CALIFORNIA going for the lowest common denominator

Don’t worry this won’t be a long one like the last one, cause stupid doesn’t need explaining as much as the other was trying to be conniving … The anti American types it seems, especially when they hide in both parties.

So once again the idiots on the West Coast have proven they truly want either Mediocrity or Just plan stupidity.

Lets differentiate between who these people are, they are the bureaucrats, the BOARD, or Directors what ever you call the brain dead in your area.

Which fits right in with this WOKE culture where what they want is not being the best you can be!
But, the impression that shows them as caring and feeling.

Instead of setting up a system where each level of student, in this case math students, get the type of guidance and curriculum that lets them achieve at their pace. One where the slower student sets the bar.

Understand I am not advocating calling people stupid but admitting that we have slower students for what ever the reason and they should be treated differently then the uber-intelligent. But instead of bringing up or coddling even the slower learners needs we punish the average and over achiever, I mean why wouldn’t we want them to be all they can be?

Hell, I am stupid but know that we can cater to a group, several groups, of differing abilities in a particular class as I saw it when I was in school and when my kids were in school and offer guidance to help bring those having problems along at a pace they can deal with and not make them feel stupid as compared to others…Makes you wonder what has changed? With the right curriculum they can actually be made to feel good about what they can achieve…

I feel bad for these as a lots of times, all it takes is a little support to show them they too can figure out 1+1=2. not let them fall in to the trap of 1+1=3 or 1 and well that’s close enough ….in essence saying to them we know you are a moron we will enforce that negative feeling by enabling you to just come close and give up, hell you tried! Just write something down why try to be correct?


We know this has been happening…this is fact…we allow not for mediocrity but for total ignorance, under achievement or stupidity brought on by not applying oneself and excuse it…not only do we not fight for that child but we give up…we are silent. We see stupid or evil or…..ignorant and give up? Not give up but give in and give credence to by arguing over.

That in itself is bad enough, but the race to the bottom of the gene pool barrel, intentionally fostered on to public school students has reached a new low..

Dumbing Down of America Takes Another Leap Forward, no, hell not even backwards, but just down…to the very bottom of the barrel and now dragging the average and advanced, those that know math and those that excel that would move our countries IQ and Exceptionalism forward and upward…How many “Could Be’s” are just not going to achieve what they Could Be.

I don’t want to feed you what you should think…quit being lazy …find the facts and think for yourself…I have faith in America and it’s citizens…But some have truly stopped doing the job of vetting the news and some are not our friends and by the way several if not a lot of those aren’t just democrats but republicans also …

The republicans are actually worse as we expect this from the others but OUR side….WTF ????

So, go to what ever search engine feeds your mind….either side of the great divide and this is so egregious they are all talking about it…

We are taking thinking average kids and slowing them and the advanced ones down……so as to accomplish what?

The Einstein type the Madam Curie type and stifling their inquisitive minds … slowing them down so as to not hurt the feelings of the slower students and I fear doing them the gravest injustice of not feeding their hunger for knowledge and what they are exceptional at and making them slow down instead of sprint ahead…cooling off the passions they excel at…because we don’t want the slow or the average to feel bad…what about the smart kids feeling bad for being held to the lowest denominator…

So take any search engine and type

California dumbs down math…..


In the name of Equity California changes math class…..let me take a minute here and discuss EQUITY…it sound so close to equality and yet…it is based or the meaning is the out comes should be the same…in the name of equity we can’t make the stupid or the slow or the “don’tgiveafucks” achieve more so lets just, for EQUITIES Sake, slow the achieving student down…. Yet again! WTF?

Why would a state do such things…I hate to say we now have a federal government emulating California…this should be the equivalent of a shot fired across your bow.

Please do your own research, see that this is the dumbing down of the California students, we can’t let the rest of the country follow California’s lead anymore.

When you read what you find I am almost positive …. you will wonder…. I have to say it again….Who in their right mind would want to dumb students to the lowest common denominator….wait not common but lowest !

Instead of doing all we could to bring up the slower achievers…Urging the average to be better than that…
While giving the truly gifted every possibility to advance as far and as fast as their neurons can fire. Instead we park ourselves at the bottom.

Sad to see where this country is headed with this type of thought.

The Political Sailor …..

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