HAVE YOU HEARD? Of Course, you haven’t

How much gushing have you heard on the MSM about unemployment…

Have you heard the salaries have gone up faster than the last few decades…

Have you heard the market broke a new milestone…(so the rich get more money and investors)…

Have you heard that you are paying less tacic…or to put it a different way trump doubled your deductions…thereby saving you tax dollars…thereby letting you keep more of your money…!!!

Have you heard that other countries are electing more people like Trump for their countries…?

Have you heard?   Of course, you haven’t heard any of that shit.

But…RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA ..wait that fell apart to…

Ok then how about …. Obstruction Obstruction Obstruction …

Quit being sheep do some research if someone as dumb as my ass can figure out the BS you can too!


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