Violence of the left

Maxine Waters involves herself in not national laws but local attempt at pushing violence and not in her state but fanning the flames of hate and division…

So when Trump said we need to fight for our rights at his speech as the people were already attacking the WH, he also said peacefully. That was so called hate speech or inciting violence but telling people like Maxine did, if they don’t get what she wants they should do more of what they have done….which is terrorize neighborhoods, burn stuff down if legal things don’t go your way. Protest and loot over lies, if it didn’t go your way legally get violent.

They had already taken public and private property, autonomous zones. They attacked police…they looted and burned and they killed people…now here is her big Mouth telling people to agitate Fight…. did she say peacefully? …Nope she wants confrontation…well I hate to tell you idiots but confrontation, is violence….

Lets not push this all on Mad Maxine….Schumer threatened two supreme court justices…that they would reap the whirlwinds…then throw in the non American and brother marrying Ilhan Omar. or the other wanna be terrorist’s Rashid big mouth nasty woman that she is and no I do not respect the likes of her and AOC as they lie they distort and they want anarchy… They want this country taken down…Omar comes from a scummy shithole of a place and wants to change us to become where she ran from…

But the one thread through all this is Violence….they all do it they all incite it and no matter how much we don’t on the other side of the equation that is the only thing that is gonna stop it…Look at the little Antifa twats that attack destroy burn and try to inflict harm on police and when police bow up and try to make things peaceful these pussies raise their hands when they might be threatened…so what …they tried to kill people then when attempted to be arrested they raise their hands as if not. Or the BLM is not really black lives matter but Black Loving Marxist as they can use and incite violence as they use ignorant whites and blacks to do their dirty work.

And if it is just white people that are the problem then tell me who is beating up the Asians? Why are blacks beating up Asians?

Same reason they riot protest and taunt police and law-abiding citizens….

They are the racist!

I love how smart the wanna be Marxist wants us all to share the fruits of our labor but how many houses does that Marxist share with her comrades……I only own one house and been working for decades to do that ….Maybe as a Marxist I can have lots of them as stupid people send money to a cause they real don’t know.

What schools for education have they opened?
What scholarships did they pay for except maybe their own family kids?
Other then, rebuilding might happen by accident, as they burn black businesses down as BLM activist …
That’s the only help as they didn’t start a fund or grants for businesses that need help. Ask Briana’s mother.

They have used deaths of drug addicts ignorant bullies like hands up liar and other stupid made up grievances…

None of the political left is gonna tell criminals to not resist arrest or quit the crime then you won’t be arrested.
Don’t run or struggle and your odds of living through things are go up drastically.

You need to come to terms with the fact that there is a reason blacks get rousted…stopped a lot….I have not looked up the stats but I have a few hundred dollar bills that says there are more blacks and illegals in prisons for a reason. Stop working with the Evil White Race and quit Breaking and Entering…Car Jacking… Stop Shooting at each other. (hell at least take target practice so you don’t keep killing innocent children, hit what you aim at.

So, screw up the white guys plan by not being or doing criminal things…stop running while being arrested, stop mugging others, stop raping people, Stop Shooting Each Other etc etc etc

Now understand I do not ……that is DO NOT…….THINK ALL BLACKS ARE BAD or all WHITES are good or all ASIANS are anything…because unlike liberal progressive Marxist wannabe’s I am not a RACIST.

But some of you of all races act like animals and go directly to violence when you don’t get your way….


Or people may decide to stop you!


One has to ask the question why the changes are even being brought up.

When the court had mostly liberals a few RINO and the rest minority right wingers, there was no thought of packing the court…(It does make you wonder what’s going on…try finding a picture with the current court makeup…you know just a picture they take of the supreme justices, the current one…

Try finding this Justice in the pics

In the many many pictures of the sitting Supreme Court….this is the most popular and most prolific, but just like liberals it is neither truthful or factual.

I did a search on Google, Bing and Duck Duck Go……now understand the last justice appointed has been a member since Nov 2020 and yet not in any of the class pics…..WONDER WHY? but that’s a topic for another day…..

So why add 4 more when we haven’t even gotten the last one in a picture?
1 would make the court and even number… and would not get them the controlling majority
2 would not get them the controlling majority
3 see same reason as 1
4 gives them the control majority again…..

People until you can come to grips that this is a war for the leadership and control of our country you will never have an answer for what is going on. Only after your eyes are opened and you see that this is a Marxist/Communist attempt to wield ultimate and unyielding power and drastically change a system that has worked for hundreds of years.

There comes a time when reality sets in and you have to take into account that this is a Bull Rush of actions meant to cripple our system.

The bastardization started back when we changed the Senators being put into power by the state, there by having a checks and balance on Federal portion of the government. Limiting it’s powers not ours.

And we can’t have a pure democracy as the discrepancy of a pure 100% democracy where 51 people can decide the 49 should not receive help or can be abused since 51% does nothing in a democracy to protect the 49 which is what a representative republic does. But how our system was bastardized in the past is not the topic, how it is happening now is…we can’t do much about the wrongs of the past but we should not let wrongs be foisted upon us against our will.

The liberals when in control of things never compromise and when not in control cause grief and yes even death to forward their agenda…this will only embolden them to not care about our whole country and just their need for power and control…

Ask yourself a few basic questions…

What cities are having the highest crime?
What cities and states have so called racist police and racist policy that we keep hearing about?
Which ones have the worse run cities with little or no respect fort law abiding citizens?
What city and or state names come up when you think of problem spots in our country?
What names come to mind when you hear protesters looting, burning, destroying property?

I think we can all agree that conservative or republican does not come to mind as much as democrat and Liberal !

It is not right leaning or conservative cities…Baltimore is liberal and yet they rioted and looted because of racism….well republicans don’t run that city so how did it get racist. what about Chicago, LA, New Orleans, Seattle, Oakland etc etc …write down the cities that have strife and want to do away with police and defund the people that protect lawful people and by far all are liberal….

So what is the highest authority in law enforcement …I would suggest it is the supreme court. I know I am asking a lot of people to put aside prejudices and think before you have a kneejerk reaction, so just stop and think what are the answers to the questions below

How does one square removing authority while adding more to it?
Why have less cops and more people that are more powerful than cops at the top?
Why was this not a problem when democrats had the majority?
Why was this not a problem when past republicans, if ever, had the majority?
Why is this being considered as we are giving money to illegals while screwing over our own citizens?
Why is this being done as we start practicing open border policy?
Why does this particular administration feel the need to alter the weight of the court?

Is it because they need more minds and if so why not add two from each side?

We all know the answer but too damn scared to hear it said out loud…..just as they put into practice, and planned to corrupt our elections, and succeeded, now they have to find a way to change the judiciary so as to not have to worry about doing things legally….they can also forget about ever being punished for their crimes as they will own the court system the same way they own MSM and are lackeys to major conglomerates of the social media and it’s purveyors.

We all need to speak up or we have lost this country and I fear putting up with this type of thing is going to cause such a divide that only bloodshed will return the country to what it was and keep it from what it is becoming….and no one wants that !!! We don’t want or need to be Cuba or Venezuela and sure as shit don’t want to be a slave to my government like the Chinese.

We need to inform or elected officials on both sides that this can not stand…that this blatant abuse of power is ill suited for a free nation.

Thank Small G god

No this is not a religious post thing…I may or may not believe in God but religion is not my forte.

Understand this is a democrat….not per se a liberal…as I know there are lots of Democrats that are not Liberal progressive wanna be Marxist that want us to be the same as communist china… I separate American Democrats from NWO liberals… I have no problem with democrats I abhor Liberals …

So seeing a democrat speak to this is why I do the thank god part.

I think this is going to be a very scary few years and one of the things we need to worry about is total control by social media teaming with government.

Right now cancelling is just for social media outlets. But what happens when they can control all aspects of your life or make your ability to

Buy and Sell… cancelled.
Mix and mingle…..cancelled.

Not just social media but what about your favorite rest or movie theater or ???? Any social events or life in general….

The forefathers of this country were smarter then the idiots running it now that is why made freedom of speech our first right….but what if they do not stifle the freedom of speech. Go ahead speak. Then you lose your right to walk into a store to buy food or get gas or forget get a job just shut off your ability to apply for one…

This is where we are heading people…..WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!

I will try and copy the video and post it so you don’t have to go to FB but right now this is the best I can do


The Social media is not gonna tell ya….

So people have to step up….

Spread this if you are American and not a Marxist idiot or one fooled by Marxist.

Want to know what Marxism did and does just checkout The Old soviet union and how depressed their people were and are still. Add China and a few other places like Venezuela etc where Marxist got a foothold and in some areas went to full blown communism, the only Ideology to kill off a 100 million…that is

“100,000,000 DEAD BODIES”

Of it’s own people…..did you get that part…. we already have that here …
Like Cuomo killed off his citizens …
Like the lawlessness and death and destruction in beautiful areas and cities on the east coast
From Seattle down
Like Newsome and the socialist school teachers Union causing children and others harm controlling schools and even vaccine roll outs where the socialists (read new democrat) run things just like NY
From suicide and just stymieing their educations as ignorance is a tool in their arsenal which include lies and intimidation. these same old school democrats are now at the whim of this Marxist culture
and now this same ilk is running Washington DC

The Elite Entitled

The elite, they come in both political ilk’s, but here, you get honesty.

So if you don’t agree that liberals are far worse about it then the flip side of that coin. Move on as we don’t like idiots here…. and we respect the average guy way too much to feed them that garbage.

The not so funny part is, if questioned about it, they turn to victim status.

Anyway they expect and get special treatment. We know this, they expect some things to apply to you and me but not to them … we know this as fact.

Don’t believe that just look up the felony that Hunter Biden committed by lying on a gun license application….

They don’t hide it, they ignore that we know. But this isn’t about the Fact of the matter it is why it happens.

They just think they are better then us. They expect adulation, worship, and they make you bow to it….

They don’t understand we are getting clued into just how bad it is but again, to the point what was the vehicle that made this possible……………………………….. YOU AND I ….

To put it bluntly they feel like they are better then us. We have heard the word entitled. It’s not just a talking point, look around, we know that’s a fact, they know that’s a fact. again how did they get that power ..the answer is the same

Another fact is it’s not true, look I am not saying they are all bad but the big dogs are off the chains in both parties. but we have ot go back not to the cause of corruption or the human trait of selfishness but who makes this possible….. YOU AND I

They are not better then us

Yep we put them in power and we stand by silently as we are ignored and made to cower when they abuse the power we gave them …we bestowed this to them and can remove it…

We need to quit worrying about being cancelled…we need to quit cowering when they claim that privilege.

If we don’t speak up …how can others stand with us?

There are more
Then there are of them

We are just busy working, raising families and providing tax dollars

And lastly but not leastly…no matter what party you are affiliated with take a good look at your leaders…the fakes and the frauds that only show up for sound bites

Like Pete Buttigieg who claims to ride a bike everywhere and we have vids of him rolling up not ion an economy car but in a gas guzzling SUV to unload his bike when close to where ever and then riding it from there on…

Or Kemp gov of Georgia who know grows balls but didn’t do shit for the election…

Or Lindsey Graham who is great for sound bites but not much on really pushing actionable policies

Remember we YOU AND I put these people in power and any political hack that refuses to answer a question when asked and uses a lame ass excuse like NEED TO KNOIW or SECRET etc etc…is just playing you…



Don’t just shake your head when morons say moronic things like defund the police

Don’t just shake your head and walk away when they say no bail

Don’t just walk away and shake your head when they say children should decide to take chemical castration drugs

Don’t just walk away and shake your head when they say they will end fossil fuels with no replacement that is viable







As the other option of another civil war is unthinkably cruel to all

Welcome to the not a Liberal safe spot

If you came here you may be put off by the direction America is going.


I know I should be horrified at
What this administration is doing.

But I must say I am enjoying seeing this charade we call liberal government. In Fact, I am almost giggly and giddy when all this is becoming clearer to more and more people who see what liberals are like.

From this stupid Asian female Congress person going after the Biden administration for not being diverse. They Eat Their Own. and it so much fun to watch….(trying hard to stifle a giggle)

Antifa allowed to arm and attack people.
They started this back in Trump administration

And are escalating it now with this administration……seems nothing makes these terrorist’s happy except destroying America

Antifa and BLM kill people, from cops to fellow citizens but they want us to call so called DC right wing protest a right wing violence thing but not Antifa and BLM…

People are noticing only right wingers or police died in Washington and we still don’t know the name of the Killer of Ashli Babbitt ask yourself WHY NOT?

And liberals have shown they think blacks are so stupid they can’t get an ID, so they holler voter suppression…

But it tickles me that blacks are not stupid and they have id’s for cigarettes, alcohol, flying, insurance, government assistants, checking accounts, medicine, car Rental, hotel room Rental, buy a car, get insurance etc etc

So I am glad to see both sides of the political spectrum, especial both sides of the black political spectrum are asking if Democrats think blacks are just too stupid to get an ID….(yep still stifling those giggles)

But let’s face it we all know we as Americans are getting screwed by Democrats…

Wait that’s wrong, there are American Democrats, but the Marxist liberals don’t care for or about anything but power and subjugating us to the whims of the elitist Liberal Progressive wanna be Communist

There will come a time when not just I but the majority of Americans will stand up and say


I pray that is not a violent day but one where we stand as Americans and recover our freedoms that are slowly being whittled away by not just democrats but from both parties that seek power over and not service to and for the people.


I hate to call people I don’t know morons….Well that’s not true as I don’t know most Marxist types or true Liberal Progressives Democrats but I know for a fact they are morons….so are those touting I AM GETTING A CHECK FOR $1,400.00 forget the asses promised me 2K but hey 1400 WOOOHOOOO!

Now………….Some reality and a few questions

Have you noticed gas is already a dollar more a gallon?
Have you noticed food is up…cause most of it gets delivered by trucks that run on gas or other fossil fuels?
Have you noticed Your city asks for more taxes to fill the gap on their failing budgets as they give to special interest?
Have you noticed Poor public school kids don’t need education because it isn’t safe?
Have you noticed private schools the elite send their kids too are open as are most parochial schools are open?
Have you noticed kids nor teachers are dying in these schools?

But let me get back to that check you got……or gonna get….

Have you noticed for a one time check……you are gonna pay way more in taxes…..Yeah didn’t think your dumb ass noticed that or you wouldn’t be so damn happy about paying taxes for ever, over a one time 9% pay out from a 1.9 Trillion dollar budget……

The best part is your job may have been shut down or your business curtailed and think well at least I got something …..
Have you noticed the people in government never lost a days pay and they also get that check?

Right about now I bet you are noticing a little buyer remorse building in your gut…too bad the feds don’t have a returned damaged goods and refund window…….isn’t it? …

Enjoy that 1400 hundred bucks as you pay 7% more for everything built or sold through a corporation….so mark everything you get now up 7% or so MORE.. How long does that 1400 last? What was gas 3 months ago what is it now?

And lets not plan on better and higher paying Jobs as this is the third iteration of the Obama regime that helped build businesses and jobs in CHINA….hell Obama’s jobs CZAR was head of GE and every new job they made back then was in China while raising our gas and lowering the ability of Americans and legal immigrants to get a job since places were closing here and they kept adding illegals..

See the same shit going on now…or if not you are not just blind but stupid also…????

The above is fact based Opinion….Enjoy!


I have to ask…

What good is freedom, what good is living in America, supposedly a free country, if you can’t speak without being punished?
If you can’t tell the truth without Being Canceled.
Fraudulently being called a liar and then being told lies in return
Ask yourself ….
What good is being Alive if you can’t be free

I listened to Biden and Pelosi and that whole went Marxist Ilk…..
I am just sad to say we have lost America. So sad our leaders think we are so easily fooled. They believe their lies and think we do too…!
Trust me it is just the stupid ones that believe this administration….

We are being fed truckloads of lies and well, read this book and figure it out yourself….


This is a sad day for our country as one of two things is happening Dems are either pushing for a fight against free Americans or they are wanting to control us in slave like manner with no questions allowed or answered..

With no one in this administration taking questions about who is doing what and why… Except for Circle back Girl…

What are Kamala and Susan Rice up to ….

What happened to our leaders answering Questions.
I mean Trump would answer all questions even if he did call reporters that were bigoted nasty people but he still stood and took real questions and gave real answers …. not when asked like Biden was asked “what did you learn about the situation?” The smart ass answer was “A lot” …

Can you say WTF? I knew that you could!

by the way I had a hell of a time finding a video clip of this idiot