So I waited till both parties had their say about which side is nuts and which side should have control of our country for 4 more years.

I got to ask as I watched the republican convention on CNN. Do these people live in the same country we live in? They claim one was divisive and the other so inclusive, they claim one was lying and one was factual, they claim one ….Oh, let me stop this crap…..Liberals are bat shit crazy and no wonder their followers are fuckin clueless.

They claim Trump was touting violence but how many of the liberal convention goers needed a police escort to not have their ass kicked…How many democrats were running for cover and needed the police…even though their mayors used police to save their homes from violent liberal protesters how many Biden democrat parking lot car honking supporters were attacked like Rand Paul?

Which party is delusional? Which party had elitist and the entitled elite telling us what we should think and which showed us actions that made peoples lives better?

Which party tried to scare you and which uplifted people?

Which party was all about hating on one person and didn’t mention shit about what was happening in the real world?

Which offered hope and promised prosperity. which party had a loser tell another to not live by the results of the election and keep resisting and which said lets move forward together in unity?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions you do not want to interact with the guy writing this….

Follow if you like post if you agree or disagree here we practice free speech and like to hear all sides….


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