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Here’s a video of the best info I have found, as an explanation, of the perfect representation of both corruption and stupidity all rolled into one.

Yep still low tech enough to post a link instead of embedded stuff…anyway Saw that vid, and thought that is about as easy an explanation of our situation…it is polarizing and it is all the truth and a lie at one time. (Just in review, saw it looks embedded, go me…LOL)

But it does leave out the personal and of course the cliques  …same shit as a school.  From kindergarten till graduation and only, by my observation, differentiate any all the way through to pre and post Graduate …usually but not always, increasing only the stupidity or aloofness or both!

So, along with a professional branch of Government falling for BS. It speaks on so many levels it boggles the mind.   Let me fill in some blanks…

Just when I thought cause they had a cush job couldn’t get fired and making great bucks with a good healthcare package.  They just might do their job.  But then it is the government and the FBI is the government personified.

I mean you envisioned a shady character, wait that’s the CIA ok a guy in a suit shows up trim looks anal…FBI…you think..GOVERNMENT, Right?

So we have several government agencies got duped ur used in …next point…Politics!

Always is a conflict even though they, we, all come from one pool of possibilities…..humans, used lightly to imply a human. Not the meaning of Humain or we wouldn’t do this shit. But we do and we do it for all different reasons, for all different purposes, and from all manner of background we divide up into our little fiefdoms.

If in fact, we wouldn’t divide I don’t think we would exist, would you want to?  You would all have to agree.  Not divide, not worry if someone did think different.  As we know that is not allowed. Here we are gonna try and explain why and who of things…..Like the FBI not being to just say sorry fucked up!  it was political, and we thought it was the truth, Our Bad!!!

There was and is more….. but with all things in life, and unlike others here I am always looking at facts and the black and white of things…the right or wrong …the sick or healthy… so we can cover the symptoms or the affliction.  I have to confess I enjoy talking about the symptoms but hopefully, we can get some words about the affliction in and who knows, change from Human to Humain.

So after the FBI inability to wack some wrists throw off the political leaning and go back to doing their jobs….maybe add telling the truth in their job description.

We have, you know what, I am skipping over the politician, I am going straight for the …. Zealot….Passing people with brains and passing the humain and through the clueless all the way to the ZEALOT. and here too you have more division, the pure…good/bad? sane/crazy? lazy/hyper? POWERFUL/VICTIM.  I do hope there is a final division where it is Human/Humain.

Ok, I just saw this so look what the difference is….. The “I” from no I in team fame…guess it wasn’t such a bad letter after all.

Anyway if you read it here it is as close to factual with my own spin feel free to agree or not.

Rescind Section 230 Immunity

Immunity for Facebook and Google should be a thing of the past, especially when there is common knowledge of the slanted handling of users.

We (whoever we are) can’t sue these companies for manipulating us.  This was dealt with in the past with things like movie theaters, when they use to do subliminal advertising like one frame in a hundred of popcorn, etc…but here this is a tad different, Wait, I am getting ahead of myself, see the info below.

Platform Neutrality section in this link is what is pertinent for this discussion.

This is going to be a tad different than my normal  I write and you just need to read…this time check out a few facts…each link has specific info….from the Bill itself through the video…or videos.

As long as Bias exists, it should have a name …I wanted to name it like “Internetist” or “Newsist” or “manipulist, staying with the other ist’s like racist, sexist but I don’t have to name it ….

It already has a name, it’s called “THE MACHINE”…..Not an “ist” it is just the age-old Machine of corruption, it is a clandestine effort of almost invisible corruption. But first here’s a video about it.

And Not sure if this is going to work but a Facebook link or you can go to the C-span link above and find all the pieces….

But below should work especially if you are logged into FB already

Hope that worked…!

Anyway when back in the old days the political Machine either through Bribery or intimidation, lies whatever controlled government and/or inserted people into the government.  Hell, it passed laws through people it put in power to pass laws like Poll taxes or Jim Crow laws.  Possibly the equivalent in results to section 230 immunity…but if you watched the videos you see this could not be easily discerned.   A lot like Mr Smith goes to Washington, where lies were spread and he was losing till the lies were proven wrong and the truth came out.  But here we wouldn’t know till years later if at all.


So I didn’t have to invent the name “The Machine” it is perfect and it is well and chugging right along…

The Voting part,  is sending out to just one side or the other reminders to go vote and not reminding all sides to vote.

The Information part,  is promoting or blocking the promotion of news be it fake or real. When the machine starts choosing what and who to block and it follows specific ideological lines…..HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!

It truly doesn’t matter which way this goes.  As long as there is an effort to do this, which I put forth it is being done, if this is so, this should keep them from receiving the immunity.  We also need to turn a deaf ear to …”Oh its an algorithm problem”  that shit right there is bullshit!…a lie!..a fabrication!   Wool is being pulled over your eyes…all those pussy hats, pull them up some…got to see through that crap.

If this is not curbed THE MACHINE gets what is best for THE MACHINE and not what is best for the people or at least what the will of the people is!

The worse part is, a lot of people are clueless of the assault!

Think & Vote!


Survival of a Country & its PEOPLE

It sounds so melodramatic, doesn’t it?

I mean I survived, like everyone else, the latest depression or recession whatever you want to call it. We got hit with a man that got elected to run the country that we could not Question.

All we really know about Obama. He voted present a lot before the presidency, he had a family, wife, kids, then a dog. and he seemed to cap it off with FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING AMERICA, he broke laws to steal GM from workers and stockholders to give to his union cronies, upset almost 20% of our economy…roughly 1/6th of our gross domestic product…forced people into higher expenses and buying things they didn’t need or want… and anyone that balked at his actions was set upon by the chants of racist

And the republicans let him….The RINO’s that postured and whined but did nothing… People had to stand up and start the Tea Party.  with little or no help from the established political republicans.

Where were the federal Judges to continually block actions….One after another …Of course with Obama, you found out after the fact. when he gave money to our enemies it was too late to get an injunction as he did it on the sly….

He made our soldiers walk through enemy territory with unloaded weapons…meanwhile, he was OKing blowing up wedding parties in countries we were not doing battle in and killing innocents… and media said nothing…unlike now.

We Now have two liberal Parties….Democrats and Liberal republicans…

Time to shore up the battlelines by finding and promoting conservative republicans and backing them for office.  from dog catcher to the president, from Governors to your congressmen and women.  In the meantime make life hard for the Rino’s Reach across the Isle to intelligent Democrats and get some shit done, be Bipartisan and do the work of the people of this country.

Fix Immigration, set up secure borders, expand opportunities for lower-income people with more jobs and opportunities for better education, quit being both the punching bag and the police of the world.  Take care of America so America can help the world as we have in the past.

But if we let the president down and if we don’t win back the house while keeping the senate we will, in fact, be stalled in a political quagmire yet again and we will see more negative changes to this once great country.

Be Vocal and Don’t forget to get out and vote.


This is how we need to start dealing with liberals..go after their money …Sue the crap out of them… You have to fight fire with fire…not compromise as they don’t know the meaning of the word when they are in power….

They count on us being normal humans that actually know the meaning of the word “is” you young aren’t gonna know that inference…but the rest of us do….

We need to stop letting liberals off and sue the crap out of them or drop them in the ultimate big government care….PRISON….!!!



Some, like my baby, had to go to work…she didn’t really have to go to work but being the woman she is and knowing her job may have given her off the clients she serves are coming to town for a convention she wanted to make sure they got the service they are accustomed to from her…thats called dedication to ones work ethics…

She truly is the embodiment of the true meaning of an American.  Do what needs to be done then party hard.

Meanwhile, I took care of the birds and filled their feeders and water and even the dog is getting an extra bone today….everyone enjoying the 4th at my place today one way or the other.photo_2019-07-04_11-04-07