Some times we give attention to way too many people that shouldn’t have it… The”SQUAD” is one perfect example…..
And people that truly should have ours long before it is an obituary, go unnoticed by us, till they are gone and it is too late to truly know them.



We have all fallen for the hypocrisy of the left.  That some language is a bad thing and we hear about Trump’s locker room “off the record” guy talk was just unacceptable…let’s forget that it was, in fact, FACTUAL…want to see what woman want to be grabbed by the pussy…check out youtube  GOLD DIGGER series…..seems they don’t mind a little rude crass even rub your nose in the fact that they are gold diggers…just take the little digger with you Pappi.

But I digress….so Trump is a bad boy because he said pussy and shithole…Oh my, he uses words we all have used or heard or laughed at or spouted like me as if from a sprinkler.  And the helpful Lefty Liberal is there to spout hate and venomous attacks on PRIVATE TALK the whole “grabumbythepussy” thing and if you checked the video it was in fact factual. and the SHITHOLE comment which was leaked outside of the meeting..again private and again Factual…

So here, I think this speaks to the facts…and this is just the easy to identify GOLD DIGGER, as there are several classes of this ilk….


But PLEASE, stop falling for the lefts indignations, and flip off their accusations of crassness and improper language, that’s supposedly not good even in private….Or not good for private business moments like when the president said shithole in his closed-door meeting….when in fact they are fucking HYPOCRITES.

Or am I the only one that seems to remember a NON-private…NON-locker room moment, A moment there for all to see in a public forum in front of God and country, with MSM at a press conference at the public venue… WHITEHOUSE announcement of the ACA also known as Obama care…Fuck, even I cringed….I even felt bad for Obama…yes, I did, but just a little. and you can see it in the video he was Miffed.

Hurry though as they are scrubbing the internet…one might say they are wiping it clean Like with a cloth…LOL

The Dirty Little Secret…!

Let’s talk about the true racist in this world…Democrat party and the Government …

Ever fill out a form for the government that doesn’t ask your age, race, ethnic background, wealth etc etc even locals are treated differently it should not be, but the government is the biggest divider of people anywhere, we have ageism, racism, heredity, fiscal divisions, I think there are not even names for some of this shit…the government punishes people for too much wealth, leans toward backing the minority at the expense of the majority, as in affirmative action, which was to be reparations of a sort and if it isn’t then what the fuck is affirmative action for?  And if it is, then why are we talking yet again about reparations…check every jackleg running for the democrat presidential spot…all racist all want to screw the white man and citizen, to the benefit of the lazy and illegal….

And blacks, Hispanics, immigrants (of the legal kind) or…fill in anything you like as far as humans, we are not inherently racist..but people that seek to divide us are…or rather they fake it well…I could say look at the democrat party.   But this is not the democrat American party any more it has been taken over by idiots and racist, by hypocrites and morons and by the truly evil…if the liberals were so non-racist then why is it the Chuck and Nancy show…even if AOC said Nancy is Racist  (you do remember that?) against her a woman of color…NEWS FLASH YOU ARE A DAMN CAUCASUION…. you may be a spoiled one or a fooled one or a stupid one…but you are white..and I agree…get this I agree with AOC, Nancy and her party are racist..but just against the whites and the uncle tom non whites (also known as blacks with a brain) and yet both Nancy and AOC are white…so that is a quandary…..or maybe like garbage disposals AOC has no mind to think as those things have been around since invented in the 1920’s and this idiot is gonna preach to me about ….well about anything (from green new deal to illegals..of please find another empty parking lot and BOO HOO away) and this all-knowing paragon of knowledge doesn’t know what a Garbage disposal is for ….???

I do like Nancy was called racist by the up and cumming racist…..see anyone white in the gang….did you answer that with a no?  You are wrong.. remember AOC is white, but that would not have fit the narrative …… remember the shooter in Trayvon Martin, shot by George Zimmerman look up the reports GZ was called a white Hispanic as Hispanics are not people of color but considered Caucasians… and were until just recently considered white…this is systemic racism that varies…GZ was white and shot a black man…AOC is a woman of the color picked on by the white man/woman… total and utter bullshit and is a racist ploy by liberals and those they brainwashed,……

News flash, people will always hate, they will kill and they will break laws and not be honest about shit.  There will always be illegals and racist we need to act accordingly and as a country, we have done so when injustice and illegal things happen but now that the racist and the criminals are running the left we have slanted the playing field to benefit the illegals and the true racist …..   There will always be those among us that are racist and do shit illegally.   Not all of any race are like that, but some are, and you can identify them if your vision is not blocked by your sphincter.  Translation, if your head was not firmly embedded up your ass.  Quit being silent it gives the idiots and morons a chance to be heard…if normal people stood up and spoke in a calm voice we would drown out the faux racist in a second…



I could say a bunch of friends told me to do this so I would shut up about crap when we are together…….

But I don’t do politics when sailing…
(ok maybe a few times but only after “Billy did it first Ma!”)

Now everyone is wondering who Billy is …Just picked a random name, I don’t have a friend named Billy.

Unlike a lot of people that have Besties by the horde and work friends and neighborhood friends and drinking friends etc…etc..

I have very few “FRIENDS” as that word means shit …I have even fewer Best Friends…..as those two words mean shit….and I see both classes of friends in the wings praying I don’t name them…It’s ok for the right amount of incentive I won’t say you like “Machoisms”  or at least put up with them……Oh, cash only as I know your asses!

Also as one of them pointed out…by saying…”Do People still blog”  yep that was the Joe Cool friend…LOL  I am late to this but I was doing shit ….!

I come here and write for so many reasons you truly don’t want me to take the time to list them all but the main ones are …

People have gone bat shit crazy and even my voice is more reasonable.

Yeah, that’s scary…..!

Politics is a pet peeve of mine and want people to be involved, also I think people should have a voice and I want to add my voice to the incessant den of stupidity…..up to you to decide if it is part of the stupidity or find comfort in knowing others like us exist, you know who you are!

You look around,  see shit, and the first few thoughts are …..


As an older guy who survived more shit then he should have, and, yeah, we might be a dying breed but we ain’t dead yet, and we got you here so You’re Welcome! And ….Lastly got tired of writing on FB JAIL WALLS…..

You can click follow as I get lots of traffic but few followers and truly don’t care either way as long as I get to keep writing and you, since we live in a free country, can do whatever you like …follow or not follow…Be PC or not PC…visit or not.

I will not be your average blogger, ask anyone that knows me…may take a while to get my footing, but …Hang on!

And unlike others for anonymity, LOL

Macho Slavich

OH-MY OMAR ! ….. Where to start!


So which one of us has not been arrested…..hell I been arrested a few times…Mainly because of my mouth, go figure…..

Hell, she is in good stead with others from the left that were arrested or did shit like armed take over of an ROTC building on a college while armed where Mr. Holder was arrested for that….what is it with these morons….anyone knows a right-winger that was jailed or protested and went on to any seat of power….SO here is that link…

Ilhan Omar Arrested in 2013 For Trespassing, Booked At Hennepin County Jail

So moving on to yet more wispers of illegal actions from our oh so sensitive and foul thinking Omar…what shall we go with next…

How about fraud……Say when you file taxes and lie…or find a way to smuggle your supposed brother into the country get him educated and send him back to some other country…so did she marry her brother?   Did she defraud tax authorities and who knows what else?    Here you figure it out…I am already confused and there is more…By the way, you need a tour guide so here…let him walk you through it….

Did you follow all that?

Ok so far just been jailed and maybe defrauded several different governmental entities….Get the popcorn, this may be a while…

I tell ya the more I read about this woman the more there is not to like.  She surely hates America Claiming Americans born here don’t love it as much as she does then she launches into all the shit wrong with America…She Equates the US of A with Al Quada saying they are the same…….Sure we send out children wrapped in explosives and have them show our greatness by blowing themselves up…kids..not even old enough to get a steady Boner and they promise them virgins in the afterlife to give their lives for ALLAH.

She also disparages our allies……then when not really rebuked by Nancy Pelosi but they passed a whole though shall not disparage etc.etc..without naming her claiming she is repentant…then this idiot doubles down….

Jihad Jew-hater Omar Defiant: “I Do Not” Regret My Antisemitic Remarks

So lets recap she plays passive-aggressive and acts clueless when called on her rhetoric but acts innocent when confronted again…accuses others of doing what she is actually doing by being a bigot and racist towards Americans

Add to that she married her brother…supposedly! and broke our laws and who knows what else as her defense when asked about shit is to not answer….She is above the fray and we peasants don’t have the right to get answers from our political betters….

Also blatant lies…google it..what year was CAIR founded and this biatch says CAIR was formed after and because of 9/11 check those two dates…now I am willing to concede that CAIR may have been founded so as to have a perch for 9/11 to launch from …and a lot of others think the same shit as CAIR was the unindicted co-conspirator of the jihadist

I am gonna stop now as this twat has me so pissed I am gonna go off on a lot of course words in several different languages….

Ssoon I hope!