Not Common But is Sense

Stole this from a friend……..

“PLAYING GOD” I do not envy anyone that is very affluent or very rich however I do resent the fact that a bunch of “Billionaires met up and start to play “GOD” and decide that many of us on this planet should be eliminated, “WHAT GALL”?

Also I think there should penalties to pay by the rich that steal our elections by using their wealth to buy the outcome that they prefer. This should not be allowed to happen.

Obama, for instance, instead of riding off into the sunset and enjoying his retirement, he prefers to hang out in Washinton and continue to try to destroy our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a dictatorship similar to China.

FACEBOOK’s Mark Zuckerberg gave four hundred million dollars in order to influence our 2020 Presidential Election.

George Soros uses his billions of dollars to buy the people in all positions of Government thus stealing the vote of the less impaired.

“BY THE WAY” Are you people that stole our Election from us of lesser influence happy with your choice as he not only affects the poor of the Nation but he is out to drain your pockets too.

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