Reality of WHITE GUILT

The people that claim whites are the problem refuse to look at or understand history….

Ever notice they don’t go through who sold them into slavery just who bought them….and they don’t go over what happened when western civilization leaves them to their own means…as it did in south africa after the apartheid claims …ask one of those that support tossing one color of people out for the other color to flourish….do they tell you what happened to some tribes or what the death total was before and after they pitched them evil devil whites out…

Here is some input…….

and with all this black and white discord..why are there so many WHITES supposedly the oppressor taking over for the BLM people so it seems that whites are again acting superior to blacks….

Is it really black and white or is it marxist and capitalist….Aska liberal why all this violence about abusive government run entities and almost every single one is a democrat stronghold that have been run by liberal progressives for multiple decades…

I mean these whites seem to be affiliated with one party and allowed to riot and destroy peoples lives both black and white peoples lives and they don;t let blacks speak for themselves …..

So I got to ask…

Is it black and white or about race at all?

HINT HINT…it’s almost always political…..!!!!

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