My Dog Made Me A Better Man Today!

Here I was, finally some free time. I was trying to figure out how to cut and paste something here today, and I will  Later.  I ‘ve said I have shit to say before, or so it seems on social media and still trying to figure out how to transition that from there to here. But it does seem I have some of it to say,

So…! I was gonna point out this or that, possibly laced with a profanity or two, to season things.  A fair bit of it in damnation or indignation, completely astounded by the stupidity of others. again, later!

Wishing I could change the world with a simple word, pencil to paper so to say….the pen mightier than the sword moment. I knew for a fact the ills and ways of the world and just needed to get enough people to draw attention to the idiocy of… or the ignorance of … the stupidity of… and just how much better the world would be if you just understood…1, 2, 3.

Why the lives of how many could be improved?
Hell if just my friends could…
Or that dumbass at…
Just imagine the difference I could make and how much I could help others and how it would make me a better man for doing this or that.

I mean, I wanted to be a Better Man! With that, just stand back and watch the world change.  As a better man, I could do so much more. Either by me, the better man or of course those that I had touched, enlightened or in some other way enriched their lives. Which, of course, helps everyone and think all just because I was a better man than that dumbass I was gonna spout about, more on that later I promise. but take my word as the better man, I think this is way more important!

As I was about to solve my problem with attracting that following from FB to here and also becoming a Better Man just so I could enrich a lot of peoples lives….. the damn dog starts being cute and I know he either has no water or food, wants a snack, needs to get rid of water or food, wants a snack, play tug of war, wants a snack.  You see where this is going right?

I had two choices, continue educating people that actually do nothing for anyone. The poorly misguided that do nothing good for no one… or Give in to finding out if it’s want a snack time or some other major issue. The first needs doing and I wish I knew how to do it here, so much easier on Facebook, but more on that Later…I promise…

Back to the important shit cause, remember? I got shit to say and change the world. For people that is it is what a Better Man does. As I ARE the better man. (I know it’s a mistake I have 2 programs helping me write this crap, both say that’s a grammatical error or something,  should be AM. this thing is working double time on errors. The Spell check one is really getting a workout. But, I got this, remember?  I am a better man!) now where was I.

Yeah, so the dog is the winner as usual. I get up and knowing I had to help all these people see the way to make a difference in the world, I got to take care of the dog quickly and get back as people will be better off and I, for making all their lives more enriched, will be the Better Man.

I quickly went about the visual scan he has water and food, check.  He had not left water or food in a processed format at his usual places.  To be fair, those times are far and few between. and truly I feel spiteful as it is when he has been ignored, but more on that later.

I needed to find out what would satiate him and I could get back to being a better man or at least attempting it if those idiots would just see the light of day….so I gave him his homemade snack of dehydrated chicken breasts, just like we like them and how they are, dry and chewy. Now understand he ate them. but still, he seemed intent on something and this was not it, I had not yet figured it out.

In total exasperation, and trying to convey to him the urgent need for me to get back to being a better man and trying to change the world and ….I had given up and asked.

What do you want?

He went to the door, Got it, of course, I had left out the need to deposit processed food and water without getting bitched at. OUTSIDE! This was good and down the stairs we went, as I own an over and under double and live upstairs…so I went with him to open doors and see the day as he did his duty and then I could get back to work at being a Better Man cause it was needed by those people that…..well more on that later.

So I opened the doors and followed him out.

As I expected the first jump was the usual sprint, three or four quick jumps the “free at last” feeling and then I expected his trot to slow and head to the back yard for natures call.

He altered his route, turned slightly to go to the door that was the downstairs half of the double, I had moved my mother in there. it seems years ago.  I finally figured it out as he bound for the door telling me …. it was time to visit my mother.

My dog made me a better man today. . . . .


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