Memorial Day Heroes

Not having ever served in the military as I didn’t enlist when Vietnam was going on and later in life, I was too busy enjoying the freedoms or messing up the life afforded me to enlist as a volunteer.

But as a member of a family that came here as immigrants, Legal Immigrants I might add, we were always supportive of the military.  I would buy drinks for soldiers as I traveled in alter years to race sailboats when I saw them at the airports, or dinners for those that happened ot be in the same eatery I was in.  I did this maybe to ease my conscious and/or to show gratitude to be living in a country that affords me the right to type this and express my feelings.

Be it guilt or gratitude on days like today I think it behooves us to reflect on these warriors of and for our freedom.   I came up as a young man with stories of oppression in a communist country, and yet Yougoslavia, although communist was not a satellite of the then USSR.  As Tito was good at playing Russia against the USA to keep some autonomy.

I think this is why I have a passion or obsession for politics.  Knowing what the alternative might be… and seems we are willingly allowing this country to march down that road… A road that never ends in a happy or good place.  As is evident in the USSR, China, Venezuela, Cuba, and any number of other socialist/communist countries.

All that separates us from those types of regimes is our constitution and the Men and Women of our military that don’t just put their life on the line but so many have given their lives for our liberties and freedoms…

Unlike the Politicians of today, many of which, seem to want to subjugate us and take our freedoms. These modern-day warriors stand between us and whatever perceived enemy is wanting to take our liberty and our lives. All they ask is for a clear mission and the tools to carry it off.  Even if lacking the tools and seldom is their own safety a factor.  They still put themselves between the enemy and We The People.

Today is a day when we should honor those that have fallen. 1 out of 365 days is not so much to ask and reflect on not just their valor …but their families.

If you can watch the video below and your heart doesn’t swell with pride for the people willing to protect you and me.  If your eyes don’t swell with tears for not just those that have fallen, but for their loved ones.  This includes their family …. their friends …. all who were lucky enough to Know and Miss such Fallen Heros.  I have to correct that last line.

All who were lucky enough to Know and Miss such Heros.  As fallen denotes not succeeding or in some way failing. How can that be when…..

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”

I hope you have a heart and shed a few tears, as did I, for the Heroes and their Famly…..

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