We were told Trump Bad Biden will make it better…lets look and see….are we getting what we were told or is it
Bait and Switch
Promise you one thing and deliver another…
Like we won’t stop fracking or pipelines or allow illegals to ruin our country or or or ???

Makes you wonder what are they planning…I have been in FB jail for a bit and instead of just venting here I decided to just observe our new president and how well he services our citizens ….who he thanks and who he blames for problems.

Of course we know orange man bad is the mantra so lets compare just a few points before I am released from jail.

Unemployment—best ever under trump for all demographics
Energy costs—lowest in the last decade or so.
War—none after Trump put his foot down
Pollution (environment)—all metrics show we did not pollute we did not destroy our averment as we used more natural gas and fracking, along with moving oil with pipelines instead of rail and trucking
Immigration, the illegal kind—was 1/10 as much as just what has happened since Biden took over

Unemployment—already increasing and especially more for blacks
Energy cost—…shit, have you looked at your bill or the price at the gas pump and it is just starting
War—we already started shit with Syria and a few other places have become aggressive, so the military sup[pliers are already happier as we are using more war toys
Pollution—as they cut more oil and fossil fuel pipelines and stop more fracking…with no feasible replacements it can only go up…by the way look up the rare minerals mining and see how you would like to live next to that..
Immigration, the illegal kind—through the roof already

Let me take a tack here from just general bitching to there are legal ways to do shit and illegal…how does it help the citizens to add more Corona virus laden illegals that then get released into the public?
If unemployment is high why allow the undercutting of the free market by adding more people for cheaper labor…why do they hate the lower employable segment and make it harder for the poor to get jobs that pay more..if we have more illegals they take work for less and are often abused with threats of deportation…but even if not they still work for less….which means the free market is not working for citizens as the Biden administration brought in competition, illegal competition to keep salaries low

Personally I think legal immigration is good for this country and instead of allowing illegals and making it easier for those illegals to do things illegally as we spend billions for illegals and make life good for them what about the legal immigration system…why have we not made that easier, I mean if we are allowing illegals to do shit illegally why are our congress people not changing legal immigration so it doesn’t take years and 10’s of thousands of dollars to come here legally when they pay (sort of) illegals to break our laws and reward them … move them to the front of the line…if you were at a theater they don’t allow people to cut…if you are at a rest you don’t get to walk to the front of the line and be seated…this is not rocket science people something nefarious is going on and they aren’t answering questions…….or just informing us as they steal our hard earned dollars and spend as if it doesn’t matter…

Trump may have been insensitive in his tweets but he answered questions and you knew what he was up to…


A little video about immigration
Julian Simon talks immigration on Charlie Rose 1995 – Bing video

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