So here is a neat fact…..

This is from a liberal leaning site so we all know it has to be correct.

Instead of ramrodding this down the peoples throats and making it feasible with Tax payer dollars as incentives….is and was stupid

A better way to have done this…and I am just one stupid jackass but I bet my idea would have worked better to get people to cotton to electric and make bridging the gap from fossil fuels to renewables better and more timely then this cluster fuck of a electric vehicle craze.

Such as HYBRID electric….several different types…

But the simplest could have been a small Fossil fuel engine functioning to run an electric auxiliary engine to add charge as you drive extending the distance…

That’s just one…feel free to add your own and Follow if you aren’t to chicken to speak up for yourself and add to the discussion…

Here everyone is allowed to speak and voice an opinion no matter how smart or stupid.


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