I could say a bunch of friends told me to do this so I would shut up about crap when we are together…….

But I don’t do politics when sailing…
(ok maybe a few times but only after “Billy did it first Ma!”)

Now everyone is wondering who Billy is …Just picked a random name, I don’t have a friend named Billy.

Unlike a lot of people that have Besties by the horde and work friends and neighborhood friends and drinking friends etc…etc..

I have very few “FRIENDS” as that word means shit …I have even fewer Best Friends…..as those two words mean shit….and I see both classes of friends in the wings praying I don’t name them…It’s ok for the right amount of incentive I won’t say you like “Machoisms”  or at least put up with them……Oh, cash only as I know your asses!

Also as one of them pointed out…by saying…”Do People still blog”  yep that was the Joe Cool friend…LOL  I am late to this but I was doing shit ….!

I come here and write for so many reasons you truly don’t want me to take the time to list them all but the main ones are …

People have gone bat shit crazy and even my voice is more reasonable.

Yeah, that’s scary…..!

Politics is a pet peeve of mine and want people to be involved, also I think people should have a voice and I want to add my voice to the incessant den of stupidity…..up to you to decide if it is part of the stupidity or find comfort in knowing others like us exist, you know who you are!

You look around,  see shit, and the first few thoughts are …..


As an older guy who survived more shit then he should have, and, yeah, we might be a dying breed but we ain’t dead yet, and we got you here so You’re Welcome! And ….Lastly got tired of writing on FB JAIL WALLS…..

You can click follow as I get lots of traffic but few followers and truly don’t care either way as long as I get to keep writing and you, since we live in a free country, can do whatever you like …follow or not follow…Be PC or not PC…visit or not.

I will not be your average blogger, ask anyone that knows me…may take a while to get my footing, but …Hang on!

And unlike others for anonymity, LOL

Macho Slavich


I was going ot list a group of companies and individuals that donate and support what I perceive to be a racist and violent organization of Black Lives Matter…

This is not as easily done as said…if a company gives to say…the NAACP…but says they support BLM they truly aren’t funding the terrorist arm of the liberal progressives which uses both Antifa and BLM to push an anarchist agenda….

SO the post of companies will need to be researched and verified…but trust me that and the list that donates to Bail money for looters and violent offenders is coming…

It is time people stood up to these trouble makers and quit waiting for the other guy to do something about it….I for one am not standing for this type of mayhem silently…

Memorial Day Heroes

Not having ever served in the military as I didn’t enlist when Vietnam was going on and later in life, I was too busy enjoying the freedoms or messing up the life afforded me to enlist as a volunteer.

But as a member of a family that came here as immigrants, Legal Immigrants I might add, we were always supportive of the military.  I would buy drinks for soldiers as I traveled in alter years to race sailboats when I saw them at the airports, or dinners for those that happened ot be in the same eatery I was in.  I did this maybe to ease my conscious and/or to show gratitude to be living in a country that affords me the right to type this and express my feelings.

Be it guilt or gratitude on days like today I think it behooves us to reflect on these warriors of and for our freedom.   I came up as a young man with stories of oppression in a communist country, and yet Yougoslavia, although communist was not a satellite of the then USSR.  As Tito was good at playing Russia against the USA to keep some autonomy.

I think this is why I have a passion or obsession for politics.  Knowing what the alternative might be… and seems we are willingly allowing this country to march down that road… A road that never ends in a happy or good place.  As is evident in the USSR, China, Venezuela, Cuba, and any number of other socialist/communist countries.

All that separates us from those types of regimes is our constitution and the Men and Women of our military that don’t just put their life on the line but so many have given their lives for our liberties and freedoms…

Unlike the Politicians of today, many of which, seem to want to subjugate us and take our freedoms. These modern-day warriors stand between us and whatever perceived enemy is wanting to take our liberty and our lives. All they ask is for a clear mission and the tools to carry it off.  Even if lacking the tools and seldom is their own safety a factor.  They still put themselves between the enemy and We The People.

Today is a day when we should honor those that have fallen. 1 out of 365 days is not so much to ask and reflect on not just their valor …but their families.

If you can watch the video below and your heart doesn’t swell with pride for the people willing to protect you and me.  If your eyes don’t swell with tears for not just those that have fallen, but for their loved ones.  This includes their family …. their friends …. all who were lucky enough to Know and Miss such Fallen Heros.  I have to correct that last line.

All who were lucky enough to Know and Miss such Heros.  As fallen denotes not succeeding or in some way failing. How can that be when…..

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”

I hope you have a heart and shed a few tears, as did I, for the Heroes and their Famly…..

The Best Time of our Lives?

Those that know me, know I am not shy, I used to be, no honestly…mainly cause I was in awe of Life…I consider myself, like everyone else, DIFFERENT.  I also considered myself to be lucky.

So it is a bit weird for me to say I have not had an experience like “The Best Time Of My Life” That would be a moment as the saying goes that “Takes Your Breath Away” that supersedes all other experiences and I have never had that One idyllic moment.

I mean I have loved, I have stared in wonder, and amazement, I even think I have hated and cursed my life and others…..

Don’t frown or feel bad for me, many have gone through life with less then an idyllic moment, hell some don’t make it to LIFE.  Some never out of childhood and even then, the best moment…can it be experienced if you have nothing to gauge it by?

We can assume then that at least in my case it is moving on from child, lets say less than 12 or 13. and young adulthood..the brooding years I mean who can enjoy life when you are flushed with hormones and you want so much that you can’t have and truly too stupid to enjoy what you can.  As the saying goes ..”youth is wasted on the young” So how can one have it then…The Best Time Of My Life. I mean really all that lust and no one to share it with.

Hell I have been a rich young man and soon after that a homeless drug addict in the french quarter. I have battled demons and even felt (in the latter years of my life) soared with angels.

I have done wrongs no one else but I and if there is a God, just the two of us know about, and I have done what I perceive to be wonders for others.  But to say ..The best time of my life…???

Maybe you are nodding now saying, yep you are right or you may be of the mind the first time you held a puppy, a kitten, a baby,  your lover.  When you and you alone were the caretakers of a life…

But as we grow I think we find those best times aren’t always the way you felt and cared for the defenseless, or even things that like you, and glome on to you, as you are their caretaker and provider. …win, lose or draw, victorious or in defeat you may feel that was the best time of your life…How would you know ….

Again without reference and life experience without knowing what is next, how can you label this as the best time of your life and again what if one of those was, how sad if those young adult times, say the first time you and another shared an intimate sexual time that one of those stands as your “BEST”!

So many spans in a life….the interactions you have changed you, the perspective differs but I think most if not all think of our 20’s with the independence and the foraging through life to find your own way.   How will you make it through, surely one of those has to be the best time of your life?

I could go on extolling the virtues of each age and make a pitch for when you got that promotion no one thought you would or better yet everyone knew you were gonna get and told you so. your achievements in work as an employee or an employer or how you bet on the right stock or if only this company instead of that would have crowned your savvy market play, but at least you were in the right segment, or so you say …. Or as you age you think back to holding a son or daughter or even better still a grandchild…heaven forbid live long enough for a grandchild or great-grandchild.

Maybe The Best time of your life is doing the thing you enjoy most, or your favorite food or cooking it for others, and seeing the wonder of flavors as they explode in each mouthful.  The praise of a good job or as in my sailing to know you are part of a team or to be the one and only that saved the race or the day.  surely this is the Best you can be and enjoy.

The sorrow of losing a lover. I know what you are thinking, how can that be the best time of your life?  and any that have felt that loss knows with that sorrow comes a slide show of all the happy moments. The times you looked into your lovers eyes and saw affection, love adoration… Or your parent’s eyes and saw pride in you.  even when looking into the eyes of a competitor and saw defeat. when you won or their pride in having beat you because you gave it your all and what they achieved was not easy and they could take pride in it.  That surely must be The best time of your life, Respect from an enemy a competitor…???

I can ramble on and now my years grow shorter even as my days grow longer (how the hell can that be?)  I can blab on about sharing what you learned and trying to help other not make the same mistakes you made…but what if that would be their best time fo their life and you stole that from them.

So after several wines, several weeks of thinking and editing, slowly thinking through this, let me bring it to a close this Friday morning, with what I have come up with as the best time of my life and let me impose myself on everyone and claim what should be the best time fo their lives….

LIFE………… LIVING IT………….!
Trust me every waking moment, every breath you draw every action, be it good or bad, be it kind or evil, be it hating or loving.

Trust me my friend life itself in all its joy and pain, boredom or excitement, each moment.

Living for me, and I hope for you, will turn out to be …..

The Best Time Of Our Lives !!!




Can’t wait to hear all the masses and the asses that want our economy to stay shut down touting…
May I ask every thinking nonsheep sick and maybe dying son of a bitch or daughter of one…..do you give a shit if what saved you was anecdotal or passed a double-blind paid for by tons of tax dollars to people that say in a few months we will ….or in a year or so we will…or 20 months from now…
Yes, this is a pandemic..yes it is deadly to some…a

Any of you remember when I was at Woodstock getting buzzed and doing my first hits of acid…I don’t as I was fucked up….but the music was good and I was clueless that there was a pandemic and nothing was shut down…

Anyone remember closing the country of 200 million down as 100K people died …extrapolate that to this anemic attempt by liberals to push a public disaster for a political ploy…and that would be 160,000 dead..we are halfway there now so wake me when the rest of the fuckers die….Not being insensitive just factual…and we did not shit down…

I was happy to shut down for a few weeks…but this bowing down to dumb idiotic people Latoya Cantrell In New Orleans…….or Nancy Pelosi or lying Shiff …..we did what we were supposed to we stemmed the flow we flattened the curve….all of this was overhyped Bullshit but we did it anyway …..so doctors didn’t have to overwork and miss vacation time and people wouldn’t have died in hordes

They tried to stop the news by saying shit is anecdotal or what about the poor doctors and nurses…sorry that’s in a different rant…I had to start this blog cause I got so much shit blocked deleted or thrown in jail on FB so I had to start one to save my humanity ..so now I double dip…

I wish I was smart enough to know how to do like the brain dead but internet savvy asswipes, and have everything I do propagate to twitter and Instagram tick tock…and shit.

In the meantime …people are not working and others are dying…fortunes are made and lost just because ORANGE MAN BAD and we can’t talk about a political Coup attempt of the last president because RACIST!  and because we sound CUCKOO, but it is happening…..

I am glad this doctor gets it and spoke up like so many others.  I mean if you have time to post tick-tock vids while in full PPE GARB while showing off your latest dance move…your ass is not overworked….sorry……pandemics have people waking you from bed after a 10-minute naps during a 24 hour day, not 8-hour shifts….if you are getting paid ..shut the fuck up.  we are not…..I have a 46 foot sailboat to rebuild and just about had the fuckin electric motor bought when BOOM pandemic. ….No Work..

SO YES I AM ONE PISSED OF CROATIAN CHIHUAHUA (sorry inside sailing circle joke)

I was gonna say this doctor had balls but she both is and identifies as a woman, so Sans Balls

Keep Human in Humanity The RANT

Just as hard as it was for doctor/nurse to post about his/her strife at being a medical professional….I find it hard to ask the next question….
So those that died of the flu are lucky their death was easier than his friends surviving this Virus?  It was an argument I hear repeatedly…But he suffered with covid and lived or covid and died…..or the strugle to do your 24/7 chosen carier is now asking you to work 24/7 wtf?

Rants often make no sense so if lookign for a clear picture move on this fucking ain’t it..it just keeps me from poping a cap in ones ass…soemthing that in New Orleans at least is reserved for th egang bangers and predominalty for black…OOppps I gues si ma racist again for stating facts….so turn around and run if looking for a …this makes perfect sense……all this is is keepingme sane.  Ok maybe no tane but keeping me me. but you were warned…the alterantive is a to busta  cap in yoru ass and i do hit what I aim at as I go to the range…LOL

Deep breath………………………………………..

I think we seem to be stuck in a Binary state…

For or Against.

Left or Right.

Red or Blue.

Hard for me to say since I am a binary type with something being right or wrong. We seem to have forgotten there is a middle ground. things can still be Binary,.

Still, It can be right and wrong, black and white, just different for each of us.

Dr’s and Nurses deal with this daily…I am sad for the million or so of them, but then there are the millions that are withering slowly…Mentally,  Economically  and Socially.

Another friend and I had a long argument as it was not a debate but each of us had to prove our point… I am good at this. I am good at manipulation to see my side and my side only.  It hit me this is different this is life and death this is Friend or Lost Friend, so I took a different tack and in the end….we ended up agreeing on almost every point….

Yet we had gotten so clobbered by others that we retreat to our corners and defend out points vehemently, and no sooner we start to compromise or see the other’s point of view someone else enters the fray, be they on our side or theirs and immediately we retreat to our corners yet again and do stupid stuff like block our once friends.

I truly believe this is a top-down problem…our political leaders are supposed to be adults…..Like children we emulate the adults…but what happens when the adults act like children…?  You have FACEBOOK WARS and TWITTER BATTLES thats what happenes.

I am sorry about all the doctors working and the nurses working diligently…but like soemone said about me…did you not know who you were talking to when you said soemthign stupid…and wonder why he called you out or made it aboput sex…..hello Macho!

I mean I walk into doctor’s offices to work on equipment and not people…yet like most doctor’s offices the quarters are close with little or no room, never less 6-feet,

Several people using the equipment I work on and of course, there are the sick they interact with.  The staff are PPE gowned and masked and gloved to the hilt.  Maybe it is the second day of the same PPE equipment or the 3rd, 4th, whatever …

Yet I have no mask, gown or what little I have, like wipes, I use when back at the car so as to stem anything I might have caught from staying with me not wanting to take anything home to my family.  My lover my 89 yo mom.

I read as my friend preached about not having enough PPE and I had to stem the anger when I had none.

Yet they need my equipment running..hell I don’t even get paid for some of my services and actually nto deemed essential and have officially been layed off but peopel call me..just liek I call my budy the vet and ask his opinion..he doesn’t send me a damn bill …so I go to these so called virus infested (totaly different rant coming) doctors offices or clinics

Wait le tme pause this rant as I find so much shit funny……………..I find shit funny like, I have two vet friends for my dog,  a male and a female one and yet don’t have a doctor for me.  I am often called sexist or mysogonyst and yet I have a male and female vet for my dog…LOL   I am also called bigoted by a person that hates for no good reason and a zenaphobe by others that……well you get the picture…

Anyway back to the rant…. about doctors and medical staff and humanity

They get ALL the masks and hand sanitizer, so easy to hate!

But I breath deeply

As I breath deeply, I step back and I try and place the hate and anger where it belongs, attach it to the situation not the people.  And no disinfectant wipes. And no PPE of any kind and here I am about to tick off a FB friend by saying I feel for you but ……………………I have no but…I also have no PPE so get the fuck out with yoru I had to do an 8 hour shift then got a sdtanding ovasion by the fucking neigborhood and evena  fly over….I got….I have no clue what I got I didn;t get paid and i still have no damn PPE

I won’t lie I wish I had faith, I don;t evben have that. but am not that religious so I won’t be a hypocrite and claim to have it for a perceived safe harbor…and I do not begrudge those that find peace and solace in that faith. I am happy for you…. but so far no PPE AND no FAITH.

I go to fix the copiers, faxes, printers with nothing but my will to help my fellow man, to be honest i am not gonna wear a fucking face mask.  Even if I could find one hell I couldn’t afford it I am living off of 2% of my income.  As I am one of those small businesses that don’t get a check and have not gotten my pennies to cover my dollars of expenses….they say it is coming but they also told me life is fair!  and you knwo how that works.

It would be nice to just say I will stay home.  I can’t as stuff needs doing.  Unlike Politicians and Dr, Nurses, EMT, police…not only do we, the royal we, not have PPE out here in the world but we also don’t have a paycheck…so saying stay home and safe.,,,,, Yeah,,, I didn’t die but then I am homeless and starving …

I am glad I don’t have kids at home.  I truly feel for parents and glad mine are grown and not with me. …we all want to vent ..some vent with money in the bank or ice cream in the freezer but the majority of us don’t have choices.

Preaching is fine … Having faith is even better…PPE would be nice too…..But be thankful for what you do have..I am thankful for my sailing and more so to have another human willing to call me hers…She is not to bright but she is cute and mione…….and friends too they are ok sometime…

But to keep them….I think we have to leave our corners tear down our walls meet people halfway, I have always been a black and white guy a right or wrong guy….but in times like this ……  we need to not WIN, we need to survive and that in itself is a win.  That means a lot of different things to different people…. this next sentance is going to make even less sense the crap I have written so far …

You need to agree even if you don’t agree or we need to take the word Human out of Humanity.

It’s always Political

Give me a break as we have to listen to political hacks tell us we must give away our freedoms for our own safety.
download (1)

These same political thieves release prisoners from jail to keep them safe from this Chinese virus yet arrest non-criminals and put them in those very same jails for stuff like playing with their child in an empty park.

It’s Political

Or you can go out in a canoe or to Walmart but not fishing or a church.

It’s Political


Political hacks when asked specific questions spin shit and claim they will in the future fix things if they get their way…….while they show off their fridges Packed with Icecream as we eat not icecream but hoping to find spinach or any vegetable so my 89-year-old mother can poop.  we text each other looking for vegetables or even dog food.

It’s Political

We have to line up for fast food with the same closeness or closer as I hand my debit card to someone and neither of us has three-foot arms, She is wearing no gloves and neither am I, so much for 6-foot shit,  so chains and big box stores can work but mom and pop rest who get no closer then fast food people have to stay shut. Why is Walmart’s dressing room safe but not Men’s Warehouse or Fleurty Girl?

It’s Political

A canoe is fine but my flatboat not.

It’s Political

Director General Of The World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom, Visit To Beijing

Let’s not forget all those that claim this is not political belong to the side that trashed the president for protecting us by travel bans, as they claimed him to be a racist for blocking travel from China,  (news flash but Chinese are not a race). It is the country leaders that did this to us. And yet the same people that bucked our leader now refuse to put the blame where it belongs, as they claim the man who used the word “liberate” is inciting violent actions, this from the side of ANTIFA and the resistance movement. that touted blowing up the Whitehouse or wished death on the ORANGE MAN…

It’s Political


Our liberal entertainment morons put on a concert and raise money for the W.H.O. proven to be the true bad actor and supporter/protector of the even worse actor China. while the people that buy their records and made them wealthy are scrounging for toilet paper to wipe their asses or their eyes if they lost a lover or parent or wife or husband or friend !!!  The two women above had a fundraiser for the WHO that colluded with China to keep the contagion a secret they didn’t have help Americans with a few hundred million…THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS POLITICAL…

It’s political

At least Newsome as a governor admittedly or not implemented separating and following administration directive while his aunt Pelosi revealed as did New York and by doing so in New York we lose Americans by the horde

It’s all political


It’s the clueless and political ruling over the masses just because they can … power corrupts and if your intentions to start with are corruptible by nature Americans die

It’s all political


Tell me again why Local stores had to close its doors but Amazon or Wallmart can sell the majority of Chinese garbage we buy

It’s all political


New York and other towns like mine (new Orleans) where the A train is chock full of black people and downtown New Orleans where blacks are working at a ratio of 25-30 to 1..this is what is racist and you know what else it is……


What’s Wrong with US

You can say US stands for USA or just “you and me”…

For this, I am going with the royal we or US…me and you, there is no one else to blame

people walking on streets
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Yes, we are wrong, in fact, we are to blame for a cadre of idiots that have attained power by us voting for them…another group is the Beurocrats the aforementioned Cadre appointed.  But with us remaining mute when we see some of the actions….And we do nothing….then we carry the total weight of guilt.

Because criminals, I mean Politicians, will do what criminals, I mean Politicians, do what they do ..they lie they cheat they steal.  They write laws you need to have a degree in physics, philosophy and self fornication.  To understand how it was written to screw us…

Also, do these laws affect them…Of course not…Hey about we raid the congresses retirement funds lets go after government union pensions…they came after our money and SS has a bunch of IOU’s sitting there.  They got into our lockboxes, But their funds are locked up in boxes, I bet you couldn’t get into with C4

But it is US…we are the problem..we don’t stay after them and do due diligence…we shouldn’t look at the other guy’s political hack.  be critical of the ass you send to the office…We need to change things..say, no lifetime paycheck for a house and senate members….and the only time they can get a raise is when we have a balanced budget.  In fact, reduce their pay and block all benefits after they leave if they did not have a balanced budget…

They used to get perks cause they were poorly paid….Have you checked what they get paid and the benefits they get….they make good pay, better benefits, and a great retirement plan.  How about you…got all those? And they are stealing and betting with your retirement

If a republican you can blame democrats or as a democrat blame republicans…in fact, they like and want you to do that .,..then you won’t see the connections of Bush China, Clinton and China and who knows how many others…Obama and anything Islamic or racial.
download (1).jpg

When Republicans had both houses and had been screaming about ACA, when they had the house, senate, and presidency…what did they do….after they dogged Obama about overspending how much did they cut the budget by?  Let me get that answer for you “0”. they claimed some Bs or the other and fed us whatever crap sandwich they thought you and I would eat, and, eat it we did..and asked for more …..!

When Bush was blamed for a war over what the Clintons administration Cia and others told them, it was blood on Bush’s hands. and When the so-called dove of peace, Obama, got into office…it got worse, we lost more soldiers over stupid ROE’s and we started more conflicts while not reducing anything…….THEY ALL LIE…

So far Trump at least is working on the list he promised….but even he signed a large Budget.

We can sit here and snipe about this one or that one..but as a whole, it is WE THE PEOPLE that are to blame for our predicament. And until we do the heavy lifting of straightening it out…prepare for it to get worse…
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BACK and ready… A RECAP of, WTFism


Let’s see if I can bring everyone up to speed on the Trump administration’s wrongdoings as told by the liberals…I will just hit the high points.

  • Ok, we had three years of Russia Russia Russia, your president is a Russian agent, that fell on its ugly face…but it took three years, of course, they used the first two to scare people and regain the house.
  • Then Obstruction of shit that was not a crime and no obstruction occurred. That also fell on its own face
  • During this time they fought him tooth and nail and were against him securing our borders…from people from central America set up to invade us for a better life and ginned up by the left and it’s supporters and leaders..to the inhumanity of separating child traffickers from their product or children from the family which we found out was done in the prior administration….and the pics we saw of children in cages were also from the prior administration and ……he stopped lots of Latino, Islamist, and even Asians specifically from China from getting into our country illegally ( tell me again here this virus originated?)

  • They even took a shot at him about the emoluments clause, I just mentioned it to add a little background and “WTFism” to the next thing…
  • Then Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine …with no Quid Pro Quo that had to be forgotten quickly as the left was the only factual Quid Pro Quo and a whole graph and corruption practices by the sons of ( I am sure this is just happenstance ) Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, and Romney ( see the WTF part ? )
  • Then a brief stint back to Russia Russia
  • And now on this Beer virus or Coronavirus if you like that at best is anemic..the left even broke that down into two attacks…
  • First CoronaVirus attack from the left was the president acted “TOO QUICKLY” and might cause a panic, so he just doesn’t know what he is doing and responded stupidly if I might borrow a phrase from the president that waited till we had tens of thousands infected with H1N1 virus and 1000 dead before he acted….
  • The second attack using the CoronaVirus as a bludgeon us with is…the president “DIDN’T ACT QUICKLY ENOUGH” and is not implementing the right plans as Pelosi and others, block damn near every move including funding for the CoronaVirus battle….lest we forget that again the asswipe that was the president before this current so-called Lousy President

The overarching theme is this president is the problem with government and he is the guy causing all the problems …followed by a stream of LIFETIME political hacks that have been in government from over 40 years to as little as just 15 or 20, yet it is this president that has only been in office for 3 years

Once getting into office….

The gap between the rich and the poor is closing, the lowest 2/5’s of the pay scale is going up in take-home pay faster than the upper 3/5ths we have more manufacturing and more jobs in general and you already know the unemployment is at the lowest in decades or ever…

We are asked to believe, all the ills we have been feeling growing for decades are the fault of the man that has been in power for 3 years and has turned around our economy from crap to boom…and now we have an anemic virus that is used to scare and bludgeon our president and scare our citizens so as to slow our economy to what the left hopes will stop Trump
Those of you that follow me in any way from the blog ( yep starting it up again for election season )

So catch me here @ Political Sailor @ baddogs.blog

Twitter Political Sailor (@MachoSlavich) | Twitter

On Facebook when they don’t jail me for such things as the simple line stating “liberal progressive wanna be communist are just bad for us all…”

I will be taking up each BS fiasco liberals try to push and even my addled brain can easily point out the stupidity of Liberals…not Democrats as there are some American Democrats out there, but the true Liberal, As Liberalism is a mental disorder that needs to be watched and kept in line…

All the while pissing off Liberal Progressive Wanna Be Communist One Post At A Time


Post Hiatus…..

Here’s a video of the best info I have found, as an explanation, of the perfect representation of both corruption and stupidity all rolled into one.

Yep still low tech enough to post a link instead of embedded stuff…anyway Saw that vid, and thought that is about as easy an explanation of our situation…it is polarizing and it is all the truth and a lie at one time. (Just in review, saw it looks embedded, go me…LOL)

But it does leave out the personal and of course the cliques  …same shit as a school.  From kindergarten till graduation and only, by my observation, differentiate any all the way through to pre and post Graduate …usually but not always, increasing only the stupidity or aloofness or both!

So, along with a professional branch of Government falling for BS. It speaks on so many levels it boggles the mind.   Let me fill in some blanks…

Just when I thought cause they had a cush job couldn’t get fired and making great bucks with a good healthcare package.  They just might do their job.  But then it is the government and the FBI is the government personified.

I mean you envisioned a shady character, wait that’s the CIA ok a guy in a suit shows up trim looks anal…FBI…you think..GOVERNMENT, Right?

So we have several government agencies got duped ur used in …next point…Politics!

Always is a conflict even though they, we, all come from one pool of possibilities…..humans, used lightly to imply a human. Not the meaning of Humain or we wouldn’t do this shit. But we do and we do it for all different reasons, for all different purposes, and from all manner of background we divide up into our little fiefdoms.

If in fact, we wouldn’t divide I don’t think we would exist, would you want to?  You would all have to agree.  Not divide, not worry if someone did think different.  As we know that is not allowed. Here we are gonna try and explain why and who of things…..Like the FBI not being to just say sorry fucked up!  it was political, and we thought it was the truth, Our Bad!!!

There was and is more….. but with all things in life, and unlike others here I am always looking at facts and the black and white of things…the right or wrong …the sick or healthy… so we can cover the symptoms or the affliction.  I have to confess I enjoy talking about the symptoms but hopefully, we can get some words about the affliction in and who knows, change from Human to Humain.

So after the FBI inability to wack some wrists throw off the political leaning and go back to doing their jobs….maybe add telling the truth in their job description.

We have, you know what, I am skipping over the politician, I am going straight for the …. Zealot….Passing people with brains and passing the humain and through the clueless all the way to the ZEALOT. and here too you have more division, the pure…good/bad? sane/crazy? lazy/hyper? POWERFUL/VICTIM.  I do hope there is a final division where it is Human/Humain.

Ok, I just saw this so look what the difference is….. The “I” from no I in team fame…guess it wasn’t such a bad letter after all.

Anyway if you read it here it is as close to factual with my own spin feel free to agree or not.


SO….. I wanted to wait for the helter-skelter of the media died down and the facts came out before I formulate an opinion or decided for myself what can and could halt this kind of thing.  The Reality Of It All !

My battle is more to make people think, as so many do not, so let’s press on.

As is often the case, the usual format ensued…the Lefts MO to pin everything on Trump was alive and well.

First, before I get into the political end of this, what in fact can be done about crazy people.  To be Brutally honest….and that is what you get here…NOT A DAMN THING. So you have your answer on what we can do to stop this sort of thing you can quit reading my poorly punctuated rantings and go……well, go about your daily lives as “NOTHING” can be done about crazy people that snap…But if you want to muse about Life and crap like Politics and liberalisms and MSMS….Let’s pick up on the narrative.

Most of these Mass Shooters that get pushed into our face are always touted to be WHITE, sorry statically not true. If you care to know more and too stupid to look it up yourself or fall for what your search engine offers up to bolster its side of the political spectrum.   Fine if you take a minute to do your own actual fact digging statistically the below pic says it all.then you can spin to however you like …. And News, News is Dead, there is no fair and balanced side to this, Hell, I consider myself fair and balanced and half of you out there just did a FACEPALM, Right?

But I am always willing to Both (love that word Baby) Educate and/or Learn…….That is what comment sections are for. And where debate can happen as it sure as shit is not happening where we elected people to do with is best for this country and it’s people…this country is its people, is it not so we need to think and know what the facts are.

So here are mass shooters since…whatever it says…1565040845735 (1)

The only thing one comes away with first and foremost is … And please forgive my use of Binary Gender or Sex terminology but we here on my blog prefer to stay in the Sane  Lane.   Except for the 4, I am pretty sure are women, and about two or three, I got no clue types? it seems one can safely say this is a Male thing.  Ok, so now we have divided men and women…look at me on my way to being a good liberal and dividing people.

After that I don’t want to be called a racist, but either I am, because I am going to believe my eyes, seems like a lota People of Color that I am pretty sure is not ….let me say that again, is not WHITE..  And if we are doing the whole supremacist thing we need to rebrand to correctly represent the base here….. Probably “Not White Supremacist” would be a better monicker as the general take away here.

Fact, one of them looks a tad like me…could be a brother or cousin….Or me.  And I know some think I am just this cold-blooded.  So now we know two facts,  Isn’t thinking fun boys and girls?

So back to our facts…

1, This is surely not a white thing, this mass murder crap.
2, People that think that about me are even stupider then I thought, or just don’t know me.

But let’s forget all the rhetoric and try to keep that brain engaged and let us take a good look at both of the last two shooters….as that fits the lefts White Supremacist and Trump if not leader of them at the very least a catalyst.

We will do like the media and ignore the OHIO shooter as he was all things left…anti-trump, Pro-foux native American Elizebeth Warren and pretty much-steeped in Liberal ideology.  He ended up dead like the people he shot.

Hell, if his party and ideology come to power as Communist/Marxist/Democrat Socialist choose any name you want, they all Kill their stupid followers off faster then any other entity..they are worse for themselves then wars, famine, even the black plague …..so like the media we will only talk of the dead he slaughtered and not his ideology…

So the media is spoonfeeding this to their constituents about the first guy cause all we use from the second is the body count for shock value.   Tnd media and left-wing candidates along with left-wing congresspeople are saying…….TRUMPS FAULT CAUSE…

““El Paso Shooting Suspect’s Manifesto Echoes Trump’s Language.””

Let’s take a look….they both seem to think invasions are occurring. Well you take a look..and understand we are not talking about who is invading that is not discernable and we can guess but people from I think  89 different countries have been caught…so that is close enough to half the countries in the world to claim people from everywhere are invading our country…

At least you can stand there and sound indignant by stating..”Half the damn world is showing up!” then stomp your feet and you could be right…LOL

So, I would say both the shooter and trump believe that narrative.   Fair point

NOW, let’s move on to … and please try to keep thinking! Thanks.

“Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) went so far as to exclaim “The manifesto that that guy wrote could have been written by the people that write Trump’s speeches.””

Let’s get into that a bit deeper and when I ask a question after this, it truly is rhetorical….

Let’s look at the rest of the manifesto a lot of the MSM and Political asses running as liberals and congresspeople seem to not mention.

Has trump agreed with ….. “decrease in the general American population” be it by abortion or instead of needed surgeries and medical care for the elderly?  instead of that, just pain meds and “let-um-die” attitude, cause the return on the money is not worth it and we can give that care to an illegal instead of a citizen for free.  WTF?  Yes, I meant to say that just as is….! because that sentiment was already run on and we elected him twice. ( I have to put I was talking about Obama cause stupid people and liberals know how to click a mouse but need extra explanations)

Does Trump agree with….”far-left policy of prescriptions including universal healthcare”?

Does Trump agree with ….”far-left policy of socialist-style “universal income.””?

Does Trump agree with ….”far-left policy of anti-corporatist (that’s big business for the stupid among you)?

Does Trump agree with ….”far-left policy on eco-extremism”?

Should we ignore that the shooter actually blames the Trump administration for a spike in work visas and repeatedly labeled both Republicans and Democrats as sellouts to corporations on a host of issues?

Did the shooter in Tx name his manifesto “The art of the dead” or the “Comeback of the US”?   No, he didn’t, he named it “The inconvenient truth”  gee that sounds a lot like a Gore I know more so than a Trump.

So let’s wrap this bullshit up….he has the same thoughts of invasion and take over of the US of A as trump by illegals…then their two paths separate and the shooter is…
an echo fascist,
a pro basic income,
a pro health care for all,
a pro …get this…he is a pro-anti-American as he thinks we are the bad guys in all this and by we I mean AMERICAN CITIZENS AND OUR FORE FATHERS….and thinks we should have a culling of sorts to decrease our population…hell might that be with abortion and  what is it called….”Senicide” but we hang a pretty name on it and call it Mercy Killings.

Now you can say this is Trump created and I say only to the point that…..

We finally have a president that is standing up for the American people and refuses to make us the fall guy for what is wrong with the world.

We took lands and colonized it,  yes, as was the custom…
We had slaves, yes, as was the custom…
We have waged War, even upon ourselves, Yes it was customary to do so

Unlike some or most other countries, we are not doing that anymore and unlike a lot of those other countries, we bettered ourselves.

When we saw corruption be it a world war or genocide or in our own case slavery and Colonialism we as AMERICANS stepped up and did the right thing…

I think where Trump is guilty is he thinks Like I Do.  This was not our fault and as a country and people, we do the right thing.   What we have is let freedom run amuck of sanity and Trump is the same one in the room….And before you say it….No, he is not perfect…but he is an American and will do the right thing…as you see above these elitist millennial type, a lefty anti-everything who has one attribute of Trump’s and the rest is all left-leaning communist pushed tripe.

I am gonna leave you right here…I know what I think…

Do You Think?