Markets go up markets go down…..that is how it is set people can trade and guess or know what the next thing will be and all the while capitalism makes a few penny’s here and a few pennies there…they add up…Of course we have cheaters and liars..(most of congress and people like Bernie Madoff (sp?) and of course our lovely corrupt officials…

Dollar Bill Jefferson
The Kennedy’s
The Bush family
Barney Franks
Franklin D. Raines

A lot of these people were the cause of the downturn in the economy, even though on opposite sides of the equation, people like Bush 1 and 2 were the new world order ilk and all things had to come together to make us the new world orders newest members but none of this could happen if life was good as it often is in America when you compare it to the general plight of the world around us.

Most of the morons ….sorry, the elite and entitled above never seem to suffer and in fact help each other out to put forth the overall plan of a NWO and a OWG (one world government)  that way no one can step in and help the average every day guy…the you and me of the world.

All but the Bush’s and Dollar Bill above were in the CAP AND TRADE tax…you know the tax where they tax your life and make you buy your rights yet again… meanwhile like the best Mafia of elitist they take the cream off the top…

One has to wonder how the head guy of Fannie Mae ends up with the patent for Cap and Trade……how the SHORE BANK with a plethora of liberals (more then even listed above) was the CCX (chicago carbon exchange) was in sole control of the skimming off the top..I mean the taxing of you and I while taking a little for themselves, so how or better yet WHY did F. Raines get the patent …..why just a bunch of Marxist on the board and those that might not been true Marxist were Liberal Progressives wanna be communist

Why wasn’t all this put forth and even if it was…would you have believed it or swallowed the very plausible bullshit fed to you by the perps… this is all opinion on my part as we can’t get any liberal to sit under oath and explain shit…and when asked…..”I DON’T REMEMBER” is the mantra as is always the case with the wanna be communist …….Marxist….Socialist that when asked any uncomfortable truth they slink back like roaches into the cracks and disappear till their next foray into the dark of making you dependent on them and the government by any means necessary as they need an under class not a class of equals…if you don’t know this war is being fought daily…then you sir, mam or what ever gender of the 52 you are just fuckin clueles and little more then cannon fodder in the war….

Back to the stock market and how they can point to it when they want (OBAMA) as the country is doing fine …see the stock market or wall street is doing great …shit will get better soon so pay no attention to the woe’s of Main Street USA…well unless Trump causes the stock market to soar then he is just siding with big business and the banks and those dastardly Wall Street crowd….and they totally leave out that Main Street is doing so much better….let me ask what did your last gas tank fill up cost?  what did you do with the 10, 20, 30 bucks you saved in the fill up…… why did bread cost less, what about the NO INCREASE ON DELIVERY cause the truck driver didn’t have to pay 900 bucks for fuel just 450 bucks…etc….etc….

Retail sales up, trust me several ways to say this and liberals will tout the worse…but instead of dropping the last time Obama won presidency where it dropped one or almost 2% we went up 2.5 plus 3+ percent year over year…but you won’t get liberals and liars to admit it…

So fuck the stock Market and the liberals that tout it when they are in power as a mirror of our country’s fiscal well being but then use it to batter the current president when it is still good…and one time they tell you the new morm is when it sucks but be thankful you still have an economy and when Main Street is doing fine…well ask yourself how much info have you heard about how much sales are up for the holidays, how much have salaries gone up compared to prior years how much has unemployment gone down…how come we still have people laying on our backs when we have more jobs then people looking for jobs?

ASK YOURSELF WHY… come you don;t hear how good the christmas shopping season is great or who on line is blowing sales numbers away come in store sales are also cresting higher…why is this not touted by all the media like it usually is this time of year…

Think people…don’t just parrot what you are told but think….!!!

Fuck the stock market …they always do well they own our political hacks and want, no, need you to believe their bullshit …


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