Facebook either had a glitch and jailed people are free on facebook…OR they got scared that they are and if I have anything to say about it will lose their Platform protected standings….

But it is a jailbreak for me and a few others I have seen on FB…so I am voting glitch or FEAR

Google better get a Clue out of this also..anyone know a rich independent or rich right-winger willing to fund me suing the crap out of them…several types of lawsuits and break their monopoly on Social Media…

Time to grab the tiger by the tail…don’t let this little baby step backward soothe the  savage beast that has become the lefts standard-bearers ….either we have freedom and liberty across the board or MAKE UM PAY that is the normal non-politically correct and sane of this country need to start making the loony left-liberals pay for breaking laws and subverting the will of the people.

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