Dismissal “PRIVILEGE”

Has no one else noticed how the left ASSUMES the right or privilege to not answer…or to dismiss any question of their actions by saying… “Oh, that is just the Right Wing’s talking point” well I hate to tell them but the other side has a voice….

This guy is nto King he does answer to us….

Or are we to be subjects of the Crown. Where the Crown can not be questioned. Or the practice of late Submitting questions for approval.

What about the standard …. “We just aren’t gonna go there!”

I guess there is precedents for that …the 5th amendment for not self inflicting guilt by testimony, or the war crimes guy or the liars of the earth not able to justify their actions…I get it, you don’t like the questions.

What I question is who gave you some right to not be held responsible and have to answer to We the People…..all or rather, Any Of Us!

Just waving off like Pelosi of right-wing counterarguments as if she was not responsible to All The People and not just the nut cases that put her into power…..unless she would like to claim otherwise. But isn’t her side or Biden’s side just the left wings argument…why do we have to answer their questions when they are above it all and don’t answer our..

This includes the FIRST BLACK LESBIAN LIAR AT THE PODIUM…(look I don’t want to be mean, I know a lot of Blacks and a lot of Lesbians and they are by far all smarter than that pompous ass) let’s not give her more credit then she deserves. She is not getting better at her job she is just refusing to answer or goes into word salad only surpassed by the VP, Kamala.

Anyway I think their rein of not answering shit should come to an end this coming Jan 20 when we start a new congress.

One can only hope and …not Just Vote but

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