Nice and Scary to hear SANITY

I am not being disrespectful but wanted to not be led in a direction by the Dr that posted this video and he may have great input.
But this is about where we are now and it is nice to see some reality coming out of some people, in my opinion.
I am posting other crap below but watch this and think..also prepare.

Ok now my BS

I think all we need to do is diligently take steps to ensure a reasonable correct vote count, by the 2022 election…

This is what I think will happen.

The purse strings should tighten and starve a few things of funds like 87,000 IRS
Correct things in the FBI
Set up an America first type govt…

The reason I say this….

I think the people have seen the two types, MAGA and Communistic…one doing what would benefit the people, Cheap energy, safe and secure homeland, notice there were no political prisoners, revenue and employment went up, gaps between the 5 Quintilla of earners narrowed on an upward scale, faster from the bottom up then the top down. There was a de-escalation of us as the world’s police and yet things were relatively stable.

Then Biden came in…
Killed oil, trashed the economy with regulations and removed exploration for oil, and slowed diesel, gas, and natural gas production. Put clueless people into prime positions such as supply chain, border, immigration, law enforcement, military etc
and here we are…

But we are so close to turning all this around with, just how it was meant
With the VOTE
This is how we fix it, bring people with you to go vote…it does not matter who they are, what side? Don’t bother asking….

Just get people to express themselves by using the power of their VOTE…

Now understand in my opinion we will suffer after the election no matter who wins, understand it will take time to fix and in that time we will all suffer…
Democrats, Republicans, Independents, uninvolved, anarchists, patriots, legal, illegals…..

All Will Suffer….

But that is what happens when you are not involved or because you don’t want to be rude or offend.
The inmates start running the asylum
Don’t wonder what happened
You and I fell asleep at the wheel!

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