Arguing with liberals…..Yeah, I Know?

The problem with arguing with liberals, it is like arguing with rain or better yet, how many of you have ever played with Mercury in school…Yes, in the days when they let you do shit that would give you cancer or kill the whole class, we got to play with Mercury.  The thing about mercury that’s like a liberal is you can’t put your finger on it…it will split, divide squirt out or just move like a blob, out of the way, then it comes right back as if you weren’t there at all when you lift your finger…

Ok scratch like rain, since Mercury is spot on…

First…find a damn liberal nowadays, even liberals don’t want to be liberals unless they just read this and will be a liberal just to prove you wrong, or me wrong, as it is all they do…… is try and prove the other side wrong. They are the ones that have to win and will gang up on your ass if need be.  Especially if you have facts and happen to be winning and there are others around.

But let’s get back to fact and truth even if it is harder to find a liberal and or anyone that liked Obama, wait, not liked, as even I  liked Obama “the persona we saw”  yes!  But you knew he was a fraud. or at least the smart people did.  But the left now seems to have a “let’s not talk about it” thing going on…

And if you are lucky enough, as I was this past weekend, to not have one but two of the brainwashed you will notice how they try and find a way to make you look like you don’t know what you are talking about…by little deflections or just proclaiming something and the other saying…”that’s right” they change the meanings of words or broaden or shrink them depending on what they need from the word at the moment.

The use of the word all no longer means the idiots you were talking about but ALL of a class or a race or any other divisive way they think…You see ALL WHITE people or ALL MEN can be a valid thing…but say all of the Muslims blowing people up..and they jump on NOT ALL MUSLIMS DO IT…But let us think back and remember …..
ALL white men are racist,
ALL men are misogynist…
And, of course, the liberal white male is nodding his head yes…LOL

And heaven help you if you try to reason with them..I mean one tells me I am wrong about an opinion…so I asked about his opinion and any points to support it…and his answer was “I don’t have a point or any facts as I haven’t researched it”  But he knew my opinion was wrong and could ascertain it without the said research…..even though when I enter into the fray I make sure my opinion can show it is a factual one based on certain points…I am willing to listen to see if I got things wrong but when you admit you don’t know and didn’t research crap!  Your point of calling my point wrong is, well….Dull as points go…

They do the same crap with can’t talk about IRAN and say the Muslims there are evil….remember you can’t say ALL even though you aren’t saying all Muslims but the radicals..they are a radical state, are they not…yet I can’t say all cause there might be one fundamentalist that has yet to cut a head off, or throw a gay guy or gal from a rooftop, or lit a person up like a bonfire…etc..etc….but ALL Christians can be degraded and belittled…even the Christians that don’t practice as long as they are white and male they are guilty…Black Christians get a bit of a pass, as long as they are liberal…or democrat socilist…they are ok, but if they truly are Christians they too are racist bigots that spew hate and falsehoods…..

Anyway, it is hard to pin a liberal down on anything …from the ocean rise they say is still coming in 10 or 12 years that was told to us in the 1970s then the 80’s then on through late 1990 from Gore where he first said 2010 then 2015 and now 2030 the 2 to 3 meter rise….Understand that is 6 to 9 feet and these were the low estimates……some said as high as 7 to 10 meters….THE END OF THE WORLD….and yet the water didn’t get close to where they said..the temp didn’t get as hot as they said…..IN FACT, they were wrong by 92 to 98%  Come on, would you go to a doctor or a mechanic that failed to be correct on the problems with your body or your automobile …. 92 to 98% of the time…………what about an accountant…ladies if your manicurist F-ed up 9 of your ten fingernails…remember now these guys messed up the last one too, but lets make this simple…if they screwed up 9 out of ten of your fingernails…would you go back……and if you went back and gave them another chance and they did it again… what point do they stop being the problem and your dumb ass for going back is the problem…but would you go back?

Why then are people even giving them the time of day…..???   Cause they are as I said great at touting crap and closing ranks, no discussions no debate…no looking at the evidence, you don’t like those nine fingernails cause you are a bigot or a racist or a homophobe and it is “OUR” duty to fight you,…ask Antifa why they are violent, sit down before they answer it will floor you….if you don’t know to ask them or ask me…..

See the ganging up by the minority and clueless on the common sense majority……..Try it yourself…..argue with one of them about shit…Something you know 100% to be factual and just express yourself…..if they disagree…the following happens…

They will multiply, there will be two or three supporters immediately… they will say liberal progressives are right, but can’t state a fact to prove that point while claiming to not be a Liberal at all.  Meanwhile, you aren’t allowed to be anything but what they have said, will say, and are saying you are… a bigot or a racist or misogynist…. hateful… white… even if Hispanic you will be labeled a White Hispanic a White black guy…an Uncle Tom  (I wonder if they know uncle tom was a hero?)  The whole time the liberal has not taken a position outside of the parroted propaganda of liberal progressive wanna be communist talking points…that you are wrong period end of discussion just do as I say or …..See Above!

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