Action not words mean shit

Words are easy

Slinging crap against a wall is easy, say whatever, paint the picture bright and positive. After they sell you on the shit flung against the wall, they are done….

They don’t have to answer for how this JOBS in Solar and Wind ended up in Obama/Biden administration.

Remember the last promise

They play word games and promise colorful and sane sounding results but never have to answer, what happened?

We have seen this already, Dementia Joe may not remember but, we did the green jobs thing in his last admin, how did that go…we aren’t supposed to ask and more importantly not allowed to know!

And now they are force feeding us even more of the un-tasty BS. They will sugar coat it then serve it up but don’t ask anything at the presser not cleared with ADMIN. Doesn’t really matter they find other ways to not answer as they don’t have to … have you noticed, not to be sidetracked but they have even created a new privilege….

Here a taste of it….

“DISMISSAL” Privilege

Has no one else noticed how the left has ASSUMED the right or privilege to not answer Questions? …or dismiss any pesky question of their actions by saying… “Oh, that is just the Right Wing’s talking point” well I hate to tell them but the other side has a voice….you aren’t supposed to be in an echo chamber, but a press conference for both information and answering accusations.

Or are we to be subjects of the Crown. Where the Crown can not be questioned. Or the practice of late, May be Questioned, By Submitting questions for approval.

What about the standard …. “We just aren’t gonna go there!”

I guess there is precedents for that … the 5th amendment for not self incriminating yourself by your own testimony, I get it, you don’t like the questions.

What I question is who gave you some right to not be held responsible and have to answer to, We the People…..all or rather, Any Of Us!

Just waving us off like Pelosi, as if we aren’t supposed to have some counter arguments, as if she is not responsible to All The People and not just the nut cases that put her into power…..unless she would like to claim otherwise?

Let’s not forget

We all deserve answers when we ask Questions….

Such As..


So we want a bit more info and some safeguards put in.

That’s not insurrection that is Due Diligence and Self Preservation.

Responding to Lunacy with Sanity

It would be nice for once, to have the new jobs, before you make people suffer with no job, because you shut down Their Current job.

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