Gun Violence Equals Party affiliation

My challenge to all liberals…….

Take the first link below of the top 10 Gun Violence cities

Then Look at the largest 100 cities in the country and who runs them….


Check as the second link includes what Party was, is, running that city.

While you are at it and before you state something counter to what I am gonna assert …..

When on the second link Check the facts that New Orleans comes in at 1st in gun violence but only 51st in size at around 370+ thousand ….





Colorado Springs,

Virginia Beach,



Oklahoma City,

Fort Worth,


All larger then New Orleans and they do not have the gun violence that we in new Orleans do…

I put to you there is one thread in all these deadly top ten cities and the cause is

Liberal progressive run governments.

Not Race…Not Ethnicity…Not Religion… form of devisible demographics other then they are run by Liberal Progressive wanna be Marxist

I will further assert that other services in these liberal cities are not serving their people well.

From Education, so as to keep citizens ignorant, and more easily controlled.

Their Infrastructure, as liberals talk a good story but seldom deliver on promises made. As they are too corrupt and don’t care to see what is best for their citizens. Along with the corruption, going hand in hand with feel good but do nothing attitude. They do nothing to advance people in a good way through life….

I am a firm believer in old adages…and one comes to mind here when speaking of Liberal run city problems …


All cities have basically the same rules of behavior, the same laws, if you will…

No killing
No stealing
No destroying property

Almost all people want the same things…
To Love,
Raise family,
Feel safe,
enjoy life,
Keep your damn stuff…….

I am still trying to figure out why we put up with this…have we become so lazy or so self centered that as long as it doesn’t effect us directly we don’t care….or we think it doesn’t effect us at all…but it does and by the time we figure that out…we become Cuba…Venezuela…Communist China…or pick any third world shithole …that is the Democrats target.


Feel free to follow and get future posts if you care and if not well have a good life.
Remember friends don’t let friends be Liberal Progressives.
In my opinion there are American Democrats and there are Marxist Liberals.
I have no problem with Democrats but Liberals are Lying, Conniving and Dangerous to free people in the world

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