BACK and ready… A RECAP of, WTFism


Let’s see if I can bring everyone up to speed on the Trump administration’s wrongdoings as told by the liberals…I will just hit the high points.

  • Ok, we had three years of Russia Russia Russia, your president is a Russian agent, that fell on its ugly face…but it took three years, of course, they used the first two to scare people and regain the house.
  • Then Obstruction of shit that was not a crime and no obstruction occurred. That also fell on its own face
  • During this time they fought him tooth and nail and were against him securing our borders…from people from central America set up to invade us for a better life and ginned up by the left and it’s supporters and the inhumanity of separating child traffickers from their product or children from the family which we found out was done in the prior administration….and the pics we saw of children in cages were also from the prior administration and ……he stopped lots of Latino, Islamist, and even Asians specifically from China from getting into our country illegally ( tell me again here this virus originated?)

  • They even took a shot at him about the emoluments clause, I just mentioned it to add a little background and “WTFism” to the next thing…
  • Then Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine …with no Quid Pro Quo that had to be forgotten quickly as the left was the only factual Quid Pro Quo and a whole graph and corruption practices by the sons of ( I am sure this is just happenstance ) Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, and Romney ( see the WTF part ? )
  • Then a brief stint back to Russia Russia
  • And now on this Beer virus or Coronavirus if you like that at best is anemic..the left even broke that down into two attacks…
  • First CoronaVirus attack from the left was the president acted “TOO QUICKLY” and might cause a panic, so he just doesn’t know what he is doing and responded stupidly if I might borrow a phrase from the president that waited till we had tens of thousands infected with H1N1 virus and 1000 dead before he acted….
  • The second attack using the CoronaVirus as a bludgeon us with is…the president “DIDN’T ACT QUICKLY ENOUGH” and is not implementing the right plans as Pelosi and others, block damn near every move including funding for the CoronaVirus battle….lest we forget that again the asswipe that was the president before this current so-called Lousy President

The overarching theme is this president is the problem with government and he is the guy causing all the problems …followed by a stream of LIFETIME political hacks that have been in government from over 40 years to as little as just 15 or 20, yet it is this president that has only been in office for 3 years

Once getting into office….

The gap between the rich and the poor is closing, the lowest 2/5’s of the pay scale is going up in take-home pay faster than the upper 3/5ths we have more manufacturing and more jobs in general and you already know the unemployment is at the lowest in decades or ever…

We are asked to believe, all the ills we have been feeling growing for decades are the fault of the man that has been in power for 3 years and has turned around our economy from crap to boom…and now we have an anemic virus that is used to scare and bludgeon our president and scare our citizens so as to slow our economy to what the left hopes will stop Trump
Those of you that follow me in any way from the blog ( yep starting it up again for election season )

So catch me here @ Political Sailor @

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On Facebook when they don’t jail me for such things as the simple line stating “liberal progressive wanna be communist are just bad for us all…”

I will be taking up each BS fiasco liberals try to push and even my addled brain can easily point out the stupidity of Liberals…not Democrats as there are some American Democrats out there, but the true Liberal, As Liberalism is a mental disorder that needs to be watched and kept in line…

All the while pissing off Liberal Progressive Wanna Be Communist One Post At A Time


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