Todays Memes

Feel free to borrow and use all you like

Some should be explained and not just looked at as each means something …some mean we are screwed if we don’t change what’s going on. Others are a little chuckle just to keep things less dire. Still others some may not know…say like the image below…It sounds good…
Well not good for white people but hey Poor Blacks and Hispanics should get a share of the American dream. HHMMMM, the first thing to question is … Shouldn’t poor whites also share that dream?
But it has become sheek to hate on whites, so, I get it.


People not as old as my old ass don’t remember when the Clintons were doing this very thing…and soon after we had a mortgage bubble burst because of all the bad loans…
Remember Bailing out the banking industry…
Are we just being set up for another Tax Payer money grab?

Now understand I don’t believe every idiot that has a blog or a podcast…
Neither should you unless said idiot offers proof.
That being said until you trust what you read here and I have more than 3 followers….LOL
I will offer the proof needed for the words I post and for the memes.

But wait theirs more… long as we are on the Clintons guess who made Scool loans
That means you can’t go bankrupt if you can’t earn enough money with the education you paid for
So more proof Liberals are not on your side.

Just gonna have to copy and paste til I figure out how to make the links work…LOL
Think that’s funny you should see how much fun I am having recording crap and learning to splice that crap and have it sound good…LOL
But i like being a one-man show as I am only responsible for myself…already spent many years being responsible to put food on my table and on my employee’s tables

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