“Congressional Liberal Apocalyptical Pack”  My name for the four idiots in congress.

Yep, the four horsemen of the apocalypse have finally arrived …or should I say the four horsewomen of the Apocolypse?

Yes sir, the labeling of everyone as a racist where ever you go group or Pack as they are like a pack of Hyenas.  Smelling blood in the air they first came to power…..well lets me just talk about the one I know more about. we will revisit the others if not flashes in the pan……

AOC came to power as most actors come to power…a cattle call was made for an appropriate puppet to be used to wreak havoc on the US from that congressional seat.

Hell, she is truly both smart and clueless at the same time.  She couldn’t even get the gig of her own account as I think her brother sent in a tape and filled out all the BS to have her become the mouth that works even when the brain is disengaged.  As was evident that her brain couldn’t go passed talking points when she tried to frazzle the X ice guy where she ended up looking like a deer in the headlights.

Here check her out…..

Hope the link works …new to this so ….bare with me…or fuck off I could care less either way.

I may add links for this BS but hopefully if you are reading this you already are up to speed on the CLAP trap that is these four women and this one in particular as her gums never quit flapping from green new deal with it’s no more oil…well until someone points out it would cripple the world..then she just throws a staffer under the bus. and moves on to the next rant….

Anyway, she calls these things the same and equates the pics below as if there is an equivalency….yes the concentration camps are the same as our detention centers…..WTF?

Forget we didn’t capture or round up the people and bring them here they invaded our country illegally and I bet if they told the guard they just wanted to go home ….well you know the difference, even if this member of the CLAP doesn’t.  But here are pics in case some dumbassed ignorant as the day is long Liberal made it here and needs references.

First concentration camps of the holocaust ……and I apologize I am not yet astute and proficient enough to size everything correctly so just deal with it…

This is how a lot of people got to concentration camps back then…

So let’s compare that with our border detention locations….but let’s start with how they get here …  while waving another countries flag they put themselves in this situation…

And where they are held…


Lastly, let’s take into account that the Mouth, as I call AOC, never tells people she voted against these people having beds, more funding to ease overcrowding, etc…. …then faked the crying at a parking lot…

Any liberals missed that and don’t believe it just ask I will supply proof…but she voted against them having beds and people to help them and in the end just flapped that mouth about how Bad things are…

But let’s move past that and see what the outcome of these two entities are one the holocaust and the other freedom, welfare checks, free housing, and food and well here are a few pics you figure out which ones are the people that we treated so badly from the detention centers and which one from the holocaust..see besides one being in color and the other black and white what stands out to you as the difference ….

I am gonna mix them up ….this is how some left ……

See any difference?  Writing this piece made me dislike The MOUTH even more so … she is either clueless or pure evil…I couldn’t use images I found…search Gettyimages for holocaust bodies and take a look at real concentration camp results…

Lastly, as I am sick of this, here are some pics of what was left from concentration camps and our detention centers…….what was left of a truly wronged proud people and the opposite end of the spectrum, little more than animals…Yep, I always say what I think!

This was the worse write up I have ever leaves a bad taste in my mouth for the CLAP trap that is these women…..I admittedly don’t know much about Pressley but Tlaib and Omar are just as pathetic and disingenuous as AOC

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