Violence of the left

Maxine Waters involves herself in not national laws but local attempt at pushing violence and not in her state but fanning the flames of hate and division…

So when Trump said we need to fight for our rights at his speech as the people were already attacking the WH, he also said peacefully. That was so called hate speech or inciting violence but telling people like Maxine did, if they don’t get what she wants they should do more of what they have done….which is terrorize neighborhoods, burn stuff down if legal things don’t go your way. Protest and loot over lies, if it didn’t go your way legally get violent.

They had already taken public and private property, autonomous zones. They attacked police…they looted and burned and they killed people…now here is her big Mouth telling people to agitate Fight…. did she say peacefully? …Nope she wants confrontation…well I hate to tell you idiots but confrontation, is violence….

Lets not push this all on Mad Maxine….Schumer threatened two supreme court justices…that they would reap the whirlwinds…then throw in the non American and brother marrying Ilhan Omar. or the other wanna be terrorist’s Rashid big mouth nasty woman that she is and no I do not respect the likes of her and AOC as they lie they distort and they want anarchy… They want this country taken down…Omar comes from a scummy shithole of a place and wants to change us to become where she ran from…

But the one thread through all this is Violence….they all do it they all incite it and no matter how much we don’t on the other side of the equation that is the only thing that is gonna stop it…Look at the little Antifa twats that attack destroy burn and try to inflict harm on police and when police bow up and try to make things peaceful these pussies raise their hands when they might be threatened…so what …they tried to kill people then when attempted to be arrested they raise their hands as if not. Or the BLM is not really black lives matter but Black Loving Marxist as they can use and incite violence as they use ignorant whites and blacks to do their dirty work.

And if it is just white people that are the problem then tell me who is beating up the Asians? Why are blacks beating up Asians?

Same reason they riot protest and taunt police and law-abiding citizens….

They are the racist!

I love how smart the wanna be Marxist wants us all to share the fruits of our labor but how many houses does that Marxist share with her comrades……I only own one house and been working for decades to do that ….Maybe as a Marxist I can have lots of them as stupid people send money to a cause they real don’t know.

What schools for education have they opened?
What scholarships did they pay for except maybe their own family kids?
Other then, rebuilding might happen by accident, as they burn black businesses down as BLM activist …
That’s the only help as they didn’t start a fund or grants for businesses that need help. Ask Briana’s mother.

They have used deaths of drug addicts ignorant bullies like hands up liar and other stupid made up grievances…

None of the political left is gonna tell criminals to not resist arrest or quit the crime then you won’t be arrested.
Don’t run or struggle and your odds of living through things are go up drastically.

You need to come to terms with the fact that there is a reason blacks get rousted…stopped a lot….I have not looked up the stats but I have a few hundred dollar bills that says there are more blacks and illegals in prisons for a reason. Stop working with the Evil White Race and quit Breaking and Entering…Car Jacking… Stop Shooting at each other. (hell at least take target practice so you don’t keep killing innocent children, hit what you aim at.

So, screw up the white guys plan by not being or doing criminal things…stop running while being arrested, stop mugging others, stop raping people, Stop Shooting Each Other etc etc etc

Now understand I do not ……that is DO NOT…….THINK ALL BLACKS ARE BAD or all WHITES are good or all ASIANS are anything…because unlike liberal progressive Marxist wannabe’s I am not a RACIST.

But some of you of all races act like animals and go directly to violence when you don’t get your way….


Or people may decide to stop you!

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