Just one example…not gonna get into prophylactic drugs or those that made it easier to withstand or even not get the virus… which the lefties cried was inhumane or wrong or evil or or or …Like Zinc, Vit D, etc etc …. but humans tend to forget like a lot of women forget the pain of giving birth since we push that to the background so we as humans tend to not want to remember when we were idiots or hurt and we are all about forgiving…but this is unconscionable as the scientist knew…just like lying Fauci knew he was lying about things…the Power hungry Liberal progressive democrats and swamp dwellers on the republican side ..both were wrong…one was lying and one committed the sin of Omission…and was complicit is 10’s of thousands dying needlessly….

Problems, The WHO WHAT and WHERE of it.

Not in any particular order but unlike our government passing bills with tons of Pork we or rather I am going to do my damndest to get people to deal with one thing at a time… Also during this last sabbatical, I noticed people pay more attention to memes…till we get people to start thinking again…and get people to follow here and visit here without being told or begged or or or Here.

Dismissal “PRIVILEGE”

Has no one else noticed how the left ASSUMES the right or privilege to not answer…or to dismiss any question of their actions by saying… “Oh, that is just the Right Wing’s talking point” well I hate to tell them but the other side has a voice….

This guy is nto King he does answer to us….

Or are we to be subjects of the Crown. Where the Crown can not be questioned. Or the practice of late Submitting questions for approval.

What about the standard …. “We just aren’t gonna go there!”

I guess there is precedents for that …the 5th amendment for not self inflicting guilt by testimony, or the war crimes guy or the liars of the earth not able to justify their actions…I get it, you don’t like the questions.

What I question is who gave you some right to not be held responsible and have to answer to We the People…..all or rather, Any Of Us!

Just waving off like Pelosi of right-wing counterarguments as if she was not responsible to All The People and not just the nut cases that put her into power…..unless she would like to claim otherwise. But isn’t her side or Biden’s side just the left wings argument…why do we have to answer their questions when they are above it all and don’t answer our..

This includes the FIRST BLACK LESBIAN LIAR AT THE PODIUM…(look I don’t want to be mean, I know a lot of Blacks and a lot of Lesbians and they are by far all smarter than that pompous ass) let’s not give her more credit then she deserves. She is not getting better at her job she is just refusing to answer or goes into word salad only surpassed by the VP, Kamala.

Anyway I think their rein of not answering shit should come to an end this coming Jan 20 when we start a new congress.

One can only hope and …not Just Vote but

The Real Criminals

I hate to start before the planned crank-up date…but a tease is always in order and please bear with me ….reworking a sailboat and Mom with Alzheimer’s have me hoping but this country needs every patriot now or we won’t have a country and we will be run by the true evil the BUREAUCRAT

Not enough to just post in social media to your friends SM will just throttle it like Zuck admitted doing or you will get canceled but it is worth it…I mean it’s not like you are gonna die….but don’t send shit to just your friends send this shit out to your enemies, the clueless the disinterested, and be a pain.

Liberal Progressive wanna be Marxist, that’s what we call Communist now…Most came with Obama like Van Jones and The Bitches Dunn and Rice. How obvious do they need to be?

Hell most of the country never read all the retractions that there was no Russia Collusion or that the Ukrain phone call was a nothing burger it was all ginned-up by the state Bureaucrats running us…..stay tuned at BADDOGS.BLOG to start up after FB JAIL so we can mount a truth to power or truth to Bureaucrat campaign to end this.

Twitter Debate

Had a chance to chat with some good spinmeisters on Twitter…the legal gooo that is liberal Marxist types that spin and use case law instead of real laws..that use spin and fear tactics as if they give a shit about people…so after being spun and twisted yesterday I consider my debate with several legal minds on Twitter and wanted to sleep on it…I have to admit they are good at putting up false fronts and narratives…

So I had some epoxy work to do on the boat and took my time to rethink the whole exchange as I am or try to be even-handed and not as political as some think…as an independent…that leans conservative…I am not tied to one party…I am (to be clear) a Trump supporter… he ended wars, brought American prisoners and troops home, the poor and middle class, those AMERICANS that are the heart of this country both did better percentage-wise then the rich, closed the gap between rich and poor and all Americans did better and had more money to enjoy….so not apologizing for supporting the one person in government so far I saw work for the every day American no matter their ethnic or religious or political differences….so to twitter debaters who will say are MASTERBATERS, I mean master-debaters….sorry a Freudian slip there, not but at least I am honest when being a prick unlike some on twitter….

To twitter legal posters…

As a platform a side should not be picked, if you are a platform and get protected it is from what the 3rd party says only. As a publisher If you defame or slander or Libel you should not be protected. And as a publisher you have the right to pick sides and be responsible for your actions. I disagree that it is acting as a platform and abuses those protections…I am staying with they are at risk of being sued for deformation …
The attorneys I chatted with yesterday are great at muddying the waters…Like liberals always do…they start using things such as case law instead of actual LAW…we saw that reflected as the correction for R-V-W overturned claiming some case in uber-liberal here or there got thrown out so what…that is in fact the corruption….bad practices happen all the time …Laws get overturned all the time…people take advantage of laws all the time…
Also the whole not fair to up-and-coming platforms….well it didn’t help Parler, or Truth, or Gettr….in fact the bad actors that run the infrastructure had no problem shutting down dropping support etc based entirely on politics. so the whole we need to protect up-and-coming platforms is a farce. what they mean is they want a monopoly of one thought propaganda…
Like me an independent and others on all sides question recent actions. It is evident that the mood of and people of this great country…are sick and tired of the one-way government.,…using bad actors and bad practices as some sort of proof they are right does not fly with me or about 70 million others as of the last election and now I would say we have picked up about another 10 to 20 million…especially after the breach of protocol at Mar-A-Lago the communist like actions of the KGB, I mean the FBI, was not warranted and these so-called platforms are only showing one side yet they use protection of 230 to silence truth and facts…
I would like to thank the liberal attorneys for solidifying my intent to keep pushing for the loss of section 230 to protect platforms of actions as publishers while claiming they are platforms yet pick winners and losers with false accusations, I am going to call that libel exactly what it is, willful defamation, of a publisher usurping the protections of a platform…

We will see what happens after the next two elections…this is going to be the long game against Marxist types that use our own laws in a bastardized way from immigration through first amendment rights and using things like NGOs…no more Non-Governmental-Organizations… let’s cast a light on who they are how they get funding and who they support with that funding to be transparent…Americans should know if they are funding their own enslavement…

I do thank the few that spoke openly and sanely…we just don’t agree.

This is starting to happen here

YOU WON’T WATCH IT….then a year or two down the road when this shit happens, as is happening now but not as bad….but once idiots notice this it will be too damn late…

Just don’t say you didn’t know just say you didn’t care enough to give a fuck.

If you do care then cut and paste or send people here to the blog but get the word out…..Just listen you will see the exact shit happening here ….

Covid today Ukraine tomorrow, Diversions

Just gonna point out, that some things are just media-driven and the lies about other things stop when they move to the next entertainment or DIVERSION so you won’t notice they are bankrupting us slowly as they dilute our country with an illegal invasion

Have you noticed….Oh, they keep the COVID shit going, but tried Monkypox that didn’t bode well, then good old Bidens buddies in Ukraine needed help to be a more corrupt state as Russia another corrupt state attacked them so now it is BILLIONS for Ukraine….

Wake up America…first…concentrate on America then we can help the rest of the world but as Reagan said once we are gone where do people go for help…..???