This is how we need to start dealing with liberals..go after their money …Sue the crap out of them… You have to fight fire with fire…not compromise as they don’t know the meaning of the word when they are in power….

They count on us being normal humans that actually know the meaning of the word “is” you young aren’t gonna know that inference…but the rest of us do….

We need to stop letting liberals off and sue the crap out of them or drop them in the ultimate big government care….PRISON….!!!



Some, like my baby, had to go to work…she didn’t really have to go to work but being the woman she is and knowing her job may have given her off the clients she serves are coming to town for a convention she wanted to make sure they got the service they are accustomed to from her…thats called dedication to ones work ethics…

She truly is the embodiment of the true meaning of an American.  Do what needs to be done then party hard.

Meanwhile, I took care of the birds and filled their feeders and water and even the dog is getting an extra bone today….everyone enjoying the 4th at my place today one way or the other.photo_2019-07-04_11-04-07

True subversion! Hypocritical Liberals!

I truly have no problem with people’s preferences, be they about politics, religion, sex whatever.

I do have a problem with Liars, Cheaters, illegals, Criminal, sorry for being redundant…..there are several other problems I am sure I have but the one I want to bring to the forefront is the Hypocrites, especially hypocrites that preach to me. The Uber Self-Righteous needs to check itself.

When you start talking to me about Trump and his affiliations with whatever country or leader. When you start telling me trump is subservient to dictators like Putin or working with Xi Jinping or Kim and yet don’t say a blip about Obama and Castro or Hugo Chavez.

When you don’t say a word about billions leaving the country and millions in cash cold hard cash going to a dictator in IRAN that funds radical Islamist that kill pretty much anyone that doesn’t agree with them…..and you ignore that Trump put all manner of sanctions on the Russians the North Koreans and Iran….whereas Obama was kissing their butts