Yes Dems are the problem, But RINO and do nothing Rep are WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING……

So after being kicked off of FB yet again for nothing but facts and a few naughty words but no where near the profane language I have to absorb from the sweet literal progressive wanna be marxist….

I have to listen to Liberals that truly show by what they state they don’t care about facts just Party and power. That to me is a fault but also shows party loyalty and serving what they feel is their citizens…..right or wrong they march on…some times in inches and other times in leaps and bounds…never backing down or compromising….

I Put to you that our problem is not a working to benefit itself and the few that back it….BUT A LACK LUSTER AND LAZY OR what word would be right here…COMPLIANT…SUBMISSIVE….SUBJUGATED….FECKLESS..IMPOTENT REPUBLICAN REPRESENTATION.

When, other then Trump have people stood up for the conservative…why not look up what they called both Bush’s, the Neo Conservatives …look it up…it is Liberal in origin. Look up the father of conservatism Irving Kristol

Who said in his own voice…..

So other then not liking communist intervention please tell me where the actual conservative part of this is bolstered…they are just liberals that didn’t like the very far left and I put to you this leaves real constitutional conservatives out in the cold with no real leaders since Reagan and even he in the end was overcome like Trump by Liberals that call themselves republicans and we call them RINO’s for a reason….because they are nothing more then Liberals that like to blow shit up…and then didn’t like communism and now seem unable to even assert that dislike into action.

A few pulled quotes that even the tainted wiki pages admit to….

From wiki on Neoconservatism…..

“the term is ideological criticism against proponents of modern American liberalism who had become slightly more conservative”

From Quotes of and ideological ilk of the proponents like Kristol.

“an American journalist who was dubbed the “godfather of neoconservatism“”

then later adds……

“Neo-conservatism, Kristol maintained, is not an ideology but a “persuasion”, a way of thinking about politics rather than a compendium of principles and axioms. It is classical, rather than romantic, in temperament and practical and anti-utopian in policy. One of Kristol’s most celebrated quips defines a neo-conservative as “a liberal who has been mugged by reality”. These concepts lie at the core of neo-conservative philosophy to this day”

And lets take a look at some things missing in this so called conservative by a different name with background to sustain this view…say his family starting with the wife and moving on to his son Bill Kristol

The wife……

“She received her undergraduate degree from Brooklyn College in 1942 and her doctorate from the University of Chicago in 1950. Himmelfarb later went on to study at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, and the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York.”

Funny how we keep coming back to these liberal colleges as places to get conservative leaders and their constitutional views from Liberal bastions….

“In 1942, she married Irving Kristol, known as the “godfather” of neoconservatism, and had two children, Elizabeth Nelson and William Kristol, a political commentator and editor of The Weekly Standard. She never changed her last name. Sociologist Daniel Bell wrote that theirs was “the best marriage of our generation” and her husband wrote that he was “astonished how intellectually twinned” the two were “pursuing different subjects while thinking the same thoughts and reaching the same conclusions”

So there seemed a thread of the same ideology which for some reason i believe was passed down to William or Bill if you will …lets pay particular attention we see Jewish this and Jewish that in all her accolades and yet neither she…her husband nor her son…did anything of stature for the Jewish state of Israel …. well other then lip service and I wil tie this in as to why I say this.

Now read the below and if I didn’t tell you this was a So Called conservative ..would you think her liberal or conservative…and take note of the Jewish state mention….

“She was long involved in Jewish conservative intellectual circles. Professor Emerita at the Graduate School of the City University of New York, she was the recipient of many awards and honorary degrees. She served on the Council of Scholars of the Library of Congress, the Council of Academic Advisors of the American Enterprise Institute, and the Council of the National Endowment for the Humanities. She was a Fellow of the British Academy and of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In 1991, she delivered the Jefferson Lecture under the auspices of the National Endowment for the Humanities. In 2004, she was awarded the National Humanities Medal by the president of the United States of America. She died on December 30, 2019 at the age of 97.”

Funny don’t see 4H or Farmer or Electrician or mechanic …plumber…small business association…etc…etc….nothing about constitution and the freedoms of our free society etc..etc…Hang in there ..there is more….so now lets jump to Jr. or William even Bill if you like.

He looks the part of a conservative and by family heritage and so called actions is right?

Lets take a deeper dive and take particular care to note these so called supporters of the Jews and the presidents and people they supported….Liked and more so didn’t like with no real reason why…could it be they acted and garnered more support then the puppets like Bush Neo-cons put forth to compete against Liberals…

Lets pick the Jewish state…..lots of lip service from Bill, dad and mom for Jews but who’s administration decided to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital…can you say Trump….I knew that you could, but then why didn’t these people push for it when they were so embroiled in the Jewish state…

Why when Bill backed Palin for the RINO McCain did he change his mind…where first he liked then he didn’t ….was Ms. Palin to patriotic to much like Trump lets see some quotes here for that or at least get a feel for what they thought and acted out………

Oh, another nice look see into his ilk would be to equate how he feels about presidents and even members of the polical class we see more clearly now….say Liz Cheney

“He co-founded the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) with Robert Kagan. He is also one of the three board members of Keep America Safe, a national-security think tank co-founded by Liz Cheney and Debra Burlingame, and serves on the boards of the Emergency Committee for Israel

Take a trip down a different rabbit hole…..

Robert Kagan and more so Victoria Newland more so her then Him.

Maybe check out Robert Kagans wife, if you don’t mind jumping into the rabbits hole that is ever expansive and such a mess it can’t be unraveled without a migraine or maybe it can…???

Back to Bill Kristol

First his Bona Fides of sorts as a conservative…(Sorry I snorted a tad)

“Kristol was a columnist for Time in 2007.[15] The following year, he joined The New York Times as a columnist. Several days after he did so, Times public editor Clark Hoyt called his hiring “a mistake,” due to Kristol’s assertion in 2006 that the Times should potentially be prosecuted for having revealed information about the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program.[16] Kristol wrote a weekly opinion column for The New York Times from January 7, 2008,[17] to January 26, 2009.”

Wow …a conservative working for the NYT? really …..????

Now you have read my ramblings and seen my poor sentence structure and poor grammar but even a dolt like me can read the tea leaves of this next pull quote…

“In 2013, his contract with Fox News expired, and he became a much sought after commentator on several networks. It was announced on This Week with George Stephanopoulos on February 2, 2014, that Kristol would be a contributor for ABC News and to that program”

I am sure he went there to change their minds or to offer his side, the conservative side, of things or ….maybe….just maybe BIRDS OF A FUCKIN FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER….now that is my stupid assertion … your mileage may differ…LOL

Seems he thought Bush was fine with FEMA etc which has grabbed our privacy and freedom by the balls and with a firm grip yanked it…till we have les sand less and now liberals use it to beat us even more so ….not sure what’s worse having your balls ripped off by a neo con or having your head bashed in by them after they make them a present to the liberals in power now…

“After the Bush administration developed its response to the September 11, 2001 attacks, Kristol said: “We’ve just been present at a very unusual moment, the creation of a new American foreign policy.” Kristol ardently supported the Bush administration’s decision to go to war with Iraq”

Maybe he truly liked McCain and Palin…but after she came out the gate as a momma Grissly and a true or closer to a true constitutionalist freedom loving conservative …we have the below…

ON Palin…

“Kristol was an ardent promoter of Sarah Palin, advocating for her selection as the running mate of John McCain in the 2008 United States presidential election months before McCain chose her.”

“he later recanted his support for her, saying: “I’m perfectly willing to say that given what I now know about her, she would not have been a good vice president.”

I wonder why as no one seems to know…was she not liberal enough for him? Was she too much for the people of the right? What?

I can go back and forth to his so called Conservative credentials…but then lots of people talk the talk …but when you see them walk they just can’t seem to muster the effort to walk the walk….so lets see how he though or what his actions were for the last two polar opposite ( I think we can all agree now that Trump is out and compare his terms of prosperity and America first to say Obama’s apologetic and might add subservient Submissions of the American people to the world…and bringing instead of High employment and beneficial lives brought to us by Trump administration across the boards and to all sectors of our citizenry to the groveling and with his actions forcing our citizens to endure as if guilty self Flagellant actions of monks who beat themselves bloody … that is how I equate the results after we voted that Marxist into power…so surely this paragon of conservative values and a friend of the Jew would react to one of the above presidents more favorably then the other…anyone care to put a few dollars on who he liked and who he didn’t….??????

Just a few more pulled quotes…….

Peace in the middle east….

“Kristol backed President Barack Obama‘s decision to intervene in the Libyan Civil War in 2011 and urged fellow conservatives to support the action”

What about supporting the first Republican to run that actully grew the party……Trump

“Kristol vehemently opposed the nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for president in 2016″

“In January 2019, Kristol criticized President Trump’s planned withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

“On December 21, Kristol and a group calling itself Republicans for the Rule of Law released an ad encouraging viewers to call their Senators to demand top Trump officials be forced to testify in his impeachment trial.

“On February 1, 2020, Kristol tweeted out that, at least until Trump is out of office, he considers himself a Democrat.

“In March 2020, Kristol endorsed former U.S. vice president Joe Biden for President of the United States.

“Kristol is founding director of Republican Voters Against Trump, a project of Defending Democracy Together, launched in May 2020.

“On October 15, Kristol voted for the Democratic ticket. He stated “Just filled out my early absentee ballot in VA for Joe Biden & Kamala Harris, Mark Warner, and Jennifer Wexton. No regrets at all about this”

WOW now that is a conservative isn’t it ….

So lets not pull any punches here…we have a two party system that is only for one party…if you are a liberal or a neo con…you can vote for either side and you are still voting for Liberal progressives who the neo cons claim are bad and too far left but the pillars of conservatism throw their backing to BIDEN because we just can’t have two apposing ideologies…so all the RINO and NEO-CONS rather back the left on this FACTUAL meme then the right side of it and the free American conservatives.

I have fact checked lots of things before I post them…this one I did not…but please understand a fraction 0ff here or a % off there does not change the overall effect that these two men had that is reasonably represented here….

In closing take this point with you…

For so called conservatives they seem to run to and for democrats more then their followers know. Even while espousing so called conservative values they never stick to their guns and are always it seems in bed with liberals and allow liberals to attain the proverbial inch turned to mile …that may not be bad as a compromising entity to try to have some give and take…but please show me where they stood their ground for conservatives or forget taking a mile where they just grabbed that INCH…for you and me…hell they sold the guy that actually did best for all Americans, using mostly conservative and constitutional values, and we saw a prosperous country…..Now Not so much.

Thanks for suffering through this, if you made it this far….Follow delete or what ever … matters not to me but at some point someone has to show you the unvarnished truth.

Thanks again from…..

The Political Sailor

PS…….I didn’t invent these things from whole cloth like the “Russian collusion” like liberals did I am gonna list here a quick reference to each person talked about in the piece except for trump Obama and a few lesser types but the major players…and understand …This is just the information they allow….not the back room back stabbing of the American conservative, actions that go on in the back room or dinner party discussions on how to keep the wool tightly pulled over the publics eye is not in our purview …we may have two parties in our system but non of them are on the constitutionalist conservatives side of family values, capitalism, political representation and freedom for all….

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