The Best Time of our Lives?

Those that know me, know I am not shy, I used to be, no honestly…mainly cause I was in awe of Life…I consider myself, like everyone else, DIFFERENT.  I also considered myself to be lucky.

So it is a bit weird for me to say I have not had an experience like “The Best Time Of My Life” That would be a moment as the saying goes that “Takes Your Breath Away” that supersedes all other experiences and I have never had that One idyllic moment.

I mean I have loved, I have stared in wonder, and amazement, I even think I have hated and cursed my life and others…..

Don’t frown or feel bad for me, many have gone through life with less then an idyllic moment, hell some don’t make it to LIFE.  Some never out of childhood and even then, the best moment…can it be experienced if you have nothing to gauge it by?

We can assume then that at least in my case it is moving on from child, lets say less than 12 or 13. and young adulthood..the brooding years I mean who can enjoy life when you are flushed with hormones and you want so much that you can’t have and truly too stupid to enjoy what you can.  As the saying goes ..”youth is wasted on the young” So how can one have it then…The Best Time Of My Life. I mean really all that lust and no one to share it with.

Hell I have been a rich young man and soon after that a homeless drug addict in the french quarter. I have battled demons and even felt (in the latter years of my life) soared with angels.

I have done wrongs no one else but I and if there is a God, just the two of us know about, and I have done what I perceive to be wonders for others.  But to say ..The best time of my life…???

Maybe you are nodding now saying, yep you are right or you may be of the mind the first time you held a puppy, a kitten, a baby,  your lover.  When you and you alone were the caretakers of a life…

But as we grow I think we find those best times aren’t always the way you felt and cared for the defenseless, or even things that like you, and glome on to you, as you are their caretaker and provider. …win, lose or draw, victorious or in defeat you may feel that was the best time of your life…How would you know ….

Again without reference and life experience without knowing what is next, how can you label this as the best time of your life and again what if one of those was, how sad if those young adult times, say the first time you and another shared an intimate sexual time that one of those stands as your “BEST”!

So many spans in a life….the interactions you have changed you, the perspective differs but I think most if not all think of our 20’s with the independence and the foraging through life to find your own way.   How will you make it through, surely one of those has to be the best time of your life?

I could go on extolling the virtues of each age and make a pitch for when you got that promotion no one thought you would or better yet everyone knew you were gonna get and told you so. your achievements in work as an employee or an employer or how you bet on the right stock or if only this company instead of that would have crowned your savvy market play, but at least you were in the right segment, or so you say …. Or as you age you think back to holding a son or daughter or even better still a grandchild…heaven forbid live long enough for a grandchild or great-grandchild.

Maybe The Best time of your life is doing the thing you enjoy most, or your favorite food or cooking it for others, and seeing the wonder of flavors as they explode in each mouthful.  The praise of a good job or as in my sailing to know you are part of a team or to be the one and only that saved the race or the day.  surely this is the Best you can be and enjoy.

The sorrow of losing a lover. I know what you are thinking, how can that be the best time of your life?  and any that have felt that loss knows with that sorrow comes a slide show of all the happy moments. The times you looked into your lovers eyes and saw affection, love adoration… Or your parent’s eyes and saw pride in you.  even when looking into the eyes of a competitor and saw defeat. when you won or their pride in having beat you because you gave it your all and what they achieved was not easy and they could take pride in it.  That surely must be The best time of your life, Respect from an enemy a competitor…???

I can ramble on and now my years grow shorter even as my days grow longer (how the hell can that be?)  I can blab on about sharing what you learned and trying to help other not make the same mistakes you made…but what if that would be their best time fo their life and you stole that from them.

So after several wines, several weeks of thinking and editing, slowly thinking through this, let me bring it to a close this Friday morning, with what I have come up with as the best time of my life and let me impose myself on everyone and claim what should be the best time fo their lives….

LIFE………… LIVING IT………….!
Trust me every waking moment, every breath you draw every action, be it good or bad, be it kind or evil, be it hating or loving.

Trust me my friend life itself in all its joy and pain, boredom or excitement, each moment.

Living for me, and I hope for you, will turn out to be …..

The Best Time Of Our Lives !!!



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