Stupid Anti Capitalist

We seem to have a generation of idiots growing up. They tend to think socialism is the way to go, I don’t mean to call them stupid as ignorant would be more like it…but in today’s day and age…if you can’t find the truth and difference between capitalism and the OTHER, be it any form or fashion of socialism, Marxism, communism, democrat socialist etc…be you wilfully ignorant or just ignorant because you listen only to talking points or just one side of the argument and let others make up your mind…that’s not ignorance thats just plain STUPID.

I tend to write (and talk) too much… So let me pick just one topic for the wilfully stupid.

Their socialist, free everything, is all crap. Now you can call it democratic socialism..socialism, marxism, communism….all the same crap, just steps on the same trail with some being first steps and some last steps…

A quote as to the explanation in these mens own words…

“Then came Karl Marx, the German political philosopher and economist who would become one of the most influential socialist thinkers in history. … In fact, Marxists often refer to socialism as the first, necessary phase on the way from capitalism to communism”

So lets remember that is his first step..this was not a capitalist claiming this but in Marx’s own words….it is just the beginning to an end..and along the way they starve or flat out murder any people who have a dissenting opinion or want to debate on the merits.

Also Marx admits…”Socialism, for Marx, is a society which permits the actualization of man’s essence, by overcoming his alienation. It is nothing less than creating the conditions for the truly free, rational, active and independent man; it is the fulfillment of the prophetic aim: the destruction of the idols.”

The thing is ..without capitalism none of the socialist ideas can come to the forefront and they achieve this supposed unhappy with capitalism idea by using the capitalist to fund his own demise… ….

Who pays for the non profits or the grants or who pays for public schooling and the higher learning liberals leaning professors…it is your and my tax dollars…

From idiotic reforms of the criminal, now don’t get me wrong..I am all for a man reforming himself hell I went from Homeless doorway sleeper to a business owner so reform is possible…the problem is with such a high rate of recidivism (let’s look at that definition for a moment)

Recidivism is one of the most fundamental concepts in criminal justice. It refers to a person’s relapse into criminal behavior, often after the person receives sanctions or undergoes intervention for a previous crime.”

Now check on all the programs we have for reform..and yet…..wait!

Lets look at this, as in explanation how this works. First we all have the availability to learn, with the public school system and we do nothing but allow for special cut…you don’t have to behave, pay attention, do the work, be involved….none of that …brought to you by our liberal friends so tax dollars get wasted on the ones who rather be assholes and na’ir do wells then be forced to behave and be taught how to read write etc…So we put out a bunch of worthless or useless to the labor force non skilled and non functioning people for society to have to deal with and we pissed all that tax money away…

Then the liberals start non profits and get grants to teach the young and older adults that have not learned in school to read write and do math… we have non profits that go to prisons and try to reintroduce people as productive people in society……….this is usually liberal feel good non profits that get funds from, you guessed it, the same government that spent money to teach these people when they were kids…

You may think that is a good idea…I don’t. As we already spent money on that and it was liberals that passed crap through lawsuits from ACLU and pushed by teachers unions. notice i didn’t say teachers but their unions and a small group of liberal teachers…all this is done by milking the capitalist system of funds…and allowed these kids to not reality I feel it is set up so they won;t as they need stupid people to control…and the ones they do teach are corrupted by socialist ideology….

We pay nonprofits to do the job they kept from doing the first time around.

We also allow for people like the Antifa crowd and BLM Marxist to benefit from capitalism as they try and tear it down…

You don’t think these rioters were out there in the off time from jobs do you?…

Nope Pelosi and her ilk made sure to give enough money to them in unemployment benefits (paid for by tax dollars of a capitalist system) so as to be able to stage these so called peaceful protests…

So we capitalist are forced to fund our own demise…. BY LIBERAL SOCIALIST WANNA BE COMMUNIST.


Oh and if you don’t think socialism is bad and who used the term Democratic Socialist, because he knew communist was a bitter pill to swallow from people that had a taste of it already you just need to look to recent events in Venezuela and in history to the real man that coined the phrase…Stalin

Lenin had so soured the russian people on communism that Stalin changed the term not the ideology but just the term to Democratic Socialist…

lying to the people…something socialist, marxist, communist are good at….lying!!

We have our own liars like “Keep your insurance and your doctor” “Shovel ready” “Affordable Care Act” all lies..same with Pelosi and Clinton and Biden the old guard of liars bringing forth the new tribe of evil and liars such as Omar, Talib, Ocasio-Cortez, and Kamala Harris just to name a few.

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