NOT POLITICAL but still a pain

Ok so how many are tired of ….. DUE TO COVID….. it seems do to covid allows for morons idiots and well the truly stupid to try and teach you shit.

Like they had a bad day and just couldn’t answer the damn phone!

Or when pissed and you accidently say shit or damn..this person that is over worked, under paid (according to them) decides it is their job to TEACH YOU MORALS AND HOW TO BE A NICE PERSON OR PROFESSIONAL….

Hey dickhead if my mom and dad and my catholic school and all the training people I have encountered in my 67 fuckin years on this planet have not been able to stop me from saying..”you are a fucking moron”..what are the odds of SOME PAKISTANI or KOREAN or ignorant assed liberal feel good not wanting to work but willing to take their time to teach me morals instead of pissing me off less and just doeing their fuckin job.

Besides if your companies ass was profesional I wouldn’t be complaining about not receiving my package…I would have gladly used the automated system but after the 2,312th time of repeating the fuckin tracking number I might be a little miffed…and who does such a good job of hiding the number on yoru webpage…that is the person you should have running the company cause that person does a great job…

If you asswipes were profesional…I WOULD’T BE CALLING NOW WOULD I ????

I actually had a company that had some nuts I needed…..I paid 30 bucks to ship 7 ounces of $7.22 cents worth of nuts so I could finish the diesel rebuild…and I verified they were in stock..had the guy actually touch them and say yep got them…and when I called back three days later…saying i had yet to receive my NEXT DAY AIR PACKAGE….I got told

Calm down, we are gonna ship them out Next Day Air as soon as we grab them box them and label them……..

And that idiot had no clue why I was pissed….

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