More Common Sense

Leaving mroe stuff here for people to see instead of hitting all seven sites …..

So this one is showing just how fuckin stupid one has to be to fall for the clueless and the mentally effected that identify as…..somethign other then what they truly are….

look i am not trashing the mentally ill but those that use them to push and agenda ….everythign from the Prounon morons the person that wants to be a THEY instead of a he or she…the person that wants you to play that prounoun game the mentally aflicted that have gender disphoria…and are not gettign proper help but instead is catered to by enabelers that care little for that person…..lets face it if a guy was standing on the street corner and truly thought he was George Washington you would find him help instead of asking how Martha was…because the person was nuts and needed help…

So to the “I identify as —” crowd….

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