The Real Criminals

I hate to start before the planned crank-up date…but a tease is always in order and please bear with me ….reworking a sailboat and Mom with Alzheimer’s have me hoping but this country needs every patriot now or we won’t have a country and we will be run by the true evil the BUREAUCRAT

Not enough to just post in social media to your friends SM will just throttle it like Zuck admitted doing or you will get canceled but it is worth it…I mean it’s not like you are gonna die….but don’t send shit to just your friends send this shit out to your enemies, the clueless the disinterested, and be a pain.

Liberal Progressive wanna be Marxist, that’s what we call Communist now…Most came with Obama like Van Jones and The Bitches Dunn and Rice. How obvious do they need to be?

Hell most of the country never read all the retractions that there was no Russia Collusion or that the Ukrain phone call was a nothing burger it was all ginned-up by the state Bureaucrats running us…..stay tuned at BADDOGS.BLOG to start up after FB JAIL so we can mount a truth to power or truth to Bureaucrat campaign to end this.

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