2 thoughts on “Distraction Diversion…INFLATION.

  1. Denise

    Sorry to hear about your Mom, difficult time. I sit here and thank God I work at home, gas is probably a bit better in my corner of the world, but your percentages were apples and oranges – sometimes price of oil and price of gasoline take a bit of time to level out with each other – futures may be involved! Been stocking up on staples since the gas price spiked, you are so right about the increase working its way into everything!

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    1. I am sorry this will be the only response here hell I just found this part of the site…LOL

      I am on so many different media from the most recent Truth Social back through all the iterations of …speak your mind but only the part we approve of sites….so started this blog here and since I suck at writing but decent at talking (decent may be the wrong word)..In fact..get your groups or friends and enemies to leave Twitter and Facebook and any other SMS that does not let you speak freely..there are more of us then there are of them …. make that known by moving people……

      About this place, since lots don’t follow or pass it around it is a smaller audience and I don’t want to reply to stuff here I prefer for others to have a free voice here and a place to speak with no judgments or inputs, on my part at least. Cause you know I am opinionated… I have no idea what WordPress will do here about free speech I just pay the bitches…

      So find me where ever, I am either Macho Slavich or PoliticalSailor on several different sites, and let’s be vocal there, (hell it will drive up viewership here or so I hope, discuss there, as there are more of us than there are of them we are just shy or leary may be a better word, when we do speak out we are silenced, ridiculed and threatened with all manner of things including cancellation, jail even…lol …others are more than welcome to post here and have a discussion. I am just going to leave this for others to exchange ideas…

      Shit, I am lazy and also have a sailboat to redo a mom with alzhiemers and this. Most don’t know how much time is spent on just a 1-minute clip…I am old and slow, except on the water…so I hope you enjoy the material and the freedom…and pass the links around…if I can monetize this I will spend more time and money but right now I just want to piss off liberal progressive Marxists with the truth and give people a place to speak their mind and share their ideas or argue it’s OK! We are Americans and we want everyone to do as well and be as free as we are supposed to be!.


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