Know where we are at….

So if you read any of my other posts here (almost said crap) and as you see I paid just enough attention to grammar and most of all my other English classes to embarrass myself…Cause you know I embarrass so easily…NOT but I do talk a lot better than I write and we are gonna have so much fun bringing out facts and reality…so let’s start with proof that liberals…MSM…and the elites like Hollywood and politicians etc KNOW exactly what they are doing.

So homework…..oh and from now on most will have at best a title and a topic that is about all you will have to read…

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Lastly and most importantly
Screw any Media that does not offer free speech…


No time to write but time to keep you informed

Just too busy to sit and pull thoughts together (you have read my shit even as bad as the writing is it takes time…who knew it could take so much time to be this crappy???)

But Knowing there is a void of people showing what most of us think and feel like I am good at cut and paste the important shit….

Two heroes here the one speaking and the lady that posted it….Be a Hero!

Hard to follow that but what about my favorite political activist….and blogger….and American…and as always perfectly and factually stated >>>

Lastly but OH SO NOT LEASTLY as this is where all this stems from American True Patriots are not kneeling football or soccer players, not even Americas game can hold a candle to the American Spirit…such a beautiful and heartfelt sentiment and delivered with joyful tears and well here.

I would have posted the video of this young lady expressing herself but so hard to find as Media is not for Americans especially American an article instead.

People are getting wiser…

More as I can find time


Sabbatical for some racing

Hello to the few that still visit and sorry for the sabbatical but J22 worlds and a few other sailboat regattas I had promised to do took center stage.

Also had a few interchanges on NEXT DOOR app the new arm of the “cancel culture” and blow bullshit lies and smoke up your ass as if it were true or even made sense…. the don’t let citizens know the truth so lets block pure numbers and and facts…has canceled me and others for touting real world facts not the flip flop Fauci and liberal progressive talking points.

Races I had promised to do are over so back to Civil Servant and Defender of Facts and truth hat is back on….so not putting up with Liberal Progressive bullshit …..LOL

Stay tuned for a few truths and warnings of things to come unless we wise up!


Gun Violence Equals Party affiliation

My challenge to all liberals…….

Take the first link below of the top 10 Gun Violence cities

Then Look at the largest 100 cities in the country and who runs them….


Check as the second link includes what Party was, is, running that city.

While you are at it and before you state something counter to what I am gonna assert …..

When on the second link Check the facts that New Orleans comes in at 1st in gun violence but only 51st in size at around 370+ thousand ….





Colorado Springs,

Virginia Beach,



Oklahoma City,

Fort Worth,


All larger then New Orleans and they do not have the gun violence that we in new Orleans do…

I put to you there is one thread in all these deadly top ten cities and the cause is

Liberal progressive run governments.

Not Race…Not Ethnicity…Not Religion… form of devisible demographics other then they are run by Liberal Progressive wanna be Marxist

I will further assert that other services in these liberal cities are not serving their people well.

From Education, so as to keep citizens ignorant, and more easily controlled.

Their Infrastructure, as liberals talk a good story but seldom deliver on promises made. As they are too corrupt and don’t care to see what is best for their citizens. Along with the corruption, going hand in hand with feel good but do nothing attitude. They do nothing to advance people in a good way through life….

I am a firm believer in old adages…and one comes to mind here when speaking of Liberal run city problems …


All cities have basically the same rules of behavior, the same laws, if you will…

No killing
No stealing
No destroying property

Almost all people want the same things…
To Love,
Raise family,
Feel safe,
enjoy life,
Keep your damn stuff…….

I am still trying to figure out why we put up with this…have we become so lazy or so self centered that as long as it doesn’t effect us directly we don’t care….or we think it doesn’t effect us at all…but it does and by the time we figure that out…we become Cuba…Venezuela…Communist China…or pick any third world shithole …that is the Democrats target.


Feel free to follow and get future posts if you care and if not well have a good life.
Remember friends don’t let friends be Liberal Progressives.
In my opinion there are American Democrats and there are Marxist Liberals.
I have no problem with Democrats but Liberals are Lying, Conniving and Dangerous to free people in the world

Liberals Hollered FIRE in a crowded theater!!!

So lets do what Ms. Psaki always says and circle back……..lets do some connecting of dots. use some critical thinking and see where it leads us…

Why the change in the propaganda…is Biden (Obama’s puppet) just doing as told…why was the person who set Trump up Ms. Rice…

Remember her? The day they were leaving the offices one of her last emails said lets make sure we do everything above board or by the rules or some such COVER YOUR ASS DRIBBLE. Where is she now….advising Biden?

You may have forgotten all the twist and turns of the Obama administration connecting all intelligence agencies in the last days in power as our government to make it harder to ferret out dissidents, leakers and cover the treasonous acts perpetuated against the new administrations. Done by lawful means my ass….

Did they all do an about face because of an informer a Defector from China. that was going to now blow up their narrative….is this why now we see the virus started in a lab and escaped from there….are all the players guilty are some …is anyone????

Did they create this as Fauci touted in 2017 Trump was going to deal with a pandemic…let me pull back from accusing him of anything more then trying to cover up…his dealings….. with developing a gain of function virus, and lets just say he was practicing CYA stuff….Understand there may be need for such shit but no need to cover it up as people were dying….

But if he did think there honestly was a chance of such an outbreak why was he not better prepared for guiding us through this…don’t believe me but research yourself he made those claims in 2017 and had two years to think “what if” and come up with a plan…

Instead what we got in MY OPINION was a man trying to maneuver a mine filed of his own making or trying to Cover his ass or was he trying to help bring down a duly elected leader and throw a monkey wrench in his administration….

Why do I feel like that? Fair question …here is the answer…..

Every forecast, prognostication, opinion, fortune telling pontification, advice, guidance he offered he changed soon after, just to list a few.

Said no need to stop travel from China
Said it would never make it here
Said it would be less of a problem then the flu
Said we didn’t need social distancing
Said we didn’t need masks
Said we would be effected only slightly
Said it would pass if not by, at least during, the summer
Said it was not air born
Said it was left by touch
Said we could track it with a temp reading
Said it was air born
Said we needed masks

I could go on but you get the idea…..

He changed every assertion he made…..

But was he the guilty and only guilty party of miss and disinformation…

Why is Susan Rice and a crap load of Obama People in this administration …shit presidents for second terms often change their base people and here he is taking OBAMA people and inserting them into key roles or is he just doing what he is told….

Why did the narrative flip all of a sudden…was it the FBI kept info from Wray the head of the FBI because they know he is corrupt…they waited till the informant had done all he could and then they went to Wray. And now Obama and his minions all know the cat is out the bag….see link

BREAKING: Chinese Defector Confirms COVID-19 Was Manmade in a Laboratory – This Is Why the Obama/Biden Gang Has Changed Its Narrative Surrounding the Origins of COVID-19 (

It seems there are still some journalists out there like Adam Housley, that can put 2 and 2 together and actually get 4 not 3 or 5 but factually correct critical thinking and exploring the whys and why nots…

I have my own theories and yes they deal with conspiracy’s….and why not…I know what Marxism is like I came from a communist/Marxist country like many legal and illegal immigrants….that type of system uses propaganda and fear.

For propaganda …. well ask yourself who that might be…say people that censored your speech media groups that literally yelled FIRE in a crowded social media environment just like a theater. why are they allowed to do so …why are we cancelled and hushed up…

Who Gave Them That Right…..who allowed them with the excuse of they are a private business and we can’t even sue them as they have section 230 protections…and why do they …we see they are corrupt at best they are the guy hollering fire in that theater saying why you and I think or our opinions or our worries and more so OUR QUESTIONS are cancelled not to be answered we are then not the victim but painted as the perpetrators of evil. not that we shouldn’t be believed or answered but we are the criminals…yes we laugh about Facebook jail but it is real it disrupts our lives and our actions…it makes us fearful… When I complained about being thrown yet again in FB jail I had an acquaintance say I had to learn how to navigate the tyrannical social media algorithms.

I can’t express my opinion but they the administration, politicians, social media conglomerates can force me into silence by doxing or threats of loss of jobs or just cancelling…the term means you are no longer a viable entity no longer a human not a person to be believed or given worth….Less then a slave …a nothing!

We need action…not political stomping of the soap box but actions before we have to take action in our own hands….we need the powers that be to eliminate Section 230 protections…do like several states and sue or fine social media rich little twats that they are and hit them in the pocket book like DeSantis is doing same as other governors…the Feds should also allow us to sue when our civil rights are blocked…don’t give me that shit about they are a private entity we make lots of private entities toe the line….you can’t pay a dollar an hour pay as we have a minimum wage…you can’t as a private individual speed twice the posted speed or else you pay a fine…you have freedom but if your freedom takes others freedoms away and you detain them you can be sued hell even arrested…

make it so people can sue if they can show they were not treated like others and the reason was we are of a political ilk that is not of the one they support and don’t want my facts out to counter their propaganda….we are either all free or none of us are free.

Liberals yelled fire in a crowded theater…there first yell was ORNAGE MAN BAD…
Then they yelled you can’t speak unless it is approved…I checked the constitution and be damn if I can find where just one type of speech is free….. the kind you like….in fact it specifically protects speech we may not like

There is a time for action, we saw Fauci didn’t act correctly!
There is a time for questions…who is running things?
There is a time for Punishment of the guilty! WHEN WILL THIS HAPPEN?

If I as a private citizen can not silence my neighbor then some billionaire and his private company can’t or is not supposed to be able to silence me…

All I ask is let me use the courts and our system to hit back….hit them where it hurts in the bank account….

I don’t care if it was a mistake (their regular claim)….. an algorithm …. or plain old collusion.

If you built a car or bike or a medicine and it hurt people you can sue…if someone hollers FIRE in a crowded theater not only can you sue if you were hurt in the stampede but the government will swoop down with all it’s might and smite your ass…and no I am not a religious zealot…I just love the word smite…LOL

But we should be allowed to recover damages and the government should elicit a punishment of the guilty. Or else !

And by “or else” I do mean that people can only take so much and then an over throw is in the works…will it be an over throw of the frauds, the fakes, the liars, the schemers, the guilty, the lawless or will it be as it has been recently the overthrow of the peoples rights to rule over their government and Politian’s ….you decide

I just find the facts point at how we have been mishandled and how people or companies have trashed our rights…there needs to be a reckoning of

Liberals and the entities both private and governmental that fostered these lies and took our basic rights away.