What’s Wrong with US

You can say US stands for USA or just “you and me”…

For this, I am going with the royal we or US…me and you, there is no one else to blame

people walking on streets
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Yes, we are wrong, in fact, we are to blame for a cadre of idiots that have attained power by us voting for them…another group is the Beurocrats the aforementioned Cadre appointed.  But with us remaining mute when we see some of the actions….And we do nothing….then we carry the total weight of guilt.

Because criminals, I mean Politicians, will do what criminals, I mean Politicians, do what they do ..they lie they cheat they steal.  They write laws you need to have a degree in physics, philosophy and self fornication.  To understand how it was written to screw us…

Also, do these laws affect them…Of course not…Hey about we raid the congresses retirement funds lets go after government union pensions…they came after our money and SS has a bunch of IOU’s sitting there.  They got into our lockboxes, But their funds are locked up in boxes, I bet you couldn’t get into with C4

But it is US…we are the problem..we don’t stay after them and do due diligence…we shouldn’t look at the other guy’s political hack.  be critical of the ass you send to the office…We need to change things..say, no lifetime paycheck for a house and senate members….and the only time they can get a raise is when we have a balanced budget.  In fact, reduce their pay and block all benefits after they leave if they did not have a balanced budget…

They used to get perks cause they were poorly paid….Have you checked what they get paid and the benefits they get….they make good pay, better benefits, and a great retirement plan.  How about you…got all those? And they are stealing and betting with your retirement

If a republican you can blame democrats or as a democrat blame republicans…in fact, they like and want you to do that .,..then you won’t see the connections of Bush China, Clinton and China and who knows how many others…Obama and anything Islamic or racial.
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When Republicans had both houses and had been screaming about ACA, when they had the house, senate, and presidency…what did they do….after they dogged Obama about overspending how much did they cut the budget by?  Let me get that answer for you “0”. they claimed some Bs or the other and fed us whatever crap sandwich they thought you and I would eat, and, eat it we did..and asked for more …..!

When Bush was blamed for a war over what the Clintons administration Cia and others told them, it was blood on Bush’s hands. and When the so-called dove of peace, Obama, got into office…it got worse, we lost more soldiers over stupid ROE’s and we started more conflicts while not reducing anything…….THEY ALL LIE…

So far Trump at least is working on the list he promised….but even he signed a large Budget.

We can sit here and snipe about this one or that one..but as a whole, it is WE THE PEOPLE that are to blame for our predicament. And until we do the heavy lifting of straightening it out…prepare for it to get worse…
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