State Capitol Janitor Frank Surprised to Find He’s Virginia’s New Governor

At the rate this is going the piece above is not a stretch…….

And because of the power struggle now this is only possible if Franko is willing to declare not only his run for the Presidency but also switch from whatever derivative party he really belongs to,  DEMOCRAT

Might I point out in either Irony and or whatever the other 9 literary things like metaphor (in itself, get it?) denotes a connotation that it offers up symbolism of the fostering of a myth just like any russian collusion…I left out a few of the 10 most confusing terms of literature…….. to point out just like the issue of the wall the Liberal will contort into what he or she has to, so as we write our future “reality” must suspend and we must all cater to the Liberal with the misnomer be damned the ends justify the means and if we don’t capitulate they will end the story. Because that’s what most of this is …


Like King Arthur and trust me not doing the protagonist and Bla Bla Bla of the crap. We all know the story..Hero equals Power and all sides want it no matter how much they make the rest of us suffer through!

You name it……

Keeping the peace

Lets remember that republicans are as guilty if not more as they claimed to want to do all these things then when in power…..lets face it I didn’t like McCain but to act as if that one republican is responsible for all the rest not making good laws is as full of bullshit as blaming just democrats.,.

Sure I lifted the idea and premise from the paper …but come on I can get away with it …I mean look at the lies and the Stories being spun just to have control of our lives and our own stories.  We truly don’t need this story or any other made up story.  Plus the one some are weaving want us to suspend disbelief that things are actually pretty good…I mean to the idea of an original Idea is revolting…The Idea that an independent or someone…which I think a lot of us are more alike than we may want to admit can’t see through this BULLSHIT is …..well an insult to our intelligence!

Whats so fucking good about being like either fringe of the spectrum.

Sorry but who among us really likes walking around like a big VA Jay Jay  or Having to pray before every thought.

Do most of us really have an urge to let some degenerate with a disease ridden body lay next to us in bed to prove our humanity, can’t we do that after we bathe the fucker…..I Bathe the poor soul.

OK, OK…Pipe down over there on the right ….your not that sweet either or for that fact sane.

Lets look at the other end of the pendulum.

I have never had the urge to drag a gay person or black person or even a well tanned male or female behind a car till dead.   In fact till dead barely ever enters my mind unless it is something I would love to be doing till I die…..eating, drinking and sex lots and lots of sex…..those are about the only things I want to do till dead…..which is I want to live.  if you haven’t figured that out, well you been lost for a while, I am sure.

So there does come a time when adults in the middle, the ever loving “Independents” need to step in and run the show…well it seems Liberals don’t want to relinquish command, so please understand in the next election we don’t want to all have to pray before every thought ……Don’t want to stop legal immigration as we do need to get that guy your gonna lay next to, at the very least, washed!

Someone, You, Me, Independents, are gonna have to step up and pick a side…PLEASE PIC THE LAW.

If don’t have the same law for all the people all the time…or at least a reasonable facsimile of such …then it is back to feudal system or survival of the fittest,

Look around, other then maybe a bunch of Saints palls do you really want to be a tribe of….You pick it….from just teachers, to just firemen to just drug pushers or just sailors…..can’t we all just be independents….individuales with Laws protecting us and all others…..

I don’t mean to expand this to Hillary but, all her cohorts and she did way more than what they are arresting and holding a few of President Trump’s acquaintances in solitary all the while arresting more…..really?  What about Podesta and his ilk or Hillary destroying info where is the law on all that…


So quit falling for the well nuanced stories you are being fed and just judge the liberals as they judge others. then see how they judge their own.   Better yet lets use our laws equally across the board no need to suspend reality …no need to weave a story…Just the Law Ma’am


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