One has to ask the question why the changes are even being brought up.

When the court had mostly liberals a few RINO and the rest minority right wingers, there was no thought of packing the court…(It does make you wonder what’s going on…try finding a picture with the current court makeup…you know just a picture they take of the supreme justices, the current one…

Try finding this Justice in the pics

In the many many pictures of the sitting Supreme Court….this is the most popular and most prolific, but just like liberals it is neither truthful or factual.

I did a search on Google, Bing and Duck Duck Go……now understand the last justice appointed has been a member since Nov 2020 and yet not in any of the class pics…..WONDER WHY? but that’s a topic for another day…..

So why add 4 more when we haven’t even gotten the last one in a picture?
1 would make the court and even number… and would not get them the controlling majority
2 would not get them the controlling majority
3 see same reason as 1
4 gives them the control majority again…..

People until you can come to grips that this is a war for the leadership and control of our country you will never have an answer for what is going on. Only after your eyes are opened and you see that this is a Marxist/Communist attempt to wield ultimate and unyielding power and drastically change a system that has worked for hundreds of years.

There comes a time when reality sets in and you have to take into account that this is a Bull Rush of actions meant to cripple our system.

The bastardization started back when we changed the Senators being put into power by the state, there by having a checks and balance on Federal portion of the government. Limiting it’s powers not ours.

And we can’t have a pure democracy as the discrepancy of a pure 100% democracy where 51 people can decide the 49 should not receive help or can be abused since 51% does nothing in a democracy to protect the 49 which is what a representative republic does. But how our system was bastardized in the past is not the topic, how it is happening now is…we can’t do much about the wrongs of the past but we should not let wrongs be foisted upon us against our will.

The liberals when in control of things never compromise and when not in control cause grief and yes even death to forward their agenda…this will only embolden them to not care about our whole country and just their need for power and control…

Ask yourself a few basic questions…

What cities are having the highest crime?
What cities and states have so called racist police and racist policy that we keep hearing about?
Which ones have the worse run cities with little or no respect fort law abiding citizens?
What city and or state names come up when you think of problem spots in our country?
What names come to mind when you hear protesters looting, burning, destroying property?

I think we can all agree that conservative or republican does not come to mind as much as democrat and Liberal !

It is not right leaning or conservative cities…Baltimore is liberal and yet they rioted and looted because of racism….well republicans don’t run that city so how did it get racist. what about Chicago, LA, New Orleans, Seattle, Oakland etc etc …write down the cities that have strife and want to do away with police and defund the people that protect lawful people and by far all are liberal….

So what is the highest authority in law enforcement …I would suggest it is the supreme court. I know I am asking a lot of people to put aside prejudices and think before you have a kneejerk reaction, so just stop and think what are the answers to the questions below

How does one square removing authority while adding more to it?
Why have less cops and more people that are more powerful than cops at the top?
Why was this not a problem when democrats had the majority?
Why was this not a problem when past republicans, if ever, had the majority?
Why is this being considered as we are giving money to illegals while screwing over our own citizens?
Why is this being done as we start practicing open border policy?
Why does this particular administration feel the need to alter the weight of the court?

Is it because they need more minds and if so why not add two from each side?

We all know the answer but too damn scared to hear it said out loud…..just as they put into practice, and planned to corrupt our elections, and succeeded, now they have to find a way to change the judiciary so as to not have to worry about doing things legally….they can also forget about ever being punished for their crimes as they will own the court system the same way they own MSM and are lackeys to major conglomerates of the social media and it’s purveyors.

We all need to speak up or we have lost this country and I fear putting up with this type of thing is going to cause such a divide that only bloodshed will return the country to what it was and keep it from what it is becoming….and no one wants that !!! We don’t want or need to be Cuba or Venezuela and sure as shit don’t want to be a slave to my government like the Chinese.

We need to inform or elected officials on both sides that this can not stand…that this blatant abuse of power is ill suited for a free nation.

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