A reality question ……. Do Bad men Do Good Things?

Or is it Good men do Bad things!

I think we can all agree This man did a lot for USA as a country …all of us, not just the black people or people of color or NON-WHITES…  He brought to our conciseness somethings we were doing wrong.  Does that make him a good man?  Does the bad he did make him a bad man even though we all agree he did Good!

But he guided us to become a caring country that rights its wrongs.  I mean how can anyone disagree with judging people by their character, not the color of their skin…. Judging the worth of a human by how he treats others, fairly or not. there are so many things that were corrected by and still being corrected by this one human being…So is it right to JUDGE him on his personal life…the same way we do with Washington, Lee, Jefferson etc…etc..

Same with our country are we not better than where they still practice slavery or dictatorship or lack any respect for life in general.  Better than the countries that FORCE people to all worship one god or where they wage wars or practice terrorism or hell paint red leaded paint on stuff like cribs or anything, to make a higher profit.  I think our country balances Capitalism with socialism well, with more opportunity for more people than most countries.

So the question is ..IF MLK or the US of A were not always the best and had, as a man, a mans weaknesses.  As a country, made mistakes, is it fair to shine a light on our errors, the mistakes we made, growing pains if you will…

Do our past transgressions allow us to disallow all the good we did as men, or as a country?   Is what we do know days, acting all smug or being critical of the actions of the past.  Does Hindsight TRUMP GOOD PERSONS OR COUNTRIES, do poor Actions negate all the good…Jefferson a slave owner. MLK an abuser. USA a slave country!

Think about being judged not by the color of your skin or your character or the good you have done for humanity in general….but as it seems nowadays by the worse thing you have ever done…ONLY!

I have no firm ground to stand on even though most if not all of my ills were against myself and not to others. Still not a saint ….. and I am sure would fall well short of Great or good or ????

What about you?


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