The Social media is not gonna tell ya….

So people have to step up….

Spread this if you are American and not a Marxist idiot or one fooled by Marxist.

Want to know what Marxism did and does just checkout The Old soviet union and how depressed their people were and are still. Add China and a few other places like Venezuela etc where Marxist got a foothold and in some areas went to full blown communism, the only Ideology to kill off a 100 million…that is

“100,000,000 DEAD BODIES”

Of it’s own people…..did you get that part…. we already have that here …
Like Cuomo killed off his citizens …
Like the lawlessness and death and destruction in beautiful areas and cities on the east coast
From Seattle down
Like Newsome and the socialist school teachers Union causing children and others harm controlling schools and even vaccine roll outs where the socialists (read new democrat) run things just like NY
From suicide and just stymieing their educations as ignorance is a tool in their arsenal which include lies and intimidation. these same old school democrats are now at the whim of this Marxist culture
and now this same ilk is running Washington DC

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