Misappropriating a culture? BAD???


We seem all hell-bent about someone being or not being some culture or as in the case of hispanic or black, a race culture…..can we add a culture of serving your country, as there is a military culture.  What about a culture of helping every swinging pecker in the world. Would that be fair to say that american is multicultural ???

I guess in the military culture or passing oneself off as a war veteran when you really were non of those things…I guess it depends if you have an R or  D next to your name as to it being ok with any of this misappropriation of things.   All touted as Bad things to do.

It is ok, it seems, to misappropriate a sexual identity… can we all agree that there are people who are actually native americans and actual blacks and actual war heroes and  believe it or not actual male and females…. and then there are LIARS….

Funny how no one uses that little word anymore …I wonder does lying mean shit any more…. What are the lines that delineate good and bad I thought misappropriation was Bad but you can misappropriate a whole sexual Identity?  where are the norms anymore is normal now bad and bad normal….? wait is normal now bad and bad now normal and approved of but only if you are a democrat……shit I give up..

Look I consider myself a guy who at least thinks, I mean I may not think what you think or I might, but at least I think and when I look around we use to have names for things and you could count on them …. now not so much.

You were black or you were white or Asian or hispanic (Hispanics? yeah I know not a race as it seems they straddle the fence …yes “they” the Hispanics, actually caucasian if you do shit liberals don’t like or try to demonize you if you protect yourself but also they seem to change your race…. like,  NON white if things are done to you that we can use against the other whites…But defend yourself, when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin incident …that brown hispanic was considered a white hispanic  and yet the flip-flop liberals, now we have the people trying to illegally break in to the country, those white Hispanics now transition into non white Hispanics and if you try to stop them from coming illegally you are racist against non white people…..WTF?

But wait there’s more!
I feel  like a late night product hawker,  it slices it dices it changes races!!!

If you kill the a pregnant woman you get charged with two murders unless someone wants an abortion even after the baby is born in which case it isn’t a person…?

Shoot, in school I had trouble with definitions of squares and rectangles …..but in the end figured that out because a patient teacher explained the rules. But in today’s world they keep moving the goalposts, changing the rules on, it seems, everything.

Shit, Konya was good when he took the mike from Taylor Swift but bad and crazy when he decided to put on a MAGA hat…..

But wait there’s more….

It seems bad if I want to be called a native american but ok a political star to fraudulently call herself an american indian (hey Ms. Warren, or should I say Pocahontas) or for some white woman to  call herself a black woman …. if I do something  as a caucasian or even just celebrate Cinco de mayo I am misappropriating a cultural especially if I wear a sombrero for a holiday and am not latin in any form or fashion… Then again it is fine for most of the world to misappropriate american culture and wear a BASEBALL HAT…SHAME ON THE MISAPPROPRIATION OF AMERICAN CULTURE !!!….LOL

But wait there’s more …….

Look I can go on for hours and often do, but someone anyone or better yet everyone can we get back to words have meanings and are identifiers…if you are a Binary sexual whatever…there are men and women…period. if you want to be referred to as something special and have some sort of separate Identity…hell we have that…Like my separate Identity does not have shit to do with what pronoun you are that should be based on Male or female…you want individuality….that’s why parents gave you a fuckin name…My special identifier is Macho Slavich, besides unless you tattoo your forehead with “My pronoun of preference is SHIM” or some such other bullshit…hey they named you Tom or Judy, maybe leave pronouns (I had as much trouble with that as square and rectangle) please let some rules just do what they were meant to do and confuse guys in school so we could have study time with girls.

This whole changing words names, and the misappropriation of shit should be as offensive as when you misappropriate a gender or sexuality or just be a man or a woman you can’t be both…even hermaphrodites have a DNA of one or the other….

And it should be as offensive as misappropriating a culture as a sexual identity…or let us all live our lives as we like if a lying native american wants to claim he was Vietnam war veteran and we are supposed to swallow that bullshit just because he is a liberal activist at least give me the win of knowing certain rules are still rules such as liars lie and men are men and women are women..thank whatever deity or non deity you pray too (a whole different can of worms)


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