The Dirty Little Secret…!

Let’s talk about the true racist in this world…Democrat party and the Government …

Ever fill out a form for the government that doesn’t ask your age, race, ethnic background, wealth etc etc even locals are treated differently it should not be, but the government is the biggest divider of people anywhere, we have ageism, racism, heredity, fiscal divisions, I think there are not even names for some of this shit…the government punishes people for too much wealth, leans toward backing the minority at the expense of the majority, as in affirmative action, which was to be reparations of a sort and if it isn’t then what the fuck is affirmative action for?  And if it is, then why are we talking yet again about reparations…check every jackleg running for the democrat presidential spot…all racist all want to screw the white man and citizen, to the benefit of the lazy and illegal….

And blacks, Hispanics, immigrants (of the legal kind) or…fill in anything you like as far as humans, we are not inherently racist..but people that seek to divide us are…or rather they fake it well…I could say look at the democrat party.   But this is not the democrat American party any more it has been taken over by idiots and racist, by hypocrites and morons and by the truly evil…if the liberals were so non-racist then why is it the Chuck and Nancy show…even if AOC said Nancy is Racist  (you do remember that?) against her a woman of color…NEWS FLASH YOU ARE A DAMN CAUCASUION…. you may be a spoiled one or a fooled one or a stupid one…but you are white..and I agree…get this I agree with AOC, Nancy and her party are racist..but just against the whites and the uncle tom non whites (also known as blacks with a brain) and yet both Nancy and AOC are white…so that is a quandary…..or maybe like garbage disposals AOC has no mind to think as those things have been around since invented in the 1920’s and this idiot is gonna preach to me about ….well about anything (from green new deal to illegals..of please find another empty parking lot and BOO HOO away) and this all-knowing paragon of knowledge doesn’t know what a Garbage disposal is for ….???

I do like Nancy was called racist by the up and cumming racist…..see anyone white in the gang….did you answer that with a no?  You are wrong.. remember AOC is white, but that would not have fit the narrative …… remember the shooter in Trayvon Martin, shot by George Zimmerman look up the reports GZ was called a white Hispanic as Hispanics are not people of color but considered Caucasians… and were until just recently considered white…this is systemic racism that varies…GZ was white and shot a black man…AOC is a woman of the color picked on by the white man/woman… total and utter bullshit and is a racist ploy by liberals and those they brainwashed,……

News flash, people will always hate, they will kill and they will break laws and not be honest about shit.  There will always be illegals and racist we need to act accordingly and as a country, we have done so when injustice and illegal things happen but now that the racist and the criminals are running the left we have slanted the playing field to benefit the illegals and the true racist …..   There will always be those among us that are racist and do shit illegally.   Not all of any race are like that, but some are, and you can identify them if your vision is not blocked by your sphincter.  Translation, if your head was not firmly embedded up your ass.  Quit being silent it gives the idiots and morons a chance to be heard…if normal people stood up and spoke in a calm voice we would drown out the faux racist in a second…

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