Can’t wait to hear all the masses and the asses that want our economy to stay shut down touting…
May I ask every thinking nonsheep sick and maybe dying son of a bitch or daughter of one…..do you give a shit if what saved you was anecdotal or passed a double-blind paid for by tons of tax dollars to people that say in a few months we will ….or in a year or so we will…or 20 months from now…
Yes, this is a pandemic..yes it is deadly to some…a

Any of you remember when I was at Woodstock getting buzzed and doing my first hits of acid…I don’t as I was fucked up….but the music was good and I was clueless that there was a pandemic and nothing was shut down…

Anyone remember closing the country of 200 million down as 100K people died …extrapolate that to this anemic attempt by liberals to push a public disaster for a political ploy…and that would be 160,000 dead..we are halfway there now so wake me when the rest of the fuckers die….Not being insensitive just factual…and we did not shit down…

I was happy to shut down for a few weeks…but this bowing down to dumb idiotic people Latoya Cantrell In New Orleans…….or Nancy Pelosi or lying Shiff …..we did what we were supposed to we stemmed the flow we flattened the curve….all of this was overhyped Bullshit but we did it anyway …..so doctors didn’t have to overwork and miss vacation time and people wouldn’t have died in hordes

They tried to stop the news by saying shit is anecdotal or what about the poor doctors and nurses…sorry that’s in a different rant…I had to start this blog cause I got so much shit blocked deleted or thrown in jail on FB so I had to start one to save my humanity ..so now I double dip…

I wish I was smart enough to know how to do like the brain dead but internet savvy asswipes, and have everything I do propagate to twitter and Instagram tick tock…and shit.

In the meantime …people are not working and others are dying…fortunes are made and lost just because ORANGE MAN BAD and we can’t talk about a political Coup attempt of the last president because RACIST!  and because we sound CUCKOO, but it is happening…..

I am glad this doctor gets it and spoke up like so many others.  I mean if you have time to post tick-tock vids while in full PPE GARB while showing off your latest dance move…your ass is not overworked….sorry……pandemics have people waking you from bed after a 10-minute naps during a 24 hour day, not 8-hour shifts….if you are getting paid ..shut the fuck up.  we are not…..I have a 46 foot sailboat to rebuild and just about had the fuckin electric motor bought when BOOM pandemic. ….No Work..

SO YES I AM ONE PISSED OF CROATIAN CHIHUAHUA (sorry inside sailing circle joke)

I was gonna say this doctor had balls but she both is and identifies as a woman, so Sans Balls

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