So, my lady friend is having a dilemma……

She works for a convention site, and because idiot liberal Fauci got us to shut down for 2 weeks which never ended…her industry is locked out of service, no conventions, no visitors, No shows, no…you get the idea…

At first, although too much for some, unemployment of $2,400.00 bucks was at least paying some bills and didn’t hurt as much.

Still unlike most liberals she enjoys her work and her customers and her bosses. So it was sad to watch her look for news daily…
anything positive,
anything to look forward to
anything to reflect on and feel good about while not working.

Now the state and Gov Edwards won’t let her industry open up and instead the state and Edwards are in a pissing contest with Trump….

Job search, before, was not meant to be filled out and now even though they no longer offer the big paycheck and while still being shut down and barred from working as they shut down the whole hotel and convention industry, She now has to fill out a job search…..
Hello she has a job and wants to do it.

Other places that are just as non essential..
say tire shops can be open…
Sorry, I just don’t see that any more important than her getting to work in her industry where she built a name, product she is proud of.

Since the state is still stopping her from working why should she have to go look for a job in a different field or fill in job search…


Thank you big brother for being political instead of taking care of your citizens ….

Liberals, take sucking as humans, to a whole different level !!!

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