BACK and ready… A RECAP of, WTFism


Let’s see if I can bring everyone up to speed on the Trump administration’s wrongdoings as told by the liberals…I will just hit the high points.

  • Ok, we had three years of Russia Russia Russia, your president is a Russian agent, that fell on its ugly face…but it took three years, of course, they used the first two to scare people and regain the house.
  • Then Obstruction of shit that was not a crime and no obstruction occurred. That also fell on its own face
  • During this time they fought him tooth and nail and were against him securing our borders…from people from central America set up to invade us for a better life and ginned up by the left and it’s supporters and the inhumanity of separating child traffickers from their product or children from the family which we found out was done in the prior administration….and the pics we saw of children in cages were also from the prior administration and ……he stopped lots of Latino, Islamist, and even Asians specifically from China from getting into our country illegally ( tell me again here this virus originated?)

  • They even took a shot at him about the emoluments clause, I just mentioned it to add a little background and “WTFism” to the next thing…
  • Then Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine …with no Quid Pro Quo that had to be forgotten quickly as the left was the only factual Quid Pro Quo and a whole graph and corruption practices by the sons of ( I am sure this is just happenstance ) Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, and Romney ( see the WTF part ? )
  • Then a brief stint back to Russia Russia
  • And now on this Beer virus or Coronavirus if you like that at best is anemic..the left even broke that down into two attacks…
  • First CoronaVirus attack from the left was the president acted “TOO QUICKLY” and might cause a panic, so he just doesn’t know what he is doing and responded stupidly if I might borrow a phrase from the president that waited till we had tens of thousands infected with H1N1 virus and 1000 dead before he acted….
  • The second attack using the CoronaVirus as a bludgeon us with is…the president “DIDN’T ACT QUICKLY ENOUGH” and is not implementing the right plans as Pelosi and others, block damn near every move including funding for the CoronaVirus battle….lest we forget that again the asswipe that was the president before this current so-called Lousy President

The overarching theme is this president is the problem with government and he is the guy causing all the problems …followed by a stream of LIFETIME political hacks that have been in government from over 40 years to as little as just 15 or 20, yet it is this president that has only been in office for 3 years

Once getting into office….

The gap between the rich and the poor is closing, the lowest 2/5’s of the pay scale is going up in take-home pay faster than the upper 3/5ths we have more manufacturing and more jobs in general and you already know the unemployment is at the lowest in decades or ever…

We are asked to believe, all the ills we have been feeling growing for decades are the fault of the man that has been in power for 3 years and has turned around our economy from crap to boom…and now we have an anemic virus that is used to scare and bludgeon our president and scare our citizens so as to slow our economy to what the left hopes will stop Trump
Those of you that follow me in any way from the blog ( yep starting it up again for election season )

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I will be taking up each BS fiasco liberals try to push and even my addled brain can easily point out the stupidity of Liberals…not Democrats as there are some American Democrats out there, but the true Liberal, As Liberalism is a mental disorder that needs to be watched and kept in line…

All the while pissing off Liberal Progressive Wanna Be Communist One Post At A Time



SO….. I wanted to wait for the helter-skelter of the media died down and the facts came out before I formulate an opinion or decided for myself what can and could halt this kind of thing.  The Reality Of It All !

My battle is more to make people think, as so many do not, so let’s press on.

As is often the case, the usual format ensued…the Lefts MO to pin everything on Trump was alive and well.

First, before I get into the political end of this, what in fact can be done about crazy people.  To be Brutally honest….and that is what you get here…NOT A DAMN THING. So you have your answer on what we can do to stop this sort of thing you can quit reading my poorly punctuated rantings and go……well, go about your daily lives as “NOTHING” can be done about crazy people that snap…But if you want to muse about Life and crap like Politics and liberalisms and MSMS….Let’s pick up on the narrative.

Most of these Mass Shooters that get pushed into our face are always touted to be WHITE, sorry statically not true. If you care to know more and too stupid to look it up yourself or fall for what your search engine offers up to bolster its side of the political spectrum.   Fine if you take a minute to do your own actual fact digging statistically the below pic says it all.then you can spin to however you like …. And News, News is Dead, there is no fair and balanced side to this, Hell, I consider myself fair and balanced and half of you out there just did a FACEPALM, Right?

But I am always willing to Both (love that word Baby) Educate and/or Learn…….That is what comment sections are for. And where debate can happen as it sure as shit is not happening where we elected people to do with is best for this country and it’s people…this country is its people, is it not so we need to think and know what the facts are.

So here are mass shooters since…whatever it says…1565040845735 (1)

The only thing one comes away with first and foremost is … And please forgive my use of Binary Gender or Sex terminology but we here on my blog prefer to stay in the Sane  Lane.   Except for the 4, I am pretty sure are women, and about two or three, I got no clue types? it seems one can safely say this is a Male thing.  Ok, so now we have divided men and women…look at me on my way to being a good liberal and dividing people.

After that I don’t want to be called a racist, but either I am, because I am going to believe my eyes, seems like a lota People of Color that I am pretty sure is not ….let me say that again, is not WHITE..  And if we are doing the whole supremacist thing we need to rebrand to correctly represent the base here….. Probably “Not White Supremacist” would be a better monicker as the general take away here.

Fact, one of them looks a tad like me…could be a brother or cousin….Or me.  And I know some think I am just this cold-blooded.  So now we know two facts,  Isn’t thinking fun boys and girls?

So back to our facts…

1, This is surely not a white thing, this mass murder crap.
2, People that think that about me are even stupider then I thought, or just don’t know me.

But let’s forget all the rhetoric and try to keep that brain engaged and let us take a good look at both of the last two shooters….as that fits the lefts White Supremacist and Trump if not leader of them at the very least a catalyst.

We will do like the media and ignore the OHIO shooter as he was all things left…anti-trump, Pro-foux native American Elizebeth Warren and pretty much-steeped in Liberal ideology.  He ended up dead like the people he shot.

Hell, if his party and ideology come to power as Communist/Marxist/Democrat Socialist choose any name you want, they all Kill their stupid followers off faster then any other entity..they are worse for themselves then wars, famine, even the black plague … like the media we will only talk of the dead he slaughtered and not his ideology…

So the media is spoonfeeding this to their constituents about the first guy cause all we use from the second is the body count for shock value.   Tnd media and left-wing candidates along with left-wing congresspeople are saying…….TRUMPS FAULT CAUSE…

““El Paso Shooting Suspect’s Manifesto Echoes Trump’s Language.””

Let’s take a look….they both seem to think invasions are occurring. Well you take a look..and understand we are not talking about who is invading that is not discernable and we can guess but people from I think  89 different countries have been caught…so that is close enough to half the countries in the world to claim people from everywhere are invading our country…

At least you can stand there and sound indignant by stating..”Half the damn world is showing up!” then stomp your feet and you could be right…LOL

So, I would say both the shooter and trump believe that narrative.   Fair point

NOW, let’s move on to … and please try to keep thinking! Thanks.

“Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) went so far as to exclaim “The manifesto that that guy wrote could have been written by the people that write Trump’s speeches.””

Let’s get into that a bit deeper and when I ask a question after this, it truly is rhetorical….

Let’s look at the rest of the manifesto a lot of the MSM and Political asses running as liberals and congresspeople seem to not mention.

Has trump agreed with ….. “decrease in the general American population” be it by abortion or instead of needed surgeries and medical care for the elderly?  instead of that, just pain meds and “let-um-die” attitude, cause the return on the money is not worth it and we can give that care to an illegal instead of a citizen for free.  WTF?  Yes, I meant to say that just as is….! because that sentiment was already run on and we elected him twice. ( I have to put I was talking about Obama cause stupid people and liberals know how to click a mouse but need extra explanations)

Does Trump agree with….”far-left policy of prescriptions including universal healthcare”?

Does Trump agree with ….”far-left policy of socialist-style “universal income.””?

Does Trump agree with ….”far-left policy of anti-corporatist (that’s big business for the stupid among you)?

Does Trump agree with ….”far-left policy on eco-extremism”?

Should we ignore that the shooter actually blames the Trump administration for a spike in work visas and repeatedly labeled both Republicans and Democrats as sellouts to corporations on a host of issues?

Did the shooter in Tx name his manifesto “The art of the dead” or the “Comeback of the US”?   No, he didn’t, he named it “The inconvenient truth”  gee that sounds a lot like a Gore I know more so than a Trump.

So let’s wrap this bullshit up….he has the same thoughts of invasion and take over of the US of A as trump by illegals…then their two paths separate and the shooter is…
an echo fascist,
a pro basic income,
a pro health care for all,
a pro …get this…he is a pro-anti-American as he thinks we are the bad guys in all this and by we I mean AMERICAN CITIZENS AND OUR FORE FATHERS….and thinks we should have a culling of sorts to decrease our population…hell might that be with abortion and  what is it called….”Senicide” but we hang a pretty name on it and call it Mercy Killings.

Now you can say this is Trump created and I say only to the point that…..

We finally have a president that is standing up for the American people and refuses to make us the fall guy for what is wrong with the world.

We took lands and colonized it,  yes, as was the custom…
We had slaves, yes, as was the custom…
We have waged War, even upon ourselves, Yes it was customary to do so

Unlike some or most other countries, we are not doing that anymore and unlike a lot of those other countries, we bettered ourselves.

When we saw corruption be it a world war or genocide or in our own case slavery and Colonialism we as AMERICANS stepped up and did the right thing…

I think where Trump is guilty is he thinks Like I Do.  This was not our fault and as a country and people, we do the right thing.   What we have is let freedom run amuck of sanity and Trump is the same one in the room….And before you say it….No, he is not perfect…but he is an American and will do the right thing…as you see above these elitist millennial type, a lefty anti-everything who has one attribute of Trump’s and the rest is all left-leaning communist pushed tripe.

I am gonna leave you right here…I know what I think…

Do You Think?

Facebook …………….. JAILED ME AGAIN!

So last week I was …I would call it debating but with no facts or any other talking points the other side just defaults to,  You are a Racist or a Nazi, they have little to tout other than that.

The lefts witch hunt is falling apart no matter how much they try to breathe life back into it…with Mueller poor showing and no new facts …hell even the old facts weren’t founded in truth. they are desperate and leave ti to the mainstream media and the platforms like Google and Facebook taking sides, nothing is going to change unless we go on the offensive…enough of this Defense and denial crap…

Time to lobby your congressman and senator to classify Google and FB as publishers or anything but this “can’t sue them because they claim to be some platform that has legal protections from lawsuits…”

When a poster can call right-wingers the same names right-winger call liberals and stay posting where the conservative gets jailed or account frozen.

And some like FB think it funny when you don’t agree and they let you write all your complaints down if you don’t agree and when you hit send…it says “We could not process your request. Please try again later.”  they think they are cute…actually smart asses…!

This needs to stop….Someone needs to get funded and go after these people and level the playing field…

SO, anyone know some rich Right Winger willing to back an idiot like me….? Send him my way and let’s get a few lawsuits going see how they like litigation…


We have all fallen for the hypocrisy of the left.  That some language is a bad thing and we hear about Trump’s locker room “off the record” guy talk was just unacceptable…let’s forget that it was, in fact, FACTUAL…want to see what woman want to be grabbed by the pussy…check out youtube  GOLD DIGGER series…..seems they don’t mind a little rude crass even rub your nose in the fact that they are gold diggers…just take the little digger with you Pappi.

But I digress….so Trump is a bad boy because he said pussy and shithole…Oh my, he uses words we all have used or heard or laughed at or spouted like me as if from a sprinkler.  And the helpful Lefty Liberal is there to spout hate and venomous attacks on PRIVATE TALK the whole “grabumbythepussy” thing and if you checked the video it was in fact factual. and the SHITHOLE comment which was leaked outside of the meeting..again private and again Factual…

So here, I think this speaks to the facts…and this is just the easy to identify GOLD DIGGER, as there are several classes of this ilk….


But PLEASE, stop falling for the lefts indignations, and flip off their accusations of crassness and improper language, that’s supposedly not good even in private….Or not good for private business moments like when the president said shithole in his closed-door meeting….when in fact they are fucking HYPOCRITES.

Or am I the only one that seems to remember a NON-private…NON-locker room moment, A moment there for all to see in a public forum in front of God and country, with MSM at a press conference at the public venue… WHITEHOUSE announcement of the ACA also known as Obama care…Fuck, even I cringed….I even felt bad for Obama…yes, I did, but just a little. and you can see it in the video he was Miffed.

Hurry though as they are scrubbing the internet…one might say they are wiping it clean Like with a cloth…LOL

The Dirty Little Secret…!

Let’s talk about the true racist in this world…Democrat party and the Government …

Ever fill out a form for the government that doesn’t ask your age, race, ethnic background, wealth etc etc even locals are treated differently it should not be, but the government is the biggest divider of people anywhere, we have ageism, racism, heredity, fiscal divisions, I think there are not even names for some of this shit…the government punishes people for too much wealth, leans toward backing the minority at the expense of the majority, as in affirmative action, which was to be reparations of a sort and if it isn’t then what the fuck is affirmative action for?  And if it is, then why are we talking yet again about reparations…check every jackleg running for the democrat presidential spot…all racist all want to screw the white man and citizen, to the benefit of the lazy and illegal….

And blacks, Hispanics, immigrants (of the legal kind) or…fill in anything you like as far as humans, we are not inherently racist..but people that seek to divide us are…or rather they fake it well…I could say look at the democrat party.   But this is not the democrat American party any more it has been taken over by idiots and racist, by hypocrites and morons and by the truly evil…if the liberals were so non-racist then why is it the Chuck and Nancy show…even if AOC said Nancy is Racist  (you do remember that?) against her a woman of color…NEWS FLASH YOU ARE A DAMN CAUCASUION…. you may be a spoiled one or a fooled one or a stupid one…but you are white..and I agree…get this I agree with AOC, Nancy and her party are racist..but just against the whites and the uncle tom non whites (also known as blacks with a brain) and yet both Nancy and AOC are white…so that is a quandary…..or maybe like garbage disposals AOC has no mind to think as those things have been around since invented in the 1920’s and this idiot is gonna preach to me about ….well about anything (from green new deal to illegals..of please find another empty parking lot and BOO HOO away) and this all-knowing paragon of knowledge doesn’t know what a Garbage disposal is for ….???

I do like Nancy was called racist by the up and cumming racist…..see anyone white in the gang….did you answer that with a no?  You are wrong.. remember AOC is white, but that would not have fit the narrative …… remember the shooter in Trayvon Martin, shot by George Zimmerman look up the reports GZ was called a white Hispanic as Hispanics are not people of color but considered Caucasians… and were until just recently considered white…this is systemic racism that varies…GZ was white and shot a black man…AOC is a woman of the color picked on by the white man/woman… total and utter bullshit and is a racist ploy by liberals and those they brainwashed,……

News flash, people will always hate, they will kill and they will break laws and not be honest about shit.  There will always be illegals and racist we need to act accordingly and as a country, we have done so when injustice and illegal things happen but now that the racist and the criminals are running the left we have slanted the playing field to benefit the illegals and the true racist …..   There will always be those among us that are racist and do shit illegally.   Not all of any race are like that, but some are, and you can identify them if your vision is not blocked by your sphincter.  Translation, if your head was not firmly embedded up your ass.  Quit being silent it gives the idiots and morons a chance to be heard…if normal people stood up and spoke in a calm voice we would drown out the faux racist in a second…

OH-MY OMAR ! ….. Where to start!


So which one of us has not been arrested…..hell I been arrested a few times…Mainly because of my mouth, go figure…..

Hell, she is in good stead with others from the left that were arrested or did shit like armed take over of an ROTC building on a college while armed where Mr. Holder was arrested for that….what is it with these morons….anyone knows a right-winger that was jailed or protested and went on to any seat of power….SO here is that link…

Ilhan Omar Arrested in 2013 For Trespassing, Booked At Hennepin County Jail

So moving on to yet more wispers of illegal actions from our oh so sensitive and foul thinking Omar…what shall we go with next…

How about fraud……Say when you file taxes and lie…or find a way to smuggle your supposed brother into the country get him educated and send him back to some other country…so did she marry her brother?   Did she defraud tax authorities and who knows what else?    Here you figure it out…I am already confused and there is more…By the way, you need a tour guide so here…let him walk you through it….

Did you follow all that?

Ok so far just been jailed and maybe defrauded several different governmental entities….Get the popcorn, this may be a while…

I tell ya the more I read about this woman the more there is not to like.  She surely hates America Claiming Americans born here don’t love it as much as she does then she launches into all the shit wrong with America…She Equates the US of A with Al Quada saying they are the same…….Sure we send out children wrapped in explosives and have them show our greatness by blowing themselves up…kids..not even old enough to get a steady Boner and they promise them virgins in the afterlife to give their lives for ALLAH.

She also disparages our allies……then when not really rebuked by Nancy Pelosi but they passed a whole though shall not disparage etc.etc..without naming her claiming she is repentant…then this idiot doubles down….

Jihad Jew-hater Omar Defiant: “I Do Not” Regret My Antisemitic Remarks

So lets recap she plays passive-aggressive and acts clueless when called on her rhetoric but acts innocent when confronted again…accuses others of doing what she is actually doing by being a bigot and racist towards Americans

Add to that she married her brother…supposedly! and broke our laws and who knows what else as her defense when asked about shit is to not answer….She is above the fray and we peasants don’t have the right to get answers from our political betters….

Also blatant lies…google it..what year was CAIR founded and this biatch says CAIR was formed after and because of 9/11 check those two dates…now I am willing to concede that CAIR may have been founded so as to have a perch for 9/11 to launch from …and a lot of others think the same shit as CAIR was the unindicted co-conspirator of the jihadist

I am gonna stop now as this twat has me so pissed I am gonna go off on a lot of course words in several different languages….

Ssoon I hope!