It’s always Political

Give me a break as we have to listen to political hacks tell us we must give away our freedoms for our own safety.
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These same political thieves release prisoners from jail to keep them safe from this Chinese virus yet arrest non-criminals and put them in those very same jails for stuff like playing with their child in an empty park.

It’s Political

Or you can go out in a canoe or to Walmart but not fishing or a church.

It’s Political


Political hacks when asked specific questions spin shit and claim they will in the future fix things if they get their way…….while they show off their fridges Packed with Icecream as we eat not icecream but hoping to find spinach or any vegetable so my 89-year-old mother can poop.  we text each other looking for vegetables or even dog food.

It’s Political

We have to line up for fast food with the same closeness or closer as I hand my debit card to someone and neither of us has three-foot arms, She is wearing no gloves and neither am I, so much for 6-foot shit,  so chains and big box stores can work but mom and pop rest who get no closer then fast food people have to stay shut. Why is Walmart’s dressing room safe but not Men’s Warehouse or Fleurty Girl?

It’s Political

A canoe is fine but my flatboat not.

It’s Political

Director General Of The World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom, Visit To Beijing

Let’s not forget all those that claim this is not political belong to the side that trashed the president for protecting us by travel bans, as they claimed him to be a racist for blocking travel from China,  (news flash but Chinese are not a race). It is the country leaders that did this to us. And yet the same people that bucked our leader now refuse to put the blame where it belongs, as they claim the man who used the word “liberate” is inciting violent actions, this from the side of ANTIFA and the resistance movement. that touted blowing up the Whitehouse or wished death on the ORANGE MAN…

It’s Political


Our liberal entertainment morons put on a concert and raise money for the W.H.O. proven to be the true bad actor and supporter/protector of the even worse actor China. while the people that buy their records and made them wealthy are scrounging for toilet paper to wipe their asses or their eyes if they lost a lover or parent or wife or husband or friend !!!  The two women above had a fundraiser for the WHO that colluded with China to keep the contagion a secret they didn’t have help Americans with a few hundred million…THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS POLITICAL…

It’s political

At least Newsome as a governor admittedly or not implemented separating and following administration directive while his aunt Pelosi revealed as did New York and by doing so in New York we lose Americans by the horde

It’s all political


It’s the clueless and political ruling over the masses just because they can … power corrupts and if your intentions to start with are corruptible by nature Americans die

It’s all political


Tell me again why Local stores had to close its doors but Amazon or Wallmart can sell the majority of Chinese garbage we buy

It’s all political


New York and other towns like mine (new Orleans) where the A train is chock full of black people and downtown New Orleans where blacks are working at a ratio of 25-30 to 1..this is what is racist and you know what else it is……


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