I hate to call people I don’t know morons….Well that’s not true as I don’t know most Marxist types or true Liberal Progressives Democrats but I know for a fact they are morons….so are those touting I AM GETTING A CHECK FOR $1,400.00 forget the asses promised me 2K but hey 1400 WOOOHOOOO!

Now………….Some reality and a few questions

Have you noticed gas is already a dollar more a gallon?
Have you noticed food is up…cause most of it gets delivered by trucks that run on gas or other fossil fuels?
Have you noticed Your city asks for more taxes to fill the gap on their failing budgets as they give to special interest?
Have you noticed Poor public school kids don’t need education because it isn’t safe?
Have you noticed private schools the elite send their kids too are open as are most parochial schools are open?
Have you noticed kids nor teachers are dying in these schools?

But let me get back to that check you got……or gonna get….

Have you noticed for a one time check……you are gonna pay way more in taxes…..Yeah didn’t think your dumb ass noticed that or you wouldn’t be so damn happy about paying taxes for ever, over a one time 9% pay out from a 1.9 Trillion dollar budget……

The best part is your job may have been shut down or your business curtailed and think well at least I got something …..
Have you noticed the people in government never lost a days pay and they also get that check?

Right about now I bet you are noticing a little buyer remorse building in your gut…too bad the feds don’t have a returned damaged goods and refund window…….isn’t it? …

Enjoy that 1400 hundred bucks as you pay 7% more for everything built or sold through a corporation….so mark everything you get now up 7% or so MORE.. How long does that 1400 last? What was gas 3 months ago what is it now?

And lets not plan on better and higher paying Jobs as this is the third iteration of the Obama regime that helped build businesses and jobs in CHINA….hell Obama’s jobs CZAR was head of GE and every new job they made back then was in China while raising our gas and lowering the ability of Americans and legal immigrants to get a job since places were closing here and they kept adding illegals..

See the same shit going on now…or if not you are not just blind but stupid also…????

The above is fact based Opinion….Enjoy!

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