I just can’t bring myself to believe Liberals and the Main Stream Media…

Now understand I do not know if the allegation of Matt Gaetz being investigated about child pornography or is it Boinking underage girls or guys….

But what I do know …when Liberals throw shit at you the media makes it its job for some to stick or at least rub off on you….

The difference between me and a liberal idiot is I want proof and if I see it I will rail against Matt myself as a Sick Fuck.

Lets put some critical thinking to work, something liberals seem unable to do but I look at the charge…Then see how it pans out…so lets see….

Media whispers MATT did a little girl actually they just said MATT is being investigated about having an underage …..WHAT? sex tape…Nope …a reoccurring child porn connection like some of the above pictured Hillary, Weiner, Bill C. even SCJ Roberts going to pedophile island…or Biden grabbing, sniffing, foundling, groping women’s breasts, girls hair and insinuating himself way to closely repeatedly….but so far…not even a charge has been levied against him….

Lets face it here either his hands went from below her tits to over or over her tits to below but she seems intent on pulling them off but no such success or maybe in the liberal world she was abusing his hands…..again WTF?

Now for why i call BS on this whole thing…they are now changing the possibility of charges …so they already figured out the first leak is not gonna work against Matt Gaetz or why would they need a new leak….

And yet No Charges…

I have been wrong before but lets face it…we know hunter lied under oath several times and no charges even to the point of saying he didn’t know Baby momma but had her on company insurance and pops out a kid…someone knew her…do we see them tout DNA proved the woman right and him a liar…

Nut he must be innocent as NO CHARGES …

Wait how can no charges on one guy make him guilty with out proof and with proof the other guy is not guilty and no charges either…doesn’t no charges mean Guilty?

Oh yeah one is a liberal and one is not ..liberal innocent even with proof of lying (remember Comey and Hillary Clinton, “yes she broke the law but not charging her…But if anyone else does it we will charge them” get the picture…Liberal always innocent or ignored anyone else Guilty and we need no proof or charges just a hint of impropriety


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