Liar and Chief… or SENILE and IGNORANT

I listened to Biden and I am just sad to say we have lost America. So sad our leaders think we are so easily fooled. They believe their lies and think we do to.

Lets face it he looks like a nice guy but what a damn lying Buffon….

They spout the problems they caused and blame others. From the education he claims is important as if it wasn’t liberal governors and mayors that are causing the problems to begin with….Trump did shut the country down after the ALWAYS WRONG FAUCI said we had to stem the virus by shutting down….and when Trump said lets open back up liberals in all the states were quick to tell him he could not dictate to states what they can and can not do….Gee what’s Biden doing telling us all the Maybe for the 4th of July we can get a few people together and yet we see liberals gathering having weddings enjoying diners with lobbyist…or like the Chicago idiot ..You can’t get your hair done but she has to cause she is special… same with Newsum …You can’t go out to dinner but he can cause he is special…what about the Cuomo morons…the governor that can maul women and the CNN asshole that supposedly had COVID and was caught out in public with no mask…cause you know both of them are special…

But I digress let me get back to the shell of a man that is now president, the liar and chief…

The Lies were wide and divers from…..

Asian Americans being attacked because CHINA VIRUS….really can you show me all these damn attacks?

I am personally insulted, what Asians Americans were attacked I mean liberal Harvard may screw over Asians but not the regular Americans, hell, not even the irregular Americans, as we know and are not about dividing people, also we place blame where it should be…did you notice China Virus or where the virus originated and how they lied to the rest of us.

this idiot …sorry Liar and chief…I mean this president tried to take credit for everything from the vaccines. The rate at which they are available…hell even the mars landing…

Let me point out just like Obama and Biden did not come up with an H1N1 also known as Swine Flu and the two Marxist and idiot liberal liar…so Obama and Biden were unable to provide American’s with an H1N1 vaccine that worked…

They also were a total failure for space…so please forgive me when this liar takes credit for shit he had nothing to do with….hell the only mars shit going on was the EU space group crashing onto mars…eriod..nothing to do with Obama or Biden ..but man Biden Jumped on the mars landing as if he thought of and promoted it…

Lets remember he and his press person laugh at Space Force as Russia and China are developing satellite destroying tech…So What you say?… lets imagine the EMP takes out our satellites or their laser attack actually works and takes out our satellites … hey not making phone calls or getting cash out of your bank or looking up info on line all gone… as all these things depend on satellites.

But that is not our biggest problem …Our nuclear response and defense is hinged on our satellite and space systems…we are then at the whim of those that take them out and will be able to respond….which means they have no worries of retaliation. yet idiots like Obama made NASA main mission to tell Muslims how much they helped…so we know where Joe Brushed up on Lying he just followed Obama’s lead.


When Biden talked about Mars and the rover correct me if I am wrong but during his previous administration they did nothing other then watch disasters!

But Undeterred …

He kept touting about how we lived in pain and hurt as if it wasn’t liberal progressive wanna be communist that caused the angst, his party democrats held back funding for individuals (Pelosi Schumer and all)… Him and the likes of Kamala and the string holder Obama with his Hench-Woman Susan Rice acting as if they didn’t plan this stress and pain on the American people.

Another Lie…..

This Liar and chief touted he got 400,000,000 doses of vaccine…Hey maybe he did …but he seemed to leave out that TRUMP pre paid and bought 800,000,000 doses of vaccine that was contracted for before Biden started lying, I mean before Biden got into power. Then Trump bought 200,000,000 more again before Biden started lying, I mean got into office.
Lets remember this idiot and his Marxist Boss couldn’t get a working vaccine out for H1N1..But man he can ……………. ………..LIE……..
Better then anyone

Our liar and chief is not in charge in my opinion as two other much better liars are pulling the strings in his administration…
Two proven and much slicker liars

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