Liberal Progressive Wanna Be Communist


Look, I can’t type, I can’t write.
My spelling sucks, my Grammar is a disaster…
I own up to all that but trust me……
Even though I can’t write worth a crap I KNOW THESE PEOPLE….
I get how they think and how they play the game…
The last crop of presidential leaders from the LPWBC Democrat party were the worst things to happen to the African Americans and only surpassed by the actual fact of Slavery.   Liberal progressives have,  truth be told, restarted segregation.  Thereby going backward to a society of friction.
We will never win this country back and get her on the right road unless we educate people and make that a complete education on “how to think”. Also, all the Reading, Music, Writing, Math, Poetry, Science, Biology to get them the tools they need to think with.
I am sure we all know the fact in the link below (maybe above I never know till I hit publish)…

Do you remember hearing this date in the news….Maybe?  How about NOT !

They have long before and after this centennial in 2013 had a negative effect on their most loyal followers. They have no qualms and seem intent on sacrificing the African American population. But as some AA are waking up, instead of changing with the seasons, they seem intent on replacing them with the Hispanic.

The Hispanic may be easier to control as most coming now don’t read or write English which would tend to get them in foul of the law.  Fits into a nice plan, so as to have a whole new subculture to denigrate and champion.   To foster and use as a tool. Imagine how many will fall victim to the system and not show up for simple court dates.  Which will lead to imprisonment, keep the legal hounds and wolves fed?   A new indebted subclass?

And the cycle repeats…..!

Progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson re-segregated the federal government

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