Keep Human in Humanity The RANT

Just as hard as it was for doctor/nurse to post about his/her strife at being a medical professional….I find it hard to ask the next question….
So those that died of the flu are lucky their death was easier than his friends surviving this Virus?  It was an argument I hear repeatedly…But he suffered with covid and lived or covid and died…..or the strugle to do your 24/7 chosen carier is now asking you to work 24/7 wtf?

Rants often make no sense so if lookign for a clear picture move on this fucking ain’t just keeps me from poping a cap in ones ass…soemthing that in New Orleans at least is reserved for th egang bangers and predominalty for black…OOppps I gues si ma racist again for stating facts….so turn around and run if looking for a …this makes perfect sense……all this is is keepingme sane.  Ok maybe no tane but keeping me me. but you were warned…the alterantive is a to busta  cap in yoru ass and i do hit what I aim at as I go to the range…LOL

Deep breath………………………………………..

I think we seem to be stuck in a Binary state…

For or Against.

Left or Right.

Red or Blue.

Hard for me to say since I am a binary type with something being right or wrong. We seem to have forgotten there is a middle ground. things can still be Binary,.

Still, It can be right and wrong, black and white, just different for each of us.

Dr’s and Nurses deal with this daily…I am sad for the million or so of them, but then there are the millions that are withering slowly…Mentally,  Economically  and Socially.

Another friend and I had a long argument as it was not a debate but each of us had to prove our point… I am good at this. I am good at manipulation to see my side and my side only.  It hit me this is different this is life and death this is Friend or Lost Friend, so I took a different tack and in the end….we ended up agreeing on almost every point….

Yet we had gotten so clobbered by others that we retreat to our corners and defend out points vehemently, and no sooner we start to compromise or see the other’s point of view someone else enters the fray, be they on our side or theirs and immediately we retreat to our corners yet again and do stupid stuff like block our once friends.

I truly believe this is a top-down problem…our political leaders are supposed to be adults…..Like children we emulate the adults…but what happens when the adults act like children…?  You have FACEBOOK WARS and TWITTER BATTLES thats what happenes.

I am sorry about all the doctors working and the nurses working diligently…but like soemone said about me…did you not know who you were talking to when you said soemthign stupid…and wonder why he called you out or made it aboput sex…..hello Macho!

I mean I walk into doctor’s offices to work on equipment and not people…yet like most doctor’s offices the quarters are close with little or no room, never less 6-feet,

Several people using the equipment I work on and of course, there are the sick they interact with.  The staff are PPE gowned and masked and gloved to the hilt.  Maybe it is the second day of the same PPE equipment or the 3rd, 4th, whatever …

Yet I have no mask, gown or what little I have, like wipes, I use when back at the car so as to stem anything I might have caught from staying with me not wanting to take anything home to my family.  My lover my 89 yo mom.

I read as my friend preached about not having enough PPE and I had to stem the anger when I had none.

Yet they need my equipment running..hell I don’t even get paid for some of my services and actually nto deemed essential and have officially been layed off but peopel call me..just liek I call my budy the vet and ask his opinion..he doesn’t send me a damn bill …so I go to these so called virus infested (totaly different rant coming) doctors offices or clinics

Wait le tme pause this rant as I find so much shit funny……………..I find shit funny like, I have two vet friends for my dog,  a male and a female one and yet don’t have a doctor for me.  I am often called sexist or mysogonyst and yet I have a male and female vet for my dog…LOL   I am also called bigoted by a person that hates for no good reason and a zenaphobe by others that……well you get the picture…

Anyway back to the rant…. about doctors and medical staff and humanity

They get ALL the masks and hand sanitizer, so easy to hate!

But I breath deeply

As I breath deeply, I step back and I try and place the hate and anger where it belongs, attach it to the situation not the people.  And no disinfectant wipes. And no PPE of any kind and here I am about to tick off a FB friend by saying I feel for you but ……………………I have no but…I also have no PPE so get the fuck out with yoru I had to do an 8 hour shift then got a sdtanding ovasion by the fucking neigborhood and evena  fly over….I got….I have no clue what I got I didn;t get paid and i still have no damn PPE

I won’t lie I wish I had faith, I don;t evben have that. but am not that religious so I won’t be a hypocrite and claim to have it for a perceived safe harbor…and I do not begrudge those that find peace and solace in that faith. I am happy for you…. but so far no PPE AND no FAITH.

I go to fix the copiers, faxes, printers with nothing but my will to help my fellow man, to be honest i am not gonna wear a fucking face mask.  Even if I could find one hell I couldn’t afford it I am living off of 2% of my income.  As I am one of those small businesses that don’t get a check and have not gotten my pennies to cover my dollars of expenses….they say it is coming but they also told me life is fair!  and you knwo how that works.

It would be nice to just say I will stay home.  I can’t as stuff needs doing.  Unlike Politicians and Dr, Nurses, EMT, police…not only do we, the royal we, not have PPE out here in the world but we also don’t have a paycheck…so saying stay home and safe.,,,,, Yeah,,, I didn’t die but then I am homeless and starving …

I am glad I don’t have kids at home.  I truly feel for parents and glad mine are grown and not with me. …we all want to vent ..some vent with money in the bank or ice cream in the freezer but the majority of us don’t have choices.

Preaching is fine … Having faith is even better…PPE would be nice too…..But be thankful for what you do have..I am thankful for my sailing and more so to have another human willing to call me hers…She is not to bright but she is cute and mione…….and friends too they are ok sometime…

But to keep them….I think we have to leave our corners tear down our walls meet people halfway, I have always been a black and white guy a right or wrong guy….but in times like this ……  we need to not WIN, we need to survive and that in itself is a win.  That means a lot of different things to different people…. this next sentance is going to make even less sense the crap I have written so far …

You need to agree even if you don’t agree or we need to take the word Human out of Humanity.

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