No time to write but time to keep you informed

Just too busy to sit and pull thoughts together (you have read my shit even as bad as the writing is it takes time…who knew it could take so much time to be this crappy???)

But Knowing there is a void of people showing what most of us think and feel like I am good at cut and paste the important shit….

Two heroes here the one speaking and the lady that posted it….Be a Hero!

Hard to follow that but what about my favorite political activist….and blogger….and American…and as always perfectly and factually stated >>>

Lastly but OH SO NOT LEASTLY as this is where all this stems from American True Patriots are not kneeling football or soccer players, not even Americas game can hold a candle to the American Spirit…such a beautiful and heartfelt sentiment and delivered with joyful tears and well here.

I would have posted the video of this young lady expressing herself but so hard to find as Media is not for Americans especially American an article instead.

People are getting wiser…

More as I can find time


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