And people that truly should have ours long before it is an obituary, go unnoticed by us, till they are gone and it is too late to truly know them.




I could say a bunch of friends told me to do this so I would shut up about crap when we are together…….

But I don’t do politics when sailing…
(ok maybe a few times but only after “Billy did it first Ma!”)

Now everyone is wondering who Billy is …Just picked a random name, I don’t have a friend named Billy.

Unlike a lot of people that have Besties by the horde and work friends and neighborhood friends and drinking friends etc…etc..

I have very few “FRIENDS” as that word means shit …I have even fewer Best Friends…..as those two words mean shit….and I see both classes of friends in the wings praying I don’t name them…It’s ok for the right amount of incentive I won’t say you like “Machoisms”  or at least put up with them……Oh, cash only as I know your asses!

Also as one of them pointed out…by saying…”Do People still blog”  yep that was the Joe Cool friend…LOL  I am late to this but I was doing shit ….!

I come here and write for so many reasons you truly don’t want me to take the time to list them all but the main ones are …

People have gone bat shit crazy and even my voice is more reasonable.

Yeah, that’s scary…..!

Politics is a pet peeve of mine and want people to be involved, also I think people should have a voice and I want to add my voice to the incessant den of stupidity…..up to you to decide if it is part of the stupidity or find comfort in knowing others like us exist, you know who you are!

You look around,  see shit, and the first few thoughts are …..


As an older guy who survived more shit then he should have, and, yeah, we might be a dying breed but we ain’t dead yet, and we got you here so You’re Welcome! And ….Lastly got tired of writing on FB JAIL WALLS…..

You can click follow as I get lots of traffic but few followers and truly don’t care either way as long as I get to keep writing and you, since we live in a free country, can do whatever you like …follow or not follow…Be PC or not PC…visit or not.

I will not be your average blogger, ask anyone that knows me…may take a while to get my footing, but …Hang on!

And unlike others for anonymity, LOL

Macho Slavich


Let’s get a dictionary….

I have a friend that is a wordsmith, of sorts, and always looks at the roots of words.

Look up the roots of all, the aforementioned word… And, throw in Criminal and Illegal.  Or add legal and non-criminal … but for this argument lets stick with Immigration, Criminal and Illegal.

Now, why would a person who says they want to fit the first words definition?  Do so by also being the definition of the last two words?

Argue that out.

2020 election…?

SO, let me ask…has trump driven his base away by not fulfilling his promises….don’t answer just think of the answer…
Watch the video, after ask yourself, Do you think Trump has more people like the liberal that made this video, what about the independents that may have also seen this video or have eyes and ears and are paying attention? Don’t answer just remember these two answers you have come up with.
Now answer this question.

And can we elect a few more like him for congress and get some work done?


Facebook either had a glitch and jailed people are free on facebook…OR they got scared that they are and if I have anything to say about it will lose their Platform protected standings….

But it is a jailbreak for me and a few others I have seen on FB…so I am voting glitch or FEAR

Google better get a Clue out of this also..anyone know a rich independent or rich right-winger willing to fund me suing the crap out of them…several types of lawsuits and break their monopoly on Social Media…

Time to grab the tiger by the tail…don’t let this little baby step backward soothe the  savage beast that has become the lefts standard-bearers ….either we have freedom and liberty across the board or MAKE UM PAY that is the normal non-politically correct and sane of this country need to start making the loony left-liberals pay for breaking laws and subverting the will of the people.

HAVE YOU HEARD? Of Course, you haven’t

How much gushing have you heard on the MSM about unemployment…

Have you heard the salaries have gone up faster than the last few decades…

Have you heard the market broke a new milestone…(so the rich get more money and investors)…

Have you heard that you are paying less tacic…or to put it a different way trump doubled your deductions…thereby saving you tax dollars…thereby letting you keep more of your money…!!!

Have you heard that other countries are electing more people like Trump for their countries…?

Have you heard?   Of course, you haven’t heard any of that shit.

But…RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA ..wait that fell apart to…

Ok then how about …. Obstruction Obstruction Obstruction …

Quit being sheep do some research if someone as dumb as my ass can figure out the BS you can too!