Thank Small G god

No this is not a religious post thing…I may or may not believe in God but religion is not my forte.

Understand this is a democrat….not per se a liberal…as I know there are lots of Democrats that are not Liberal progressive wanna be Marxist that want us to be the same as communist china… I separate American Democrats from NWO liberals… I have no problem with democrats I abhor Liberals …

So seeing a democrat speak to this is why I do the thank god part.

I think this is going to be a very scary few years and one of the things we need to worry about is total control by social media teaming with government.

Right now cancelling is just for social media outlets. But what happens when they can control all aspects of your life or make your ability to

Buy and Sell… cancelled.
Mix and mingle…..cancelled.

Not just social media but what about your favorite rest or movie theater or ???? Any social events or life in general….

The forefathers of this country were smarter then the idiots running it now that is why made freedom of speech our first right….but what if they do not stifle the freedom of speech. Go ahead speak. Then you lose your right to walk into a store to buy food or get gas or forget get a job just shut off your ability to apply for one…

This is where we are heading people…..WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!

I will try and copy the video and post it so you don’t have to go to FB but right now this is the best I can do

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